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Memories of Spanky "ChubbyBoy"
You were a part of my life for almost 12 years. You were my rock. You got me through a really tough time. You were my first born. We will miss you terribly. Spanky, you were such an incredible dog. I called you a beast, but you were my beast. You were like a child but on four legs. You loved to swim, to play, to jump and to snuggle. I will miss you sleeping with me,snoring and keeping me warm. I will miss watching you sun yourself on the deck and taking you for car rides. I no longer need the baby gate to get out of the house because you are not there to push your way into the garage. Although I know Cleo is lonely because she now too is sitting by the garage door everytime she hears that I have to go out. I will take her as much as I can, so you can live through her and so she doesnt get lonely without you. Cleo (your sister dog)and Zackery already miss you so so much. I am so sorry this brain tumor got you. I don't think you suffered much and we hope you are healthy again at Rainbow Bridge and will be happy there until we can be togethier again.

I will love you forever and never ever forget you.

11/22/10 I will miss you this thanksgiving. It will be the first without you. I am so thankful though for all the special years we had together. I hope you have found peace and am running around free and have made some special friends there. I hope you have met my dad and my cat, scampy. Please take care of each other. I love you!

11/25/10 I was very sad today without you but especially thankful today for all of years together. I hope you are at peace and making lots of friends. Please know that we miss you terribly and I am sending up hugs and kisses to you. We are going to start decorating for the holidays and please know your stocking will be hung this year and always. I will fill it with lots of love and kisses for you! I love you so much chubbyboy!

12/7/10 I made up a song for you and its from the words from the song that Zackery sings to me and goes in the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"

"I love you Spanky, my dearest Spanky
You licked my tears, when I was sad
I want to tell you, I really miss you
and when your not here, I'm SO SAD!"

I love you ChubbyBoy!

12/24/10 Yes today is christmas eve and I am so sad that you will not be hear to tear open your gifts tomorrow. You will still get them and I will let cleo open them for you. I am sad that I will not have to gate off Zackery's presents because when Santa comes you try to tear them open as well. I am so sorry I couldn't do more to save you. I miss you so much and will be thinking you today as I think of you everyday! I will play "Away in the Manger" for you this christmas and every christmas as Zack did his first church pageant and this is what he sang. Merry christmas chubby! Mommy, Zackery and Cleo love you so much and we miss you everyday!

1/3/2011 Yes, its the new year and I wanted to remember always that you came to visit me on sat (the first evening of the new year). I feel so blessed that you came to me in my dreams, it was so real as you ran out of my car and made me chase you all around the front yard of our new friends house, kristina in Middle Island (ryan's house). It was so real and you were so full of life, I will always remember you that way. Well, I wanted to wish you a happy new year and change your residency abit to reflect a beautiful place for a beautiful companion. Zackery has so many things to remember you by and voices it on a daily basis, he loves you so much. And cleo is taking up all of your bad habits and is acting more and more like you everyday. She also misses you as much as we do. Good night my Chubbyboy. I love you!

2/16/11 Well chubby, its your bday and the first in 12yrs that you aren't physically with me but I know your in a great place. I've been thinking about you all day today. Its been really hard without you here for the last 3 months. I went and bought cleo a cupcake for your bday. Don't ever think a day goes by that i'm not thinking of you. i miss you so much. I hope you met lightning. She's a bulldog that joined you at rainbow bridge a short-time ago. I hope you both keep an eye on each other and take care of each other. I don't know what I'd do without this place to talk to you. I love you chubby!!!! Happy bday from mommy!!! (and zackery and cleo too)!!!!

7/29/11 Just thinking of you chubby as I do everyday! We will always miss you. I still can't believe your not with me but I know you hung in there as long as you did for me. I know you knew I was strong enough to be without you and although it still hurts I love you everyday for getting me through the roughest time of my life. I couldn't have done what I did without you and I did all that I did for you. I would of never abandoned you or cleo, and you didn't abandoned me when I needed you most. Thank You chubby! I love you forever and ever!!!!

