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Memories of Sophie Loren
3/25/16 - I love my sweet Sophie all covered in fluff,
I love my sweet Sophie til you get into our stuff.
Good Morning sweetie, happy Good Friday. I know you loved our poem that me and daddy would sing to you. We celebrate our first Easter without your furry presence. Sheldon misses you deeply, and he longs for his playmate. You were my first cat ever, and I am very proud to have been your fur mommy. My heart aches with the decision I wish I didn't have to make, and could take back, but my guilt is for the fact that if i had known you were sick and for God knows how long, I could have saved you or done something sooner. I envisioned you growing old with us, moving to various homes after daddy finished school, instead I take comfort knowing that in spirit form and a nice cedar box, we will take you everywhere. We love our sweet kitty and I hope you can forgive me. Meanwhile some friends have visited you and hope they are making you feel welcome. You will always be the queen in our house, and say hi to your cousins, Sissy, Sasha and Shortcake. We love you always and forever.

4/10 - It rained this weekend and I was thinking of you, how you climbed our cabinets in the kitchen. Unlike your brother Sheldon, you only did this once. One memory we have is the day we brought you home. You were my first kitty, and I held you first. Daddy always regretted not being there to greet you right away, but we were happy to offer you a forever home with us. It didn't take you long to get used to your surroundings and at the shelter we were told your were kind of timid like your brother Rascal. Yeah timid is not the word that described you. I will always have video of your playtime and your antics. You were never second, because of your age we decided to get a playmate for you, but you never second in our lives. Daddy and I love you very much.

Lots of changes with Mommy and Daddy, first is I got my cast off finally a few weeks ago, finally went back to work. Mommy and Daddy finally got married over Memorial Day weekend. We adopted a cute fuzzy girl name Avalon Rose, brought her home. I wasn't sure about getting a new kitty so soon after you passed, however Daddy was excited. Sheldon is being a handful, yet I never realized that maybe he was in mourning. He misses you very much. Avalon is shy and skittish, and loves being held. Not sure how you feel about it but I'm hoping you forgive me and that your ok with us bringing in a new kitty. She was born around March 21st. We love you very much Sophie and you got the best view in the house.

9/23/2016 - Avalon and Sheldon are doing well, missing you very much. Fall is here, Our last fall at our current house. Scary to think we:ll be moving out next year, but you will come with us to our new home. This was your first home with us. Your are always in our our hearts and whereever we go you'll go. We love you so much Sophie.

3/11/2017 Hey Sophie, tomorrow has been a year since you left us. I pray that you are doing well, celebrating St Patricks Day. Major changes happening for us, daddy's graduating this May, and he might have a new job soon. Also were looking for housing around April or May. We hate the thought of leaving the first home we shared with you, but you will come with us to our new home. You will always be a part of our lives. Sheldon misses you, even though he is now the oldest, he still acts like the baby. Both Avalon and Sheldon share your cat bed on occasional we will celebrate your sister Avalon birthday March 21st. That's a very good sign, that even though you passed March 12, we got her in May and they said her birthday was right around March 21. Good omen possibly? We love you very much

Well its been 2 years since your passing. We miss you every day. We moved yet again a few months ago and took you with us. Your cousin La La says Meow. She looks an awful lot like you very playful. We love you so much.

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