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Memories of Spanky
13 Feb 2007. Today I set up this site for our baby. It has been seven days since you left us. I'm so sad. I would give anything to have you again. Our house feels so empty without you. I still can picture you running up to me to get a treat or give me kisses. Everytime I walk past your bedtime place I look in there hoping that by some miracle you'd be in there letting me know it was time to let you out. Spanky was our first pet and we considered him our baby. When we picked him out he was so small and his legs were shaky because he couldn't get traction on the store floor. We learned soo much about rabbits from this little guy. Rabbit kisses, what we called "getting it" where the bunny would hop on the couch and just hop rapidly back and forth kicking up his legs. I never knew you could have a house rabbit using a litter box, coming to you on command, knowing what no meant, playing with toys, cuddling with the cats and owners, taking treats out of my mouth, and playing with your mom and me. Bunny we still love you and miss you. Little spanky had free reign of the house, we only put him in his cage at night to keep his lil' bunnitude in check. I never thought losing an animal could hurt so much, but it still hurts us to think that your gone. We love you bunnys!!!

14 Feb 2008, Today your mom didn't get her Valentine's day wish. We miss you so much. I can't stop thinking of you and your lil' ears coming bouncing towards me to get a treat or just give me some kisses. You were such a sweet pet. You'll always be our baby. Fidget & Max really miss you, they want their baby back too. Your mom misses you most. Not a day has gone by that I haven't wished you were still running around the house.

15 Feb 2008 Today we got a special gift from the vet, it was little paw imprint with spankys name on it. It was so cool to actually have something more tangible than photos and an empty cage to remember you. Your mom and I still miss you lots and wish you could come back to us again. Hopefully your hipsin and hopsin in bunny heaven, love mom and dad.

19 Feb 2008 - Hello, babys...It's your mom. It's been 12 days now since you left us. I love and miss you so much. I'm sorry that I haven't written to you sooner...It's been so very hard for me. Your dad has been sending you my love. Oh, my sweet bunbuns. How I miss you.

Your dad says that you knew you were leaving us and that's why you came straight out to see me that thursday morning...to tell me that you loved me. Who knew that hours later my heart would be broken?? And you did just that, babys...you broke your mom's heart. (I miss you so much.) I almost couldn't come into the house, I was crying so much. Then I saw you in that horrible box...like you were sleeping. But you weren't sleeping...when I picked you up your lil' body was lifeless. (How beautiful you were even then, babys) The first thing I said to you was that I was sorry. Sorry that we didn't take care of you better, sorry that I shoo-ed you off the couch (after you peed on it) and you took that lil' tumble, sorry for so much, baby. I'm sorry that I wasn't there when you passed out of this world. All I could do was cry, hold and rock you, tell you that I was sorry and that I loved you so much...give you kisses on your beautiful bunny nose and ears. Then I wrapped you up in one of my t-shirts (I wanted you to know that I was there with you and to not be afraid ) and then we put you back in that horrible, horrible box. But I gave you up too quickly, babys. I should have held you longer and given you more kisses...because soon after that you were gone forever.

I guess I should have known that the some bunnys that brought me so much joy would bring me so much pain. You broke my heart, Spanky. But I hope you know that's a good thing...because I loved you soooo much. I want to believe that you understood that. I have to believe that. You were the highlight of my day. You made my heart smile. You made the dark days seem sunny. And Sue is right...I shouldn't be sorry because you were a spoiled and happy bunny. You definitely left your mark, baby. You were loved. YOU WERE LOVED. The tears don't come as hard and as often as they did before, but they still come. And sometimes I can actually think of you and smile without crying but not often. Maybe it'll get easier...you are always in my thoughts. Your dad and I miss you so much. I love you, mom.

23 Feb 2008 - Hello, my beautiful babys. I love you sooo much. Happy Birthday to me, bunbuns!!! I'd give back all the birthday wishes I've ever made...just to have you back with us. Your dad left a birthday card on my nightstand before he went ice skating this morning. A Garfield card. It's cute and he signed his name, all three cats and your name. We miss you so much.

