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Memories of Spaetzle
Spaetzle, you gave me 18 years of unconditional love and your devotion. We shared wonderful moments and memories for such a long time. How can I sum up all that you meant to me and what we were through together in a few words? It's impossible, but I will do my best to honor you here and in my heart. We met by chance. I was walking through the mall and passed by the pet store. The salesperson was holding you near the entrance. I went over to see you and you gave me the first of what would be so, so many kisses. I was living with your grandmommy and granddaddy at the time. They didn't want a puppy, so I went home without you. I couldn't stop thinking about you from the moment I left. Having been in a bad relationship, the love you had to offer was too great to worry about the repercussions of bringing you home. I went back to the store a day or so later and did just that. Your arrival didn't go over well, but you know that your grandmommy and granddaddy came to love you with all their hearts. They took good care of you when I was away at work or out for the evening. Spaetzle, you got me through some of the hardest times of my life. Whenever I felt alone, you were there for me. All you asked for in return was some good food and my caring love. I gave you all that I could possibly give, which was a lot. You were my shadow, following me everywhere I'd go throughout the house and the backyard. You were never far from my side. You can't imagine how much I miss you near. Spaetzle you were a warrior, the strongest yet sweetest dog I will ever know. You were through two back surgeries, lived with a serious heart murmur, and finally lost your brave fight against cancer. Along the way you conquered bunnies and endured a skunking. Everything you did in your life was with great dignity and pride. Spaetzle you loved so many things in life besides your family and friends. Table food was your favorite. You never turned down anything except for pretzels and lettuce. When you were younger you loved popcorn just like your mommy. You always enjoyed licking the minty toothpaste on my brush handle whenever I brushed my teeth. Looking out the window to the rest of the world from one of the stairs was a favorite spot of yours. We knew we could always find you there. You were the family dog who brought joy to everyone who knew you. Your daddy met you when you were five years old, right when you had your first disc surgery. He loved you like his own, taking good care of you, especially these last few months. Strudel is there for you now to show you the way around. We are a part of each other eternally and will be together again as a family. I am so grateful you hung onto life long enough to get to know the puppies. Sienna and Serafina showed you love and looked for you, even at their young age. They miss you and have been wondering where you are. I know they sensed your goodness and have benefitted from being your friend. There would have been no other dachsies in my life had you not set an excellent example for your breed. Thank you for holding on almost eight months after Strudel crossed over to Rainbows Bridge. We needed you here to help us cope with her loss while preparing for yours. The mild summer, the love that surrounded you and your incredible spirit kept you with us longer than we had expected. It still wasn't long enough, but I know it was your time. Spaetzle, you never stopped looking out for me, as I never stopped looking out for you. I like to think you're still looking out for me now from beyond the Rainbows Bridge. I love you so, so, so, so, so much!!! I will miss you for the rest of my life, but I will keep your spirit and love in my heart.
9/25/09-Spaetzle, it's going on two weeks since you left us for a pain-free, peaceful place. We haven't stopped thinking of you and missing you. It's been a rough time with your little friend Serafina getting sick. We pray she continues to come along with her health. Please look over her and her sister Sienna. You are an angel to all of us now. Love from Mommy and Daddy always.
9/25/09-Spaetzle and her mommy and daddy would like to thank everyone whose kind words and caring were extended to us here. If she is able to somehow know the beautiful sentiments expressed, she is certainly smiling down on us all.
10/14/09-Spaetzle, it's been one whole month since your bright little face stopped smiling on us. I hope you are watching, still smiling at us, from the bridge. Sienna misses you so much. She started kissing me the way she always kissed you. You were so giving and accepting of love from all of us, even when you didn't feel good. Mommy and daddy think of you all the time. We miss your greeting and presence. You were one special little girl, the first and best friend anyone could ever have. Love you always my dachsie baby, your mommy, daddy, Sienna and Serafina.
1/25/10-Spaetzle, mommy's heart is always with you. Today is your friend Strudel's anniversary at Rainbows Bridge. Give her your dachsie kisses, letting her know she will always be loved by all of us. I hope you had a good Christmas and Santa brought you lots of toys and yummies. You never lost your love of treats, but your desire to play had lessened. You always loved to play when you were younger, so I hope that you are having tons of fun, rediscovering your love of toys. Today is your daddy's birthday. I will give him a big kiss for you. He loved you so much too. Be well my little Spaetzle. You will always be my best friend. Love, mommy.
