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Memories of SOX
We don't know where you and your Momma came from but Momma was in our yard the day we came back from vacation Oct 2005. She was starving and we fed her. Next day you came with her. You were so hungry. Within a week we knew the 2 of you belonged to us.We watched you two grow from starving waifs to confident beautiful kittys. We called you the cannon ball as when we opened the garage door you were first out in the morning. Momma just came out slowly. There was nothing you could not do. You were so alive and full of life it is hard to know you are gone.
The bond between you and your Momma was a joy to behold. You loved each other and were always there for each other. We were just the people in the background.
we miss you so. Momma watches for you and leaves half her food for you. I sit with her so she will eat her meals. We have your ashes and and decided to keep them with the catnip toy you loved and when Momma goes she will be put with you forever. We were the only home you knew. You went way too soon my darling. I wish I knew what happened between 6 and 9:00 that night and I could have helped you. I am almost sure you were shot by a BB, but proof is something you do not understand. If I could prove it I would go to the highest court in the land for punishment of who did this to you
They say animals are different and don't know LOVE. You 2 were the proof that love exists between a mother and her son.

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