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Memories of Speedy Lerma
Our dearest Speedy. You were found one day, a stray puppy, all alone dodging traffic in the middle of the street. By the grace of God, a co-worker rescued you and brought you to the office. When I picked you up, you immediately snuggled against my neck, and from that moment on, I knew then that you would forever be a part of our family. There were so many things you would do that we loved. You would run, chase and play with Polo when you went outside, chase after the neighbor's cat when it came into the backyard and you used to run so fast that the only name we could have possibly given you was Speedy. You were a "terror" when you were a puppy (like chewing momma's work shoes or anything we'd leave on the floor), but it was that spunk that made you so special. You were so loving and had the gift of knowing when someone was feeling down. You would go, lean your head against them and "console" them with your presence. You loved rolling and playing in the yard. When we asked, you would show your aquatic skills and "swim" on the grass for us. And when it was time to come inside, you would display your grace by "trotting" in like you were a regal show horse.

You were a wonderful watch dog. If someone was walking in the street, you could sense their presence and would immediately begin to bark. At night, when the back door was opened, you'd hear the door chime and come tearing around the corner from the bedroom so you could go outside. You slept in our bed and were always happy being with us, especially during dinner time or when treats were given out. As you got older, you slowly lost some of your senses such as sight, hearing, sound and cognitive skills. Yet, through all this you continually maintained that spunk and spirit that made you such a special dog all the way through your last day.

Our sweet baby girl, it has been two days since you've left us. Your mom & dad are devastated and our tears flow endlessly. We sit and continually think of you; but mostly, we miss you not being here. Our house is far too quiet without you. You were our gift from God! We were so blessed to have you in our lives for almost 16 years and to love you for all that time. More importantly, YOU loved us unconditionally and ALLOWED us to be your caretakers.

We wish you were here so we could hold, kiss and love on you, but God had other plans. Mickey is waiting for you. She will show you Rainbow's Bridge and introduce you to new friends as you both wait for that day when we all meet again. Until then, know that mom & dad will never forget you, will always love you and FOREVER carry your spirit in our heart's.


10/8/17- Our dear Speedy. It's been one full week since you left us. You don't know how desperately your mom and dad wish you could still be here. Rachel at the vet's office cried when she learned you had passed. Her tears pale in comparison to those we've shed, and are continuing to shed. We long to hold, kiss and love on you. Where there once were multiple pitter patter of claws walking and running across the tile and wood floors has been greatly reduced with your absence. Mom and dad sit and look at your photos and videos; and while we cry knowing your are gone, we also laugh and smile at the boundless energy, life and love you had. We hope you are playing with Mickey and taking care of each other. Please know that we wait for the day that we will see you again, where you can jump in our arms, run in the yard and "swim" for us.

Good night our sweet angel. We will always love and miss you. ;(


10/23/17- Hello, our sweet little girl!. It's now 3 weeks since we lost you, but it seems SO much longer. It's been several weeks since we've visited you as we've been taking care of your brother, helping him recover from his injury; but know, we think of you often and miss you terribly. Yesterday, your mom and I were out looking at decorations for Christmas and seeing them reminded us that you will not be here with us. We both teared up because, for the first time in a very long time, it will be our first Christmas without you. We were so blessed that my co-worker brought you to work so I could see you. My heart melted and has never been the same. You were a blessing from heaven and we haven't gone a day without thanking God for sending you our way. Our selfishness wants you here with us, but we know you are no longer suffering although the pain is never ending. We love you, we miss and long for the day when we see you again. Please keep safe watch over Mickey. XOXOXO

12/28/17- Hello and Merry Christma our sweet baby girl. This was our first holiday without in 15 years. It was difficult knowing you are no longer with us but we also take joy in the times when you were young, healthy and full of life. Although you are alive in our hearts and mind, we had a special Christmas ornament created as a remembrance of you. We attached your dog tag and for this and future Christmas', you will always be a part of them with us. Until the day we get to see you "swim" for us, know that mom and dad love and miss you terribly. Please take care of Mickey. XOXOXO

10/1/20- Hello there beautiful Angel. It's been 3 long years since you left us. I can't believe you've been gone from us all this time. Even today, thinking about you, I tear up knowing you've left us. Just know that momma and daddy love and miss you terribly. You were a give to us from heaven and now you wait for the day that we are all together. I hope you and Mickey are running and playing. I hope you've made friends with your brother you never got to meet, Domo, who lefts us in June of last year. Please make him feel welcome and special. Before he came to us, he didn't get the love he so deserved. I hope you're visiting Grandpa. He left us in 2018, but I know you are enjoying your time with him. I promise to visit more often in the future. Until later my sweet Angel, we love and miss you!

11/23/20- Our beautiful angel. We miss you so much but we get solace knowing your running, playing and meeting new friends at Rainbow's Bridge. I ask that you take your brother Tom under your wings and show him around. He left us today. As with you, our world won't be the same without him. While days are more manageable now, there was a void left in our heart the day you left us. But oh what a life and love you shared with us. It was more than we could have ever returned to you. Just know that we WILL all will be reunited again. Until then, mom and dad send you our love.

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