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Memories of Spike
The first day that we saw Spike at the Humane Society on September 29, 1997 we fell madly in love with him. He wasnot barking and making noise he was just standing there with his big brown eyes looking adorable. Like please take me home with you I may be a little on the short side but I do have a big heart. We had nine special years with this baby doll. He took sick and left us in a week and a half. The doctor could not figure out what it was. We did everything that we thought could be done but I guess it was time for him to cross the rainbow bridge. We have so many memories and I will be back another time to write more.




Spike Doggie sweet angel baby we brought your urn back home Friday. Bless your little heart we miss you so much. It is in the cabinet next to the Special picture I have of my beautiful MOther who loved you so much Spike Doggie. I know that you were glad to see here up there. I hope that you have alot of playmates up there. I think you will you are such a sweet loveable dog. Good bye for now Spike Doggie, I love you. Sweet Angel.
your mommy Carole

Hi Spike Baby Doll,

Thanksgiving is coming up. We sure will miss you this year. I sure never dreamed you wouldnot be here for Thanksgiving this year. I know that you always enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas. We brought a new fur baby home on the 10th of November. Spike, I think that you would like him. He is an orphan too. We got him from the Same HUmane Society that we got you from nine years ago. He has alot to learn, but he sure is a cute little baby. He loves playing with his toy ball and aggravating Belle. He and Belle chase each other around the yard. He has spots on his face. He is not part Border Collie like you baby he is part pointer. But I think truly that you led us to him. God Bless you Spike for being part of our lives for nine years.
Love Mommy


Today is Thanksgiving sweet Spike. I sure wish that you were here. You enjoyed Mr.Turkey so much when you were here. I sure wish that we could bring you back. Bless your little furry heart.

Love Mommy

December 3, 2006

Dear little angel baby. I wish I could pet you one more time. You were so soft and cuddly. I miss you so much. I have cried so much since you have gone.You have to be our guardian angel up there sweet Spike. You have been gone over a month now and somedays it is more than I can bear.



Dear Spike Doggie,

Merry Christmas. We love and miss you so much. We wish you were still here. I know that you are having a merry Christmas up in heaven. I love you.



Dear Beautiful Angel Baby Spike,

You left us 3 months ago today. It still hurts just as bad as it did the day it happened. We miss you so much. There will never be another Spike Doggie.

We love and miss you so much.

Love Mommy & Daddy


Dear Spike

A year ago today you still seemed well, and I have been too sad to come back to your residency. I love you. I will always miss you until the day I see you again. We have Butch and Boo now in addition to Belle. Boo came in May. He is a white border collie too, Spike Baby.

I love you Baby. I wish that I could hug you.




Dear Spike doggie:
today was a whole year that you left and I will always wonder why. You were so special there was no other dog ever like you. I miss you so much precious little boy. At 5:15 this morning I remembered Daddy holding you and me petting you when you breathed your last. I will love you forever and cherish the nine years we had you forever.



March 9, 2008

Dear Spike Doggie,

Tommorrow will be Grandma Joan (my mother's) 80th birthday and be sure that you give her a good Doggie Kiss from me and Randy and everybody on earth who loves her. I know that I do not visit your site very often but please do not think it is because I do not love you. I will always love you, precious Spike. When you see this wonderful Dog named Parker up there please greet him and play with him. You will like him alot I know.

Love you


September 29, 2008
Dear precious Spike Angel Dog,

11 years ago today you walked into our hearts with you pawprints. You were such a doll.You were such a love puppy. Poor baby you have been gone almost two years now, but we will never forget you.
You were so sweet and so special I will never forget you. I know that you have to be one of God's favorite dogs.

Mommy Daddy Belle and Butch who you never met and Boo you never met but he looks a lot like you.

November 20, 2016

Spike this is Mommy, I am afraid that Belle is going to be joining you soon. Please make her feel welcome. You know she has always been a grumpy guss but she did love you. She missed you when you left.
Love Mommy

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