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Memories of Spanky Johnson
Spanky, You will be dearly missed. Mom and I enjoyed all the road trips we all took together. You were there for me after my motorcycle accident, helping me to heal. Mom and I will miss hugging and kissing you. You were a good listener. I hope you meet Boo Bear, and all your feline friends. Now you are free to run and play, without your heart failing you. You will never be forgotten. Mom and I look forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

01/12/2015: Spanky it has been a week since you passed on. Mom and I really miss you. I had a dream about you last night. You were happy and frolicking around,just like in the old days. There is an empty feeling in my heart, I wish I could hold and hug you. Mom and I think back on our happy memories with you and smile. Love Dad.

01/19/2015: Spanky, it has been 2 weeks since you passed on. You are in our thoughts daily. I am starting to see you out of the corner of my eyes, every once and awhile. Mom and I miss you. As you already know, we are looking at getting a female standard schnauzer puppy. I think you would approve of her. You probably are thinking, why didn't we get her while you were with us, as a playmate.We reflect on your life with us with a smile on our faces. You will never be forgotten. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. You will be forever loved.

01/26/2015 Spanky, It has been three weeks since you have passed. There is still an empty spot in my heart, yearning to hold and hug you. You were so special. Mom and I really miss you. You were so interwoven in our daily lives. I hope you have made a lot of new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Love Mom and Dad.

02/03/2015 Spanky, It has been four weeks since you have passed. It seems like yesterday that I held you while you passed. My heart still mourns your passing. I used to enjoy brushing you and talking to you. You were a good listener. I think about last summer and the picnics mom and I took you on. Throughout your life we had a lot of fun adventures together. Mr. Quackers (our Duck) misses you. He enjoyed giving you soft pecks on your nose. He looks for you every time he hears the door opens.

02/09/2015 Spanky, It has been five weeks. This last weekend was warm enough that if you were still among us, we could of had a nice walk. Our walks were a special time for us. You always did like to strut your stuff. You loved being made over, by people we came across in our journeys. By now you have probably met a Boston Terrier by the name of Junkie Monkey. She is probably looking for her mother. J.M passed on 2/1/15, her mother back in June. She most likely died of a broken heart. She started going downhill after she lost her mom. Take care My Spanky boy, Mom and Dad Love you.

02/16/15 Spanky, It has been six weeks, since you left us. As you know we picked up Bridgit yesterday. She has been checking out some of your special spots. She acts like she can see you at times. Are you her guardian Dog angel? I could sense you looking after us. As always, Mom and I love you, and miss you.

02/24/15 Spanky, It has been seven weeks, since you passed on. You are in our mind and heart every day.I hope you have made a lot of friends at trhre Rainbow Bridge. Mom and I Love You.

03/02/15 Spanky, You are in our thoughts every day. I remembered last year on your Birthday, I grilled Filet Mignon for your birthday dinner. It is hard to believe it has been eight weeks.I really wish we could have had a miracle, but we are thankful we had you for one last Christmas. I hope you have made a lot of friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Mom and I love you.

03/11/15 Dear Spanky, You are in my thoughts every day. When I walk Bridget, I think back to our special walks together. My Quackers our duck misses you. He loved giving you gentle pecks. It was like you two had a special respectful connection. Take care little buddy, mom and I love you.

3/18/15 My Dear Spanky, You are in my thoughts daily. Last Sunday I took Bridget to Memorial Lake Park, and she had her first long hike. I remember our last picnic together, you really enjoyed your steak dinner. We used to have long hikes together there,but this time, we just had a nice short hike. You had to rest every so often. You were a real faithful companion. Well until next week, I will let you go and play with your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care little buddy Mom and Dad Love you.

3/25/15 My Dear Spanky, I think about you daily. Bridgit is getting ready to start her classes. I remember how you were the star of the class. You got the commands down the first time you were given them. Those were great times for us both of us. We both were younger. Bridgit has the same energy level you had.When I give Bridgit a hug, I am giving you a hug also.Take care Spanky, I love you.

4/4/15 My Dear Spanky, Well it is Easter, and you are still in my daily thoughts. My heart still mourns you. When I see Bridgit do certain things, It brings back memories of when You were her age. I have noticed that when I put Bridgit in her crate for the night, and I put her toys away, come the next morning, some of her toys have been moved to the center of the room. Do you come and visit her ? Take care little Buddy. Mom and Dad Love you, and miss you very much.

4/6/15 My Dear Spanky, The weather was nice this Easter weekend. Bridgit enjoyed her first Easter with us. We tell her about you often. She wags her tail when she views your picture.I hope you are having fun with your new animal buddies. Remember we love you. Bridget sends you loving wag and lick.

4/14/15 My Dearest Spanky, I still ache in my heart missing you.Mr Quackers the duck misses you also. You would lie there looking at each other and contemplate the day. You would watch each other for hours, thinking about being able to play together.

4/23/15 My Dearest Spanky, The plants and leaves are starting to sprout. I remember how you liked to smell the new flowers in the Spring. I am sure there are eternally fresh flowers to smell at the Rainbow Bridge. Well until next week, remember Mom and Dad love you, and think about you Daily.

4/30/15 My Dearest Spanky, Mom is in the hospital for heart issues. Bridgit is growing to be a real beautiful lady schnauzer. I remember when I had a photo shoot done of you when you where 2 years old. You really were a charmer.People always made over your good looks. Bridgit and I have made several trips to the Lake Park to run.