Last weekend was so rough for me, babys. Your dad is so much stronger than me. I just want my baby back. I miss your sweet bunny lickin's and giving you kisses. I feel guilty because sometimes when I start crying so does your dad. He misses you so much. The work week went ok. Every morning I'd think of you and cry a little. I always think of that lil' "shaky-wiggle" you do that looks like it runs through your whole body. From your lil' nose to your lil' tail...you did it almost every time I let you out of the cage in the morning. Like you wanted to wake everything up in your body so that you could start your day. Then you'd go hipsin' and hopsin' off to find the first cat to say good morning to and run circles around whichever one it was. It was usually Fidget. We all know how grumpy she is...but you loved her anyway even when she whacked you on the head. (what a bad cat!!) But you didn't care...you would sit there for a few seconds after she did it staring at her like you were telling her Good Morning anyway and then you'd hop off to find Max --- your snuggle buddie. You two were the cutest thing. I really think that if you licked Max the way he licked you it would've been much nicer. But my bunbuns was not one to reciprocate, were you? Silly, bunny...maybe you should work on that, babys. Hopefully you've met some new friends at the Bridge that like to snuggle and lick you. Lick 'em back, babys...it's the polite thing to do,k?

Wish me bunny luv and send me kisses today, babys. I need them, k? I have to stop crying now...so I'm going to go. I miss you so much, my bunny McBunbuns. I love you so...Mom

5 Mar 2008 - Hello, my babys... I miss and love you so. I'm sorry I haven't written you in a while. Work has been crazy. Have you seen how hard your moms has been working? Your dad has been really sick but he's getting better now. Max stayed by his side almost the whole time he was in bed. Even though I haven't written, you're always in my thoughts. I miss my baby and all the 'tentions you gave me. We talk about you all the time. I always tend to look in your usual spots...I guess hoping you'll be there. Only to see it empty or one of the cats lying there. Your room has furniture in it...so sad. I had to leave the house when your dad was cleaning it out. But I think he hated to see your empty cage. He misses you too. Especially at bedtime because he misses giving you treats.

Soon after you left us, your dad bought me a polished stone with a bunny etched on it. How sweet. I carry it in my pocket. When I think about you I hold it and it helps me feel better if I'm upset. I thought I lost it the other day. I was really sad...but then I found it. Not that it really matters because you are with me always. Always, babys. I still say good morning and goodnight to you. I still tell you I love you. I miss announcing you every time you came hipsin' and hopsin' into the room...ears a floppin' all the way. It just didn't feel right if your presence wasn't acknowledged. You were so special, my beautiful, beautiful bunny. I hope that every day you know and can feel how much you are loved...and missed. We made your bunny book a couple of weeks ago. An album totally devoted to my babys!!! Who loves ya, bunnys?!? I still have some things to put into it, though. How cute you were when you were just a lil' buns. So small...just adorable. What a lil' troublemaker you became. The carpet, the walls...the pile of poop behind the couch(and we thought you looked so cute up there on the cushion backs, HA! Little did we know). We had to do so much work in that apartment before we left. I miss the lil' "bunnitudes" you'd get when you got to miss your bedtimes. You knew you were spoilt and you took advantage of it every chance you got. After a few days when your lil' "bunnitude" really started to show, you were reintroduced to your bedtime real quick, huh? I miss it all, babys... and I'd do it all over again. In a heartbeat.

I put a remote on your memorial(Lord knows you love remotes...you've only ruined about 10 of ours). Too bad they didn't have any Fruit Loops, crackies or grape popsicles. I know how you luvs those. I hope you're getting all your favorites at the Bridge. You deserve a bunny smorgasbord. I have to go for now. I love you so...Mom

14 Mar 2008 - I just came on to see your face and say "goodnight". Then I decided to write you and tell you that I miss you...Oh, How your mom loves you, babys. Sweet dreams, my handsome bunny boy...I love you sooooooo much. mom

18 Mar 2008 - Hi, babys. When I was driving home my mind was rambling about all kinds of things...including Easter. (I was thinking about the giant white bunny hanging out in the mall waiting to take pictures with the little kids. When I see him, I just want to go ask him for a hug. Silly, huh?) But such a wave of sadness came over me. I remembered that I used to always brush you up real nice so that you'd look good for the big "bunny" day. It's not really your day, of course, but I always used it as an excuse to feature my babys. You'd get all kinds of brushin's, a bunny massage, ear rubs and kisses. Do you remember, bunny? Do you miss your mom? I miss all your 'tentions. All your lickin's, and cuddling. That stupid white bunny...next time I see him I'm gonna kick him in his tail for making me cry so hard.