9/8/10-Happy Birthday my little Spaetzle! You would have been 19 years old today. I am forever grateful that you held on to celebrate your 18th birthday with everyone who loved you so dearly. I miss your companionship so much. You were my first unconditional love. I am honored and thankful I had 18 years of the joy you brought. The fall weather is coming. It's almost roasted chicken time. I will always remember you and how much you loved the smell and taste of my dinners. You will always be in my heart, for you were the sweetest, most devoted friend a girl could ever ask for. I hope you are playing and eating to your heart's content until we meet again. I love you Spaetz! Happy Birthday to my best friend ever!
9/14/10-One year ago today, you left us behind for a place where you would find peace and never hurt again. My sweet, beautiful Spaetzle you left us behind. I hope you have us in your heart and spirit on Rainbow's Bridge. We will always have you in ours until we meet again. My wish for you is endless food, play, happiness and vitality; that the love that you took from us lives on with you; and that love is showered upon you from new friends and caretakers where you live now. Thank you for being my best friend for so many years. I have been honored by your love and devotion. My sweet baby dachsie, Spaetzle, please know how much we all miss you and are grateful for having you in our lives for as long as we did. You were truly God's gift to me. Big hugs and kisses go out to you today and every day! Love you always, mommy.
9/8/11-Happy Birthday, my dearest Spaetzle! I miss you all of the time, but today I miss you more than ever. You were my first and best friend, through good times and bad. I owed you tremendously for all the love and happiness you gave me. I hope that I did right by you throughout your life. Thank you for giving me so many years of your companionship! Happy Birthday my little girl! I have you in my heart always! Love, Mommy xxoo....
9/14/11-My little Spaetzle, I can't believe it's been two years since we had to let you go. You lived a full life and stayed with us for as long as you could. You really loved life and all it had to offer. I remember the oh so many times you savored the scents outside, standing still with your nose pointed upwards, just taking it all in. I loved seeing you like that. It was your pure appreciation for nature. I'll never forget how you were always at my side, no matter where I was or what I was doing. You would always find a way to be close to me. I will never have that with any other furry friend again. You were my first and one and only you. I often wish you were here so that I could hug you and take comfort in knowing you understood my pain or happiness. I really wish I could hug and kiss you right now. Please know that I have you in my heart and that the bond we shared lives on until we meet again. So many hugs, kisses and love go out to you today and always, Spaetzle. I love you so, Mommy. xxxooo.....
9/8/12-It's your birthday, little Spaetzle! Happy Birthday wishes go out to you from your mommy, daddy and little "sisters" here on earth to you on Rainbows Bridge. We all think about you often, but today especially. You were my first baby and will always hold a most special place in my heart. Your loyality, gentleness and unending love give me faith and comfort more than you ever could know. I hope your friends are celebrating the wonderful soul that is you today. May many bones and treats be enjoyed by you today and always! Love you forever and always, mommy.
9/14/12-Spaetzle, it's been three years today. I kept distracting myself from writing to you early this morning because it is still painful for me to recount my last day with you here on earth. Today's weather is strikingly the same-beautiful, sunny, blue skies. I'll take that as a symbol that it was your time to cross to the bridge, and that you are looking down on me now with your loving eyes. I think the girls may have been remembering you last night too. They were going crazy smelling chicken baking in the oven. We all love you-always have and always will. Please be well, my best friend. You were an amazing presence in my life and continue to remind me what unconditional love and loyalty really are. You are the most beautiful spirit. I miss you so, so, so much. Little Spaetzle, tons of hugs and kisses go out to you from me and everyone whose life you touched. All my love, mommy.
9/8/13-Happy Birthday,little Spaetzle! Today is the day you arrived in this world. We were destined to find each other and be forever in each other's hearts. You were my first baby, my greatest furry love. Today is a wonderful, sunny day. It only makes sense for a beautiful soul like yours to have been born in a month full of the most beautiful weather. I know you know how much I miss you still. More about that in less than a week. Until then, I hope you are celebrating with Strudel and all the other friends you've made at Rainbows Bridge. Happy Birthday, again my little Spaetzle! We will all celebrate you today! Love always, Mommy. xxxxoooo....
