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Memories of Sophie
Our Sophie was put to rest two days ago, on October 4, 2012. We miss you so much, we miss seeing your precious face. We love you.

Our hearts are breaking now, but we know we will see you once again. You are with your Grandparents, Mary and Bob, your Great-Grandma Lorene, and your Friend Deb who always called you "Sophers". Your Dad had a dream Wednesday night, the night before we put you to rest; I also had the same dream except my dream was with you and your friend Deb; your Dad dreamed that you were running and running and running in a green meadow, your ears flopping in the wind, your tail wagging like it used to, he saw your Grandma Mary and your friend Deb clapping their hands saying "come here Sophie", "come here"; you ran to Grandma Mary and licked her face like crazy, your friend Deb was cheering and smiling, saying "Sophers"! Your Dad had no idea there was a Rainbows Bridge the night of his dream, not until we had to let you go. He told me of his dream while we covered you up, making sure you were warm and cozy in your special blue blanket and resting on your special pillow, and I told your Dad there is a place just like that!

You came to your home when Katie was 10 years old, you were a birthday gift for Katie's 10th birthday. You were rescued from a shelter in Greenwood by a very special woman who told me about you. Katie carried you in her arms as we walked in the house. Your Dad said "my goodness!" You followed me all through the house. As the years went by, Katie left for college, and you became our precious girl. You were so very special and precious, such a good girl, always happy and healthy. You loved to "bark at the bicycles passing by, bark at the birds outside, bark at the squirrels, bark at whomever came to our door". But, you certainly did not bite. You would sit on the back of the couch in front of the window and wait for us to come home, oh how you were so excited every day to see Dad's truck turn into the driveway! Your Dad always arrived home before me.

Then a year ago it became evident that something could be wrong. You stopped eating your food. We cooked a hamburger, a piece of chicken, tenderloin, rice, pasta, whatever food we thought you would eat, we cooked it for you. You ate some, but not a lot. You weren't feeling good sweetheart. But, you kept on going. You were so very tough. Your wonderful vet, Dr. Woodruff, came and checked on you. As it turned out, you were in the beginning stages of kidney failure. We continued throughout the year, watching you as you kept on going, kept eating what you could, and drinking your water. You started to get lost in your home, you couldn't figure out which way to walk, you would pace and wander. We decided we should have you checked again; your kidneys weren't functioning as they should and the kidney failure was getting worse. We knew it was time. You needed to rest. Dr. Woodruff came to your home and Dad held you in his arms, so very close to his chest. You were so relaxed and you weren't scared. I sat next to Dad, stroking your precious face. You looked so peaceful and happy, you didn't try to squirm out of Dad's arms. You knew you were safe, and that you were ready to feel better. We know you feel better now, our precious girl, because once you passed over to Rainbows Bridge, your body was so beautiful, your eyes were clear, your hair shined like it used to! Dad placed you beneath your bedroom window so the two of you can keep snuggling close together each and every night. You have a special solar light next to you so you won't be scared.

Oh, our sweet precious Sophie, you were a joy to us!! We miss you so very much. We love you always!

Sadly missed by,
Dad and Mom
Chris, Katie, Carlie, Audrie, and Austin
Kenny, Jamie, and Garrett
And by all of those who met you!

October 11, 2012:
Our Dear Sweet Sophie, we are missing you oh so much. It was one week ago tonight, at 5:30 p.m., when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, as Dad saw you in his dream crossing the bridge sweetheart. Dad had another dream this week on Tuesday, he saw again that you were running and running and running...your ears flopping in the wind, your tail wagging like crazy and you looked so happy, now playing with your friends in Rainbow Heaven. Mom is glad he saw you again, it helps him somewhat, but he still is missing you oh so much. He is so sad, he will get better. We lit a candle at 5:30 this evening. The candle is next to your picture, it is setting on top of the bookcase, above your little basket where you slept during the day, instead of looking out the window, waiting for us to come home. Dad lays a warm blanket on you every night since the nights are colder now. Mom has been on vacation this week, the sun shining so bright during the days, and she finds herself looking out the kitchen window, she can actually see you and Dad out in the yard, taking your walk, and at times she can see you running to the neighbors and back to your house, back and forth, like you used to do. We have received so many kind notes and cards this week from friends and co-workers, and from your new friends' parents, letting us know that you have so many special friends there in Rainbow Heaven, that you all are playing and are so happy. We've saved every kind note and card in your "special" place, and we will let them know how much we appreciate their kindness.

Good Night our Precious Lil" Sophie, We love you so much, and ache to hold you once again.
Still missing you,
Love, Dad and Mom

October 4, 2013
Oh my goodness Miss Sophie, Mom and Dad can't believe it's been one year since you crossed over to Rainbow Heaven. We still have your little bed here in the living room. Dad still sleeps with your special blanket every single night, and always says goodnight to you. Your Katie is back home with us, and she found an abandoned puppy, a Boxer-Boston Terrier mix, whom she named Dexter-he is as sweet as you, believe it or not! Before she found him a really good home with a wonderful family, one night all of a sudden Dexter jumped off the couch right into your little bed -- he looked like a 'giant'in your bed compared to you! Mom swears the night Dexter was in your bed she told Dad that she heard you walking and running in the house, you actually woke her up from a deep sleep ...smile!

Good Night our Precious Lil" Sophie, We love you so much!
Still missing you,
Love, Dad and Mom

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