Most times, I can think about you and my heart smiles. But the pain of losing you is still sooo strong. The house is not the same without you. I miss you, babys. I love you so much and I wish you were here.(p.s. I was kidding about kicking the big white bunny in his tail) mom

23 Mar 2008 - "Hoppy" Easter!!! I love you, bunny. I hope you like the lil' white bunny and the chocolates. I know you get excited but try not to eat the wrappers, k. I hope you got lots of goodies at the Bridge and you're having fun with all your new friends hipsin' and hopsin', playing games, and snuggling. Remember, have fun, be safe and most importantly...Love your moms. Have a good day, my beloved bunbuns. I love and miss you terribly bad...mom

05 Apr 2008 - Hi, bunny Mcbunbuns!! I love you. I've been thinking about you alot lately. I miss you horribly. I've been checking out the bunnies at the bridge. So many sweet buns are there. I hope you are playing nice and making lots of new friends. Everyone who has visited your memorial has been so nice to your dad and I. It helps to know that others feel like we do...that they can smile, cry and laugh at the memories we have of you. They can see how much we loved you. And through their emotions, the memories of their own babies are remembered more sweetly. That is how it should be. So, treasure your new friends. For they, like you, are truly loved and missed. I have to go for now. I'll be waiting for your kisses...Mom

12 Apr 2008 - I love you. The other day I saw a bunny in front of the house. I haven't seen one in a long time...he turned and watched me for a while as if to say hello. As soon as he did that, I knew you sent him. Thanks, babys! It was a nice start to the day. I miss you and think of you always. Goodnight, bunny McBunbuns. I love you so...mom

18 Apr 2008 - Bunny McBunbuns, Bunny McBunbuns...how I love you Bunny McBunbuns!!! Love you, babys ;) Mom

02 May 2008 - Hello...It's been a while, huh? Sorry. We went to Florida. It was hot but a nice vacation still. I checked up on you a couple of times while we were gone. I miss you and everyday that passes I wish you were with us. I miss your sweet furry lil' face...and all you luvin's. I love you, babys. Sleep sweetly...goodnight. mom

20 May 08 - I love you too, babys!!! I was very sad to wake up and you weren't there, bunny. I cried, but it was a nice dream and I loved the 'tentions. I love and miss you very much. mom

27 May 08 - Hello, my babys. As you probably know, there's a new bunny in the house. His name is Sydney (after Sydney Crosby, you know how your dad loves his Penguins!!!). He's a Lionhead and very small...the girl in the shop said he was too young to sex. But we'll call it a him anyway, OK? I love you so much, babys...I really struggled with the decision to get him. Your dad left it up to me but I knew he really wanted another rabbit. It was a very hard decision to make. My stomach was twisted in knots and it felt so hard to breathe when I was even considering it.

I have to admit that he was not my first choice; there were 2 other netherland dwarfs I wanted but they were sold before I got back to the store. He's a sweet bunny. I've been telling him all about you. And I hope he listens and grows to be a good bunny. You were such a gift, babys. How I love and miss you so. I hope you understand that he cannot take your place. You hold such a special place in my heart...and you still make my heart smile. Sleep sweetly, my bunny McBunbuns. Goodnight, Mom.

05 Jun 08 - Your dad thought he saw a flash of white fuzz running through the house the other day...he looked a little unsettled but I told him that you were just stopping by to check up on us and your new brother (or sister...the mystery continues). I don't think you realize how much you are missed, my beautiful sweet bunny. I love you so.

Sydney is doing well. Potty training is right on track. I tell him about you all the time. He's so tiny; he just fits in my hands when they're cupped together. A funny looking 'lil thing with lots of energy. (I wish you were here, babys.) The cats find him interesting. Fidget is indifferent(no surprise there, huh?) unless he gets way too close. Sasha has stopped hissing at him, and has now taken to putting her nose directly on him then she looks like she wants to eat him. And lastly, you favorite snuggle buddy, Max seems a little confused. He knows what he is and wants to play but can't quite figure out why he so dang small...and lightning fast. So, needless to say, Sydney is well supervised for now. But he seems to be a happy bunny.

I'm going to go for now. Send me some kisses...you mom loves and misses you!!!

02 July 08 - Hello, babys!! I miss you so much. I think of you so often and wish you were here. I miss snugglin' with you on the couch, giving you bunny massages, rubbing your ears and kissing your nose. I miss the lickin's, too.

You've probably noticed that Sydney's brother came to live with us on June 14th. When I stopped by the store the friday before, I realized no one had taken him home yet. So, I asked your dad if we could have him...we went and got him the next day. His name is Stanley (we have a hockey theme going on, ya know). He's a sweet bunny. He'd been stuck in that cage so long that his hopper didn't work right. It took him a bit but his lil' legs started working right after a while. Sydney didn't take to him at first; they had been separated for too long. It was funny to watch them get to know each other. We had to keep them separated for about a week and a half. Now, they've bonded once again and are almost inseparable. Sydney thinks he's the "BIG" bunny of the house even though he's the smaller of the two. They may be brothers but they look really different. They both are charcoal grey so if you look too fast or the lighting is bad...they look alike or just like lil' balls of grey fur. They are cute.