5/5/15 Spanky my dear buddy, Mom is still in the hospital. You are in our thoughts daily. I remember our last picnic together, you enjoyed watching my drone, and eating your steak dinner. I miss hugging and talking to you. You always were a good listener. I love you little buddy.

5/12/15 Spanky, My little buddy, I still think about you everyday.We had a couple of 90 degree days this week. Bridgit played in her pool. She loves to play in the water. I know you prefered to keep dry,even though you did wade in Lake Erie Last summer. Mom, is still in the hospital.She thinks about you also. It was so hard to lose you, you were a big part of out family and life. We love you little buddy.

7/2/15 Spanky, It has been a while since I wrote to you. You have never been out of my mind or heart. I remember how you sat and watched the Fireworks last year, you really enjoyed them. You will be in my thoughts this July 4th. I still miss you, It does not seem right that you are gone. We had alot of good times together. Bridgit sends you her love. So does Mom. Take care little Buddy. I will always love you.

8/27/15 My dear Spanky,you are in my thoughts daily. When I play with Bridgit, it brings back memories of you when you were a puppy.I think back to all the great times we had together. I will always love and remember you.

12/14/15 My Dear Spanky, It has been a while since I have written anything. You are in my thoughts every day. I remember last year on the 14th of December you were groomed for the last time. We picked up your Dog license for the new year and a new leash for Christmas. You were trotting around the vets office like a young dog. Little did I know, you would be passing on in less than a month. My heart gets heavy, due to missing you. We had a lot of great memories we made together. Bridgit checks out your favorite spots, and can pick up your faint scent. Mom,Bridgit,and I send you our hugs and kisses. I miss our times together.

12/24/15 My Dear Spanky, Merry Christmas ! It is hard to believe it is almost a year since your passing. Last year at Christmas you were still getting around pretty good. I think you were hiding your true condition. I thank The Trinity (GOD,JESUS,AND THE HOLY SPIRIT)for allowing us one last CHRISTMAS WITH YOU. Mom,Bridgit,and I love you, and wish you were hear to celrbrate Jesus's Birthday with us. But I am sure you are basking in God's loving care. We send you a long distance Hug any many Kisses. We will never forget you.

01-05-2016 My Dear Spanky, It is hard to believe it has been a year since your passing. It feels like it was just yesterday, when I last held you in my arms.Take care little buddy, Mom, Bridgit send you hugs and kisses.
01-11-2016 My Dear Spanky, Please give Jethro the K9 Cop, a warm greeting to the Rainbow Bridge. He would have been 4 years old on 01-14-16. His life was cut short by the act of an evil man robbing a grocery store. Please help him deal with his separation from his earthly family.Well Spanky I always enjoy when I can write to you. Mom,Bridgit,and I love you.

08-03-2016 Dear Spanky, I know I haven't written anything for awhile. But you have been in my mind daily. Mom and I still miss you. We tell Bridgit about you. And think about our time together. You will always be loved and never forgotten.

08-26-2016 My Dearest Spanky, Please greet Jenga Brushy Run Worsham at the Rainbow Bridge. She is a beautiful Basenji female.Show her the ropes, and introduce her to the friends you have made since passing. Mom and I miss you. Bridgit was wrestling with one of your old beds just now. She sends her love. Take care little buddy. You are forever in my heart and thoughts.
12-11-2016 My dearest Spanky, Merry Christmas. I have been going through some of your pictures. It is hard to believe two years ago, you were still with us. Mom and I still miss not being able to hug and kiss you. You were a gentle soul. You will never be forgotten. I know I haven't written for awhile,but that doesn't mean you haven't been on my mind and in my heart. Mom and I love you Spanky. Bridgit would have loved playing with you.

01-05-2019 My dearest Spanky, I still misd you. I hope you greeted mom, when she passed on 06-02-2017. Little did I know back in Christmas 2016, mom would be passing on. Bridgit is 4 now and still rowdy and playful. I miss how you and I would just chill out and watch TV together. You were a laid back gentleman, and Bridgit wants to conquer the world. I am glad you both are different. I love you both. Say hi to mom. Love your daddy.

01-13-2019 Dearest Spanky , you and mom are in my thoughts. Bridgit and I had a nice hike in the snow. I remember our hikes together when you were on this side of the Bridge. Take care little buddy. Love Dad.

01-05-2022 Dearest Spanky, It has been seven years, since you passed. It feels like it happened today. You were a very special ❤ boy. I miss you and mom both. I wish you could have played with Bridgit. She plays rough but is full of love. You loved to play also, but were more laid back. We both chilled like a couple of old guys. Time isn't kind to any of us. I am also feeling my age now. Bridgit keeps me going, but she is slightly slowing down now that she is seven. I remember our last holidays together. You put up a great effort to be your best,until the very end. Bridgit and I send our love.
01/05/23 Dear Spanky, I still think of you a lot. I had misplaced my confirmation number, that is why I haven't written for a while. Bridgit is eight now.She is still a sweet rowdy girl. I remember how laid back and chill you were. You both are special 💕 for your own personalities. I truly wish you could have met her when you were still alive. She would have snuggled with you after playing. You have not been forgotten. Love Dad and Bridgit.

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