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I love you and miss you~~~~~~~~~~~

My sweetest little one.... I set here trying to think of how to wish you the Merriest Christmas ever, but I don't think that is possible ...But you are in Heaven with our father, Our savior, Our Lord God so you must be having the Merriest of all Christmases. I know in my heart I miss you and I will always love you. I also know Christmas just isn't the same without you here. Thinking of you still brings tears to my eyes ... all the memories of Christmases past. How you only looked for one toy and you would carry it off and be content for the rest of the day. Sophie my heart is so full of love for you always I miss ya baby. Merry Christmas...... Love mom

7/26/2011 My sweetest little girl I can not believe that 1 year has passed since I sent you to be with your sisters. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Not a day goes by that I don't remember you and love you with all my heart. I miss you baby and even now I look for you in the play yard when I let the others in. Sophie you will always be a part of me and I will always love you. Happy 1 year at the bridge my love. Run free play hard and sleep in the angels arms.

4/24/2011 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday sweet Sophia.... Happy Birthday to you! Happy 1st easter in heaven baby and Happy 1st birthday in heaven. WOW You would have been 15 today. Run with your sisters and play but most of all baby know how much I love and miss you. Hugs and pets little one. Love mom

8/29/2010 My little sopher dofer.....time has moved so slowly since I let you go. I look for you everyday when the others come inside and when they go out I still wait for you to pop your head around the door looking like "wait for me!" I miss that smile that was always on your face and your happy attitude. You enjoyed life so much, I guess that is why it was so hard to let you go. I really loved you little one and I miss you so much. Even now it is hard to keep the tears away. But I know you are having so much fun with your sisters. I could see in your face how you missed them each time one went on to the bridge and you stayed behind. But noow you are free with them to run and play. A new friend joined you this week. Her name is Dakota. Show her how much fun the bridge is, remember she is new like you and may not know. I miss you sweetie and I love you forever.....

My Dearest Sophie,
Your loss has been very different to me to say the least. Many people feel sadness , anger or hurt. I do not feel those things sweetie. All I feel now is a very dull emptiness. My mind keeps saying you died now what do I do?
I set here trying to understand why you had to leave me so suddenly. Why were you able to fight the other seizure and come back to normal but this one you couldn't? So very many why's...and so many memories come back to my mind. Days of your puppy hood, you were so adorable. I can still see you laying under the table taking a puppy nap, or setting on the chair at the table with a plate in front of you. Looking as if you belonged right there. I remember Britt claiming you as if you were hers alone as she was starting school and you were still here to see her graduate. I remember looking for the lost puppy. How you got under Tyler's baby pool is still a mystery. I remember losing you in a pile of dirty laundry laying on the floor. I never knew you were there until you crawled out. I remember bringing Nikki home the first time, you greeted her with open paws and instantly became best friends. I remember every time I made the bed you two used it as your own personal wrestling mat. As time went by you grew into a stunning border collie. You were a young healthy dog. This stage of adulthood you were very independent and had no problem letting us know you believed the world revolved around you. You were so full of life and energy. We quickly learned we couldn't let you home inside with the windows open because you would jump right through the screens. Keeping you home was always a challenge. You had the desire to run and be free. Eventually we had to put a run up outside for you when we weren't home because you could not stand to be confined to a crate. But everyday when we came home you knew you would have your freedom once again. Time went on an you remained very active though out your adult life. Then the time came and I first noticed you beginning to age and the gray showing on your face. You still had a spring in your steps and bright shinning eyes full of wonder and the desire to explore. But with any living being age does something to our bodies and things begin to hurt and we slow down. It was very hard for me to watch you get older and slow down. It seemed as if you went from a bouncing border collie who we always seemed to be chasing home to a grand Old lady who simply shuffled along in just a few months. Then you began to lose your sight and hearing so we worked around those new challenges. But you never lost your smell .... You could smell a pepperoni pizza from the other side of the house. With each passing phase of your life we faced it together knowing that we could count on each other.
Then this past march you had your first seizure ... I was so scared an we all thought we would lose you. But once again the strong dog inside you proved us wrong. When you began to walk after a couple days I finally felt relief that you would be ok. I worried about you so much since March and I closely watched you for any signs of distress. You seemed to be doing well and I had hope.... Hope that we would be together maybe another year. But that dream was shattered on Monday July 26th. You had another seizure we believe...we really aren't sure but we knew in our hearts you couldn't recover from this one. I knew in my heart I could not just let you be confined to laying around. This was not the life you lived before and I was not sentencing you to this kind of life now. It was the final battle you would not win, and for that I am very sorry girl. The past few weeks were very hard on you. . So I felt the kindest thing I could do for you my friend was to let you go to the rainbow bridge where I know Nikki and Jaycee were waiting for their friend. I can just see the look on the girls faces .... They loved you little one and you missed them so much when they left you.
Thoughts of you take me back to the very beginning of this crazy dog life I now live and I love. For that I am very thankful. I have been truly blessed Sophie to have you in my life.
Sophie I am sorry I had to let you go but you were to good of a friend to ever think about letting you hurt. I hope you understand that.
Sophie for 14 yrs you were part of my life. Now that you are not here anymore I have found a big void in my everyday life. But I know sweetheart that you will forever live in my heart, soul and memories.
I could not say good bye to you then and I won't say good bye to you now. I told you I would see you again someday at the bridge and I know in my heart that is true.
I could not watch them sending you to the bridge I could only look in your eyes and at your sweet face and tell you how much I loved you . And when you were gone you looked like that sweet puppy of 14 years ago sleeping under the table only this time with the gray face of an older dog.
So for now my love I will simply say Thanks for the memories and I will see you again someday in God's perfect time...............

Love mom

I Loved You Best

So this is where we part, My Friend,

and you'll run on, around the bend,

gone from sight, but not from mind,

new pleasures there you'll surely find.

I will go on, I'll find the strength,

life measures quality, not its length.

One long embrace before you leave,

share one last look, before I grieve.

There are others, that much is true,

but they be they, and they aren't you.

And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,

will remember well all you've taught.

Your place I'll hold, you will be missed,

the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.

And as you journey to your final rest,

take with you this ... I loved you best.

Copyright © Jim Willis 2002,

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