But to be honest, my sweet beautiful boy...I look at them and my heart hurts. I wish you had never left me. Your mom loves you so much. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I'm gonna go for now before I start crying and can't stop. Sleep sweetly, babys. Kisses and goodnite... mom

14 Aug 2008 - Hello, my beautiful bunny. I've missed you so much. I was thinking about you today. About the day you left us. I love you, babys. You still bring me so much joy. I picture you hipsin' and hopsin' around with your ears flopping every which way. You were such a sweet bunny.

Stanley and Sydney are fine. We found out that Sydney was, in fact, a girl. They both got their operations recently and are recouperating nicely. I was really worried about them being operated on by a vet that wasn't familiar with rabbits (which I guess really bugged your dad...long story, we won't go into that. But one of your dad's bunny books warns you about bunnies going to a vet who doesn't really know about rabbits and they don't live through simple operations. I was really scared for the lil' guys.) but it all turned out fine. They don't love me like you loved me. That hurts but you could never be replaced anyway. I could never love them like I love you. They are cute, though.

It's been rough times around here, babys...I really wish you were here. You've always helped me get through the rough times and the loneliness before. You always made me feel better. I miss your snuggles and you lickin's. I love you so much...You're saving me a place on the couch, right? One day, baby...but until then, send me some kisses and warm my heart. Sleep soft and sweetly, my beautiful boy. Your mom misses you and loves you so. Goodnight.

24 Nov 2008 - Hello, baby boy... I miss you. I know it's been awhile since I've written. You're always with me, aren't you?? I love you so much.

Things have gotten better here. Your dad and the cats are well. We all miss you. Sydney and Stanley are doing well also. They must be in the bunny equivalent of the "terrible twos" now because they have to be watched constantly or they'll tear the whole house down. They remind me of you so much. Some of the things they do are so funny. I still tell them about you.(My heart still aches that you're not here with me.) You would like your brother and sister very much, I think. It's so obvious how much they love each other. They are forever in each other's shadow. We call them "the boogeys". Lil' boogey McBunbuns. How sweet they are together.

I love you, babys. I hope you liked all the candles I've lit for you. I think of you so often. Your picture is still on my phone...so I see your beautiful face evey day. The other day, I walked out of the bathroom and looked down at the spot where you were when you came to see me the very last time I saw you alive. That horrible day. The memories were so vivid...the pain of it was as if it had just happened. I cried so hard. I looked through your bunny albumn. All your lil' bunny baby photos are so cute. You were such a beautiful bunny and I love you so much.

I never forget about you, babys. Even if you don't see it in writing...my heart always speaks to you. Love forever and always. mom

24 Dec 08 - Thinking of you, beautiful boy...I love you. I missed seeing you asleep under the Christmas tree with your favorite Max. I wish you were here. Merry Christms, babys. I love you so much. mom

08 Feb 09 -- Hello, baby boy! Well, it's been a year now since you left us. Yesterday was your anniversary. Definitely not a day to celebrate. I miss you so much. I had a gold medallion made with your picture on it. It's beautiful, like you. I was so glad it came out nice. Now, I need to get it engraved with a lil' something on it.

I always think of you , babys. I wish you were here with the lil' ones to teach them things. I always tell the Boogeys about you. How beautiful their big brother was and how much I love you. I wish you could teach them how to flips and do that shaky wiggle thing you always did. So cute. Sydney tries to do a flip before she lays down but she really can't throw her legs out from under her body right. I tell her that she just needs to practice. One day she'll do it like her big brother used to. Stanley does't know how to flip at all. But he's a cutie anyway.

I hope you like the pictures. I know you like the pictures of Max. You love him so much. How cute you two were together. I miss seeing you two lying around the house. Or you running after him. What a pair. I'm gonna go now. I love you, babys. I miss you everyday. Love, mom.

29 Mar 09 - Hello. I love and miss you. I was just reading the entries we've made since we started this page for you. How I miss you. I think of you so often. I still talk to the boogeys about you...and the cats too. I wish you were here with me. You've been gone so long, babys. I hope you haven't forgotten me. But I hope you're being a good bunny and having fun. Send me some bunny kisses...love mom

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