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Memories of Spencer
We got you when "the kids" were 7 and 10. You were my 3rd baby. You were the family dog but you were always so attached to me and me to you. I am so lost without you. I feel like I have lost a limb. You were the most special dog ever and that's not just coming from me. So many people have expressed what a sweet,loving,special little doggie you were. Daddy and Alex and Jillian miss you so much. Daddy cried when we decided to let you pass my friend. Anastasia asked "why did they let you die." You loved her from day 1 and always greeted her with your wagging tail. You were 10 when she was born and could have been old and grouchy and resentful of my attention being taken away from you at times, but you weren't. You let her put hair clips and bows in your hair. I told her that you got old and your heart gave out. There wasn't anymore that the vet could do. Deb said that you brought such light and love to this world and she is so right. Jodi misses you so much. You were the only dog that her dog, Zoe, ever liked. I hope that Zoe is showing you the way there right now. It was a really tough decision to let you go my sweet boy but you were suffering and Mommy chose her suffering over yours. You survived that tough time right before Christmas when you had ITP. You spent 6 nights at the hospital and recovered at almost 14. All the vets there said, "he is one tough little dog, a real fighter." It was the best Christmas present ever. You were pretty good for a while but your heart disease got worse as did the mass on your spleen that I was told "was like a time bomb." You started to show me some signs that you were not enjoying life as much as you used to and it was getting close to your time. You were peeing quite a bit in the house, hiding behind the chair in the family room and not always getting up and following me as much as you used to. The worst part was your breathing that was becoming so fast and labored and you looked so uncomfortable it broke my heart to watch. You also started stumbling when you were walking and were twitching a lot which made me think you were in pain. But enough of the end. I would like to remember the good memories, your constant unconditional love. You would always greet me at the mudroom door when I came home and follow me all over the house. You weren't into a lot of playing but you did like your walks with many stops to mark! You did like tug of war with a towel or one of your toys. When you got wet, you would go crazy and roll around trying to dry off. You loved the snow and would run around like a little puppy even when you got older. You loved hugs and would put your little head on my shoulder. You also liked to give Jillian kisses and would always wag your tail on everyone's homecoming. You loved Alex even though he would rough house with you as a kid. You would go into submissive mode and look at him with those big brown eyes as if to "cry uncle." Your kitty brothers are also missing you, especially Mickie. He has been looking for you out the family room door and also lying on your blanket and sniffing "your spot" beside me on the family room couch. I can't express how sad I am right now. There are so many reminders of you here and the house seems so so strange without you in it. I miss the smell of your head and those big, expressive eyes and that little body pressed up against me in bed or on the couch or draped over me on a chair. I miss the way you would lie on the floor with your legs out looking like a rug. I miss you looking for food on the floor or waiting for some to drop from the table or passed to you. Aunties and Nanny are also so sad about your passing my sweet boy. They always took such good care of you when Mommy want on vacation. I have not told Grandpa yet because of his own struggles. You loved his big hand on your head and would eagerly pursue that when he was here. The breeder said she would pick the best dog for our family and she sure did. I will always love you my sweet Spencie poo and will never forget you. Rest in peace my little man and run around like you once did. We will be together again but for now know that you brought so much joy to all of us while we had you with us. Big hug and kiss, Mommy

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