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Memories of Sparky
Memories are something that no one can steal.
Some may forget you now that your are gone.
But we will remember you no matter how long.
Wonderful memories woven in gold.
This is the picture we will forever hold.

We knew on that morning a year ago that
God was going to call your name
In life we loved you dearly.
In death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you
that day God called you to Rainbow Bridge.
But we've always been a family
that continuously were strong.
"Don't cry, be brave"
are the words you might say,
If only you were here for just
one more day, so we could say
Good Bye.
We did say Good-by at the vets
that morning, but it was so hard
to let you go. We knew it was for
the best, and we know you are in a
far bett place. Just remember
we will Always love you.

We thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new,
We thought about you yesterday
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence
We often speak your name,
Now all we have are memories
And your picture in a frame.

A million times we've thougth of you
A million times we've cried,
If loving could have saved you
You would never have left our side.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
Part of us went with you
On the day God called you home

January 21, 2012 - Good Morning Big Guy, I just renewed your home at Rainbow Bridge. I want you to know how much Dad and I miss you. The weather today is Rainy and a chance of a tornado. This has been quite a week. Bill called first thing Tuesday morning and said that a mutual friend, his wife had just shot herself. On Thursday we went to calling hours, Bill came from Tenn. and on Friday, Doug and Dad went to the funeral. Jackie and Audrey are on a cruise to the Bahamas and I am working. I hope you are having fun and have adjusted to Rainbow Bridge. I know it is different than home, but know we will all be together soon. Mozart, You, Buffy, Dad and I. I will be a wonderful day when we all walk over the bridge together. Mom is well and Tim is doing ok. Theresa is so good for him. Tim, Jr. is doing ok also. As for the girls, they don't call and I don't have a number to call them as it is unlisted. I do miss them. Well, I guess that is all the news for now, so will close and get back to work. Love Mom

March 2, 2012 - Good Morning Big Guy, I hope you and Mozart are having a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge. Mo will have been gone 5 years on Sunday, It doesn't seem possible. We miss you both so much. In early February, a lost Jack Russell came to the door and it was so cold out Dad took him in and fell in love with him, however, Buffy didn't like him at all as he chased her all over the house. So, I slept with Buffy in our room and Dad slept in the spare room with the dog. The next day Dad let Buffy out and I told him to wait until she came in before he left the dog out, but he didn't and the dog chased Buffy up a tree, so Dad took the dog to the shelter. I hope he found a good home. He really was cute, but I don't like yappy dogs. You were so quiet until there was something you really wanted us to know. I need you to be on the look out for Brutus. I think you remember him from when we were at camp, three years ago he was the boxer that you played with. Brutus, died yesterday and Gary is very upset, as you can well imagine. Just as we were when we lost Mo and you. We miss you both terribly and think of you ever day. It is like summer here now. Not much of a winter at all. We have had rain, which we needed. We are planning on going home in June. It will be the first trip North without you. Again, we love and miss you very, very much. Love Mom

December 1, 2012 - Good Morning, Big Guy, I am so sorry I have not written before, but as the song says, Time just slipped away. I am sorry I didn't write to you on your birthday, but believe me, you were talked about and remember with fondness. We have your picture and Mo's on the TV, so you a never out of our thoughts and hearts. I hope you and Mo are having a good time and are not to lonesome. We went home in June and stayed at camp. I have the picture of you and Brutus at the door. Brutus has now joined you at Rainbow Bridge, so I hope you two are playing nicely. We got home in July and things have been busy. Dad had another heart issue in September and I had surgery in August. I just think Dad was jealous, because I was getting some attention. He had a sleep test in October and now is on oxygen when he sleeps. The machine is very noisy. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Jack and Steve and Doug were here. I have the Christmas tree you and am looking forward to a quiet Christmas with just Doug coming over. I have to work, so what else is new. Mom is well at 94. Tim has a new lady friend and seems to be very happy. We like her very much. Sparky, please remember that you are thought of daily. We miss you all very much. I hope you and Mo have a very merry Christmas until we can all be together again. Love Mom

January 12, 2013 - Good Morning Big Guy - Dad and I are thinking about you today. It was two years ago today that we took you for your last ride - to Dr. Sammy's. It was as hard on you as it was on us. We hated to lose you, but you were suffering and we couldn't bear to see you suffer. I hope you know how much it hurt us, especially Dad to have to lose you. We have spent today think of you and remembering. We hope you and Mo are together and having a great time. Know that we miss you and love you still- very much. Love Mom and Dad.

January 25, 2013 - Good Evening Big Man - Well, not much has happened this year. Paul and Sherry were down to visit. Other than that I am working and Dad is puttering. Today it is cold.
Not as cold as home though. Nothing new to write about. Just know we love you. Love Mom

February 26, 2013 - Good Morning Big Guy - It is another dark, gray day. Nothing much else is going on. I am working. Dad has been working at the Community Center. We put a new roof on and Dad is doing some work venting the building. He is also the rental chair again this year, so that is keeping him busy. Doug has been working in Tennessee with Bill, but he is home now. We have had a lot of rain. At last look about 10" and don't know what we got over night again. We miss you and speak of or think of you many times a day. Hope you and Pepe and Mozart are having a great time together. Dad went to the cancer skin doctor yesterday and we will have the results in about two weeks. Buffy is well amd says hello. We miss you and love you and will meet you at Raimbow Bridge. Love Mom

January 12, 2015 - Good morning Big guy - Well, four years ago today you left us for Rainbow Bridge. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss you and speak about you. Buffy is still with us, although she too, is getting older and will one day join you and Mozart at Rainbow Bridge. Dad is well, He will be 78 in February. We went to New York in June for my 50th class reunion. It was such a nice time. Mom is still with us also at 96. She too, is doing well. I have had my medical issues this year, but nothing that with the help of God and prays, we can't over come. I miss you and Mozart so much. Hope you have a good day, playing and running with your friends. Love you always, Mom

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