9/14/13-Well, I'm back today as promised. Today is the saddest day of the year, but also the anniversary of your journey to Rainbows Bridge where pain is no more. My little girl, Spaetzle, I asked for you to let me know when you were ready for this next step, and you did not disappoint. You and I were not ready to ever part, but we both knew that it had to happen one day. Thank you again for making that an easier decision for me. I also thank your doctor for prolonging our last minutes together, giving me my last chance to hold you and feel your physical warmth. You knew I was there, I know, but you couldn't show me. You were my first baby dachsie. You hold the deepest and most special place in my heart. We will be together again one day. Wait patiently for me, little Spaetzle. In the meantime, please be enjoying a peace and freedom you could never of dreamed of here on earth. I love you unconditionally always. Most love goes out to you today and everyday, your mommy. xxxxoooo...
9/8/14-Happy Birthday my beautiful little, Spaetzle! I let a lot of people know it is your special day today. They send warm wishes and understand just how much we love you. You were so devoted to your mommy. I never had that same bond with any other doggy and never will. I hope you are getting all the treats and roasted chicken you could ever possibly want today and everyday. Please don't ever forget me, my little girl. You were such a part of me while your physical self was here and still a part of me now. I often like to think you are looking down at me and making sure I am okay. You were the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Happy Birthday, Spaetzle. You are an angel! Love, your Mommy xxxxxxxxoooooooo
9/14/14-Well, Spaetzle, it's been 5 years since you made your journey to Rainbows Bridge. It feels like yesterday at times, and eons ago at others. My heart still aches for the loyal companionship we shared. I know no other friend will ever offer me the comfort and unconditional love that you unselfishly offered. I'm sad a lot these days. Today, I find myself especially saddened. I know I should find solace that you are waiting for me to join you, and I do. It's just so difficult going through tough physical and emotional stress without you. You always understood when I was hurting. I hold onto that feeling of comfort and like to think you are here with me still, looking over and watching out for me as you always did. Please know we all miss you terribly, me the most of all. I love you, little Spaetzle. You are in my heart, mind and soul, not just today, but always. Love you so, so much, I can't say it enough! Love always, you Mommy. xxxxoooo...
9/8/15-Happy Birthday, little Spaetzle! Mommy has been thinking about you a lot lately. Your loyalty and unconditional love is missed more than you could ever have imagined! I want to say so much more about wanting you near to me, but today is the day we celebrate what a wonderful companion and best friend you were to all of us, especially me. I still feel your presence and never want to lose that, no matter where I am. Please stay with me little girl. I hope Strudel and all the other fur babies are throwing you an awesome party, complete with roasted chicken, on Rainbow Bridge! Happy Birthday, Spaetzle! You will always be my baby and an angel to watch over me! Love eternally, Mommy xxxxxxoooooo....
9/14/15-Little Spaetzle, I can't believe it's been six years since I looked into your eyes and held you close. I know you lived a wonderful life and brought joy to all who had the honor of knowing you. My comfort is found in feeling your presence and spirit, knowing we are forever bound together. My tears may have lessened (certainly not today!), but the strength of my love for you will never change. Thank you for all the love you brought me, especially at the times I needed it the most. I am forever in your debt. I hope I made a small payment back to you all the years we had together. Mommy misses you everyday. Please keep a watch over us all until we meet again. I LOVE YOU! yours always, Mommy. xxxxxxoooooo....
9/8/16-Happy Birthday, my little Spaetzle! You are loved and missed more than you could ever know. You were my best friend and loved by everyone who knew you. I hope you enjoy all the yummies your tummy can handle today! My dad is there now to help you celebrate. Please take care of each other and celebrate the bond we all shared on your special day! I love you and know we will be together again. Until then, enjoy this birthday with the family that is there with you! Happy birthday wishes and my eternal love, your mommy. xxxxxxoooooo......
9/14/16-Little Spaetzle, oh how I miss you! You were always there for me when I needed comfort or a smile. These days I need that more than ever. It's been awhile since you've visited me in a dream. If you've tried, I am so sorry I wasn't receptive. Maybe you were the butterfly that landed on Serafina's collar. I'm sure it was one of my lost loved ones. Please keep my dad, who loved you very much too, company and continue to watch over Strudel. I wish I could pet you and give you a big hug today. I know you held on as long as your little, strong body could. I am forever grateful for that and all the time we had on this earth together. My longing and love for you knows no bounds and goes out to you today, my baby and best friend. Always in my heart and on my mind with unconditional love, your mommy. xxxxxxxxoooooooo....
