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What can I say about Spice, she was my co-pilot, my best friend, my love. We used to do everything together. We would go swimming, and she would take my hand as if to save me from drowning, oh man this is harder than I thought, :'( I can't stop crying I miss her so much. To help me get over my loss, she sent me another Angel Baby, a day after her passing, I named her Peanut, she is helping me cope, and I love this girl as much as I love my Spice both are the best friends anyone could ask for, Thank you Spice, I hope to see you again, and all the other animals I have over the Rainbow Bridge, Tiny-(Poodle-Terrier), Boots-(my cat),many birds, and a hamster, and the many dogs I have had the pleasure of knowing and loving, whom I had to give to good homes that may have passed, I really Hope to see them all again.

12/24/18 Merry Chrsitmas Eve my Precious Angel Spice, I love you so much and I miss you, I saw a dog that looked almost like you, she had the same coloring on her legs as you did, and she was black too, the only differecne is that she had brown. I just want to hold you Spicey, my girl. I will talk to you again soon, I love you, Love mommy

12/3/18 Wow, it's been three long years and I still miss you so much. I love you so much, I just want to hold you and kiss you my Angel. Today marks the day I had to say goodbye, I am so sorry I couldn't be in the room, that was very selfish of me, please forgive me. I know it was hard for you and I just thought of myself. I wish I stayed and held you my sweet girl. I love you my precious Angel.

9/24/2018 Happy Birthday in Heaven my little love, I cannot believe it's been 3 yrs already, I miss you so very much, yes Tiny I miss you too, I still find it hard to let you go, yes we have Peanut, she's starting to learn to stay close like you used to. She's a bit smaller than you were, in somes ways she resembles you and you sister Tiny, I am sorry I couldn't be in the room with you, my heart hurt so bad, I was being greedy. All I wanted to do was hold you forever, I do in my heart and I will see you again. I love you so much Happy Birthday baby girl, mommy loves you hugs and kisses to my beautiful girl. :'( I miss you

04/02/2018 I'm am so sorry for slacking in visiting you baby girl, I miss you so much, I want to hold you and Peanut and Tiny and all of you I've known and loved, especially you and Tiny, you would have so much fun with Peanut, we have decided to move out of this house, I am of course going to miss the memories we made, but I will always remember the good times we had. I could never forget you, you are still my baby. I love you, please visit me in my dreams so I may see you again. Happy Late Easter. Love you always and forever. Love mommy

12/24/17 Merry Christmas in Heaven my Beautiful girl, and my other beauties that are up there with you. Please come visit me in my dreams and help my to remember all or you, Spicey, I love you and miss you so much, We Love you. thank you again for loving me and sending me Peanut

12/3/17 Wow two years already and I miss you just as much, I still cry and think of you my baby, Peanut is already two and at times she is just like you. I love you baby girl. again thank you for allowing me to know you and thank you for Peanut. Much love to you my baby, hope to see you at the bridge with all your friends where we can all be togethter again as family, Tell Tiny I love and Miss her too I'm not she of her dates because I was younger, we will all be together again, when the time is right, you will love Peanut, I can't wait to hold all my babies that I've loved and lost and the ones I've met and will meet. Much love, Kisses and hugs for my babies in Heaven over the Rainbow Bridge!

Today is your Birthday Sweetheart, I love you, I wanna hold you in my arms again Happy 13th Birthday in Heaven My Beautiful Girl. xoxoxoxox I miss you so much


9/19/17 Spice I love you so much, I can't believe it's already been two years since you had to go, I miss you baby, Peanut reminds me of you a lot I do sometimes by mistake call her by your name, your Birthday is coming up. I want to see you so bad. I want to hold you again, you would really love Peanut, thank you again for sending her to us. As for all the other Animals I have loved and lost please understand I don't know Birthdays very well because when I received you I was young. I do want to wish you Spice a Very Happy Birthday in Heaven, I hope to meet again. I want all my animals with me. I know your Birthday is not until September 24th but I wanted to say it early

1/23/2017: Good morning baby girl in Heaven, it really is not getting any easier, I love you always my girl.
1/25/2017: Hi my beloved baby girl, thank you for sending Peanut to me, she is as amazing as you. I love and miss you can't wait to see you again, along with your fur brothers and sisters that are in Heaven with you please tell Tiny, my other love that I miss you and think of her often as I do you. love you lots Love mommy. Spice, Peanut is taking after you, my baby, she loves chasing the bunnies and the birds as you did. I Love you, so much, thank you again for sending her to us

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