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Memories of Sparky Willens
Sparky came into our lives as a ball of fluff, full of delight, innocence and fun. He entertained us from morning until night with his loving smile, kind heart, and fun-loving spirit. Everything we had to do was much more fun with Sparky. For instance, going into town to do errands. People couldn't get over how beautiful and sweet he was, and passers by would often stop to become fans of Sparky.

Every morning Sparky would come into our bedroom looking for me. I called him my soul dog, and my dog angel. He was so loyal, so giving, so patient, so forgiving. I was not a perfect owner by any means, and Sparky as my first dog, I did not know what to look for when he started to experience his limps, his difficulty getting up from laying down. I just chalked it to aging, but didn't know that there might be things I could do for him. In retrospect, I should have taken more care and more concern. He was always caring and concerned for me.

The last few days of his life, now that I think of it, he was kind of sad and solemn; I had no idea what was going on. I feel so badly about that now.

Sparky will always be in my heart. I can never ever forget all that he gave me. I will carry him with me every day of my life, in gratitude for having had such a saintly dog as my very own.

May he rest in the eternal peace over the rainbow bridge. I so look forward to greeting him again one day when I cross over. Then, we will be together always.

April 11, The Next Day after Sparky's transition

We buried our baby this morning, and it was one of the most profound things I have ever done. Randall (Sparky's Dad and my husband) had fashioned a lovely coffin out of wood, and we laid it in the rectangular hole that we dug. I gathered mint leaves from the area in the garden where Sparky had lain when I found him unable to get up, and where he had passed the night before he died. I placed the mint leaves around the edges of the coffin, and also yellow roses. Then we laid Sparky's body in. We said our goodbye's to his body. I covered him with a beautiful silk bathrobe of mine, that still had my smell on it -- a transitional object that my friend Mary suggested and what a good idea it is for both Sparky and I. Then we covered the coffin with the wood top, and then placed the earthen mound back on top. I put a beautiful red cross over it, and more yellow roses. I also ordered a gravestone for him.

I spent the day grieving for him; then I realized that I had better look into some books on communicating with our animal companions spiritually, and found some wonderful books that I uploaded to my kindle. As soon as I began reading them, I realized that yes -- Sparky is with me now in a new way. I realized when he was in the flesh that we could communicate telepathically, and now it was time to begin our communication in that way in earnest. Sparky is with me now, and I can feel him, and feel so much better for it. I will put some of the titles here once I read more.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the care to sign this lovely memorial, and thanks to the founders of this site, the Rainbow Bridge. What a treasure!

April 19, 2014
Just want to say how grateful I am for Sparky!!! I love him so much. And miss him. It's my birthday tomorrow. Thank you God for blessing me with this wonderful canine angel friend! Happy Easter!

April 24, 2014
The house is so so quiet without him, as if it's soul is gone. I miss him so.

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