9/8/17-Happy Birthday, Spaetzle! You were an angel here on earth and now you truly are one in heaven. You were my best friend and irreplaceable in my life and in my heart. Please know how much you are missed today and everyday. i always wanted what was best for you. So, I hope today you are even more blissful, celebrating, as you are surrounded by family near you and those of us who wait to see you again. Hugs, kisses and all of my love to you! Your mommy, xxxxxxoooooo
9/14/17-Little Spaetzle, we lost your incredible companionship 8 years ago, but your spirit and love we share stay with us everyday. The love and affection you received from all of your family was nothing compared to what you gave us. I hope you are keeping my daddy company, along with Strudel. I miss you terribly. Thank you for showing me you are still watching over me with that beautiful double rainbow on your birthday. I know you are waiting for the rest of your family to join you. Someday we will all be together again. Know, that for now, you stay within our hearts until then. Love you always my best friend and little girl, mommy. xxxxxxxxoooooooo
9/7/18-Happy Birthday, little Spaetzle! It's such a gloomy day to celebrate the ray of light you brought into my life. I hope all your friends and family are celebrating the magnificent soul that you are today and eternally. I love you and miss you more than you could imagine! I will always keep you close in my heart, especially today. Happy Birthday, my little girl! Love always, Mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
9/14/18-Little Spaetzle, you've been away from mommy for far too long. I miss you all of the time. You were my furry soulmate and best friend. I wish I had my best camera back when you were here. I don't have as many pictures of you to look back on as I would like. You would have been a beautiful model because your soul shined so brightly through your eyes. I love you little girl. I pray for you to be well, accompanied by friends and family, while waiting for me. Love you forever, Mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
9/8/19-Happy Birthday, little Spaetzle! Mommy misses you more than you could ever know. I am so grateful for every birthday we got to spend together. Our time on earth meant the world to me. You were my best friend and best doggie ever. I hope everyone is celebrating you today on the Rainbow Bridge. I hope to visit the sunflower field today and bring one home to remember you today, especially. Happy Birthday, my little girl! xxxxxxoooooo
9/14/19-Little Spaetzle, I can't believe it's been 10 years since I got to hold you, tell you how much your mommy loves you and get kisses in return. You will always be my best furry friend of all time. Like a person, you are irreplaceable. I miss you everyday, but especially the month of September. It's your month, birth to passing. The sunflowers I got for your birthday are losing their petals, but are still here to honor you. Thank you for always being there for me and making it so we were able to celebrate your last birthday (18th!) together. I know you didn't want to leave us, but it was your time. I can only hold onto the memories, love we shared and the thought of meeting up again on Rainbow Bridge. I love you so much! I will celebrate your life today. Love you forever and always, my little Spaetzle! With all the love in my heart, Mommy xxxxxxoooooo
9/8/20-Happy Birthday my little Spaetzle! I miss you so much even after all this time has gone by. You were always there for me when times got tough. Boy, have times been tough this year. It has been awful, and it's not over yet. I wish you were here to provide comfort and your unconditional love, but you were called to a better place. I hope you are spending time with souls who loved you on earth and new ones where you are now. We all celebrate the day your special special spirit was born. Happy Birthday, Spaetzle! I love you little girl! Forever and always, your mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
9/14/20-Little Spaetzle, today marks the anniversary of the last time I held you in my arms and felt the love between us. I miss you and the comfort you always unselfishly gave to me. You didn't want to leave me. I know that. Maybe you've visited me or continue to look after me during hard times. You lived a full life and enjoyed it right until the very last days. I hope you know how much everyone loved you here on earth. Your soul is a beautiful one. It should be celebrated today. You came into my life at the right time and will always be a part of me. I love you and miss you! Love always and forever, mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
9/8/21-Happy Birthday little Spaetzle! You had me at hello when I first saw you in the front of the pet store so many years ago. I brought you home, but mom and dad weren't so good about you coming to live with us...at first. They grew to love you and also helped take care of you. You were an important member of our family, loved by all who knew you. Today, I celebrate the day you came into this world bringing joy to all who knew you. You were such a sweet soul and best friend. I hope the celebration we have in our hearts reaches you today, and that everyday, you know how much you will always mean to me. Happy Birthday! Love you my little girl, Spaetzle, always and forever, your mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
9/14/21-Little Spaetzle 12 years ago today, we had to say goodbye to you from our world here on earth. Like that day, I have to say goodbye again, for now. Mommy has to let your memorial here go. I will always have you in my heart, especially on your special days. I hope and pray we will be together again in time, reunited in a place that knows only the goodness of hearts. You were always there for me. I tried to do the same for you. We all loved you beyond measure and miss you equally. You were our first little girl and the best friend ever. Until we meet again...Love you with all my heart, always and forever, your Mommy. xxxxxxoooooo
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