11/17/11 A year has passed and we still miss you terribly! Zackery just said "its not fair that god has you and we don't". And then he woke up in the morning and said how he missed you waking him up in the morning. All on the anniversary of your death. We love you so much and still miss you so much! Cleo has picked up lots of your bad habits but its ok, we still love her. I hope your running free, smelling the flowers, eating and rolling in dirt! We love you so much, always remember that. You are my first born baby and there will always be a special place in my heart for you! Love, mommy!

4/17/12 We still miss you and talk about you all the time! You were one of a kind! We remembered you on your birthday in Feb, we did not forget you. We love you very much and will always be in our hearts. You mean the world to me. I love you chubby!!!!! Mommy!!!!

11/17/12 Hey chubby, its mommy! Its been 2 years now that you left us and we still miss you every day! Zackery talks about you every day still and he wont give up toys that you chewed on because you chewed on them!!! We have already hung your stocking for christmas and will always!!! We know you are in a great place and no longer suffer from that terrible brain tumor. I did a good thing for gracie (olivia's dog), I gave Cathy money through an organization because she wouldn't except it from me and the surgery saved Gracie's life. I did in in your memory! When I needed help with your surgery in 2009, Animal Aid paid for it and now I paid it forward! Always remember you will forever be in our hearts and we miss you every day! Love Mommy, Zackery and Cleo!!!!

2/17/13 So we did not forget your birthday this year my chubby boy. In fact we had a little party for you! We made a vanilla cake and shaped it like a bone and we sung happy birthday to you! We still miss you terribly and talk about you often! You missed a snow storm and you would not of been happy with it. There was 36inches of snow and you probably would of sunk. Cleo is just like you now, she is still a good girl but getting old herself, she will be 13 this year. We love you tons! Love, Mommy, Zackery and Cleo!!!

11/17/13 Its 3 years ago that you passed away and it still feels like yesterday. We still miss you very much and know that you are in a great place. The years go by but your still very much in our hearts and will never be forgotten. We will once again hang your stocking as we always have and we have a new addition to the family. We have adopted a stray cat and named her fluffy. She actually chose us but we love her just the same. Cleo is still getting used to her but she's used to be an only child since you passed. We all miss you, think about you and talk about you all the time. We love you always!!!! Mommy, Zackery & Cleo!!!!

11/17/14 Ok now it's 4 years ago and I still miss you terribly, you were my chubbyboy!! Zackery is getting big and cleo is still doing well. We talk about you all the time and know that your in a great place. We look at bulldogs all the time and think of you! We will always hang your stocking for christmas and give cleo extra toys for and always make you a cake on your birthday because you were a member of this family. Always know we love and miss you everyday!! Love, mommy, Zackery and Cleo

11/5/15 Again, where does the time go??? Now we are working on 5 yrs without you. I still don't believe it. I love you very much to this day. Zackery is now 10 yrs old and Cleo is now 15, another wow!! SHe is doing good! We had abit of a scare last christmas, I wasn't sure she was going to still be with us. She was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor, same this you had but I chose not to remove it. I felt it would be to traumatic on her and I am happy to say she is still here and we love her too very much! Always remember Chubbyboy that we love you and talk about you often with huge smiles! Love, mommy, Zackery and Cleo

1/30/16 As you know already Cleo joined you on the rainbow bridge 3 weeks ago (1/8/15). We are very very sad that it was her time to go and miss her very very much but we know you met her when she crossed over from our world to yours. We know you will take care of her and that the 2 of you will be together again and that makes us smile. We love you both very much and you will both hold special places in our hearts forever!! We love you chubbyboy!! Love Mommy and Zackery

10/24/16 Hi my babies. I still miss you both very much. I wish we could of been together longer! We missed having a furry friend in the house so we adopted Maple from Save-A-Pet, same place we got you Miss Cleo. We have so much love to give and it was so quiet here with you. I know you are both still with us and she has qualites of both of you. Her mom's name was Cleo to, so we thought it was fate. I know you are together and hope that you can smile down on us and know even though we have Maple now, we still love you both very, very much. Nothing will change that. We miss you both and love you. Love, Mommy and Zackery

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