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Memories of Sophie Martin

February 11, 2024

Dear Sophie,

Hope you're having fun in heaven. Miss you everyday, and wish you were still healthy and with us forever! I still get tears in my eyes when I think of the day we had to let you go, my heart aches just writing this memorial message. I hope you can understand why we let you, go, it was so you did not have to suffer with the lose of your hind quarters, you could not get up by yourself and the paralysis was only going to get worse, and that was a future we or you would not have wanted. The pain of that still haunts me, but never forget, we loved you very much and still do.



March 31, 2023

My dear Sophie

We miss you so much, mom and me still have your photo on our phones home page. This helps keep us very close to you, and feel the love of your spirit each and everyday. We have your ashes and memorial items displayed in our hallway to remember you always.

We love you very much,.,

Mom and Dad

Love you sweetie!

October 13, 2021
My sweet poppyhead,

I miss you so much, especially today, 1 year ago today you entered Rainbows Bridge-and my heart is aching . We miss and love you so much
It is still very difficult thinking of you , I wish everyday you were still with us, my eyes are tearing up just thinking about how wonderful and happy you were even up to the last minute. I love baby, will write again soon, I am gett8ng to upset.

Love Daddy

Hello Baby Girl,

It is Jan 31: 2021, and you have been gone for 3 long months, our hearts still ache to see you everyday, we just love and miss you so much. Although it is considered winter in SC, I cannot go out into the back patio and yard because it still hurts not having you there. You always went out with me and loved to take a sip of my beer, that right, I said beer.......I miss you terribly Sophie, and always will, not certain I can even have another dog, I would like to as so many need good homes but I feel like If I did, I am somehow forgetting you or letting go, which I am not, never!

Love you sweetie and nothing will ever change that.......Daddy


My Dear Sophie Girl,

Well, Xmas holiday is over and we did not have a very good holiday without you here sweetie. It was definitely not the same without your beautiful soul sharing it with us! Mom and I went on a short trip down to Biloxi to visit a couple friends who were vacationing, it was not much fun really, so glad to be home. We have all of our memories of you here in our house and it makes us feel closer to you. I kiss your urn everyday and wish you good morning as you were always so sweet after getting up in the morning......I miss you getting you the KONGA with cookies and peanut butter stuffed inside, you would work on getting them out for quite a long time. We selected one picture of you and had a painting made, it is 18x20 and it is beautiful, it captures all the beautiful colors of your fur and your eyes and majestic looking, we love it and keep it right in front of the TV stand , that way we constantly feel like you are still laying on the rug while we watch TV.

Love you Sweetie very much, can't wait to see you again and be a family again, love Dad.

Oct. 19, 2020,

Dear Sophie,,

I want you to know that many many loving pet parents have read of your passing and have sent wonderful prayers and blessings for you and our family, you have always made us proud to be your mommy and daddy,, and we are very much so now as then. Rest easy my baby girl, I will always be here to comfort you and look forward to the day we can all be together once again, as one happy family.

Love you always,, Daddy!

Oct. 18, 2020

My beautiful Sophie, it's been 5 days since you entered Rainbows Bridge and our hearts are still weeping very heavily for you. I have a very difficult time looking at many things in the house, like the rug you always preferred to lay on, your basket of toys in the corner, the bowl of cookies in the cabinet, your booties that you needed to walk without falling, your bowls, just about everything reminds us of you. II was at the funeral home, where I had the opportunity to see you, I kissed you on the head, and was petting you whispering my good-byes in your ear, I hope you know I was with you at that time, you looked very peaceful and as though you were just asleep, that helped me very much.

I received your ashes on Friday, and it felt as if you had come home, I still breakdown when I think how so sweet you were, forgive me, but I have to stop now, I will finish when I can, the emotions are coming on strong, love baby girl!!!

Oct 13, 2020t

Today our sweet Sophie was put to sleep due to a serious illness known as Degenerative Myopathy, This disease is a progressive deterioration of the nerves in the spine where it eventually paralyzes the dogs hind quarter making them unable to stand or walk on their own. She fought it for 9 months but it became impossible for her to get up by herself, she was completely immobile on her own .

Although she was basically sedentary, she still seemed happy most of the time, and still loved meal time, but this was not quality of life. We decided it had progressed too much and decided to euthanize. It was the hardest decision to let her go, but the doctors told us upfront, this disease will eventually kill her as there is no cure, only more paralysis and suffering is in her future, so we made the decision.

Sophie was our third German Shepherd, and just like the first two, departed this world too soon and at young ages.

Thanks to all the people who have sent their good wishes and support during this very difficult time for our family, we appreciate it very much.

Please also visit Shelby.

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