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Memories of SOPHIA
Born on Easter, Sophia entered our lives on 8/02/04. From day one, she was the sweetest, most gentle cat we'd ever seen. She
never nipped, scratched, or hissed at anyone she came across. She wouldn't think of it. All she wanted was affection , and gave nothing back but unconditional love.
She loved to do her "ragdoll flop" and waited for belly rubs
and chin scratches while she writhed around on the floor on her back. She loved to give her "Indian Meow" as she trotted down the hallway or into the kitchen to make her presence known. She
loved to wait by the bathroom door for her Daddy to finish his shower so she could roll around in his dirty clothes. She loved to "burrow", especially in dresser drawers, and under the covers while you were trying to sleep in. She loved to make making the bed a challenge. She loved being carried and rocked like a baby. Her big, dark eyes looking around curiously. She purred so much while being held, she chirped (we called that "the Purrculator").
She loved her best kitty friend, Natasha, like a sister. They would sleep together, and chase each other through the house like hellhounds. She loved whole strawberries (she would carry them away like they were her "prey"), licking pieces of watermelon, and lapping up pureed pumpkin first thing in
the morning. She especially loved drinking water from a faucet, and would meow endlessly until you turned one on. She loved "fighting" paper bags. And if she was too tired to do so, she'd sleep on them. She loved sitting at the window staring at the birds fly by, or the snow fall from the sky. She
considered herself the house's guardian, and sat at the front door looking for intruding bugs to pounce on. If she couldn't find a bug, she would play with her little toy mouse, or wrestle with her crinkly butterfly. She loved to get her long hair everywhere...rugs, beds, clothes, even in your nose.
But we didn't care, she was our baby.
Sophia, our sweet baby girl, we'll miss you dearly. We're so thankful you entered our lives. You brought us joy that we that we never could've imagined. Even though your stay on this earth was way too short, you'll live forever in our hearts. Sleep tight girl, you'll never be sick again. We'll leave the faucet on for you.

Love always,
Mommy, Daddy, and Natasha

4/11/06- Happy Birthday Sophia!! We think about you every day. Since your departure, we've had two new additions to the family. One of them is a sister of yours (same parents, later litter). Her name is Lauren (but we just call her "little bit"). She's beautiful, silly, and playful...just like you. The other is Autumn. She's a bit of a bruiser, but you would've loved her. Her and Lauren wrestle almost all the time (even when Lauren was a little kitten and Autumn was twice her size). Natasha still misses you. She doesn't interact with the new girls like she did with you (playing, wrestling, and chasing are now all no-no's with Natasha (grooming and sleeping together are OK though). Rest well baby girl. We still miss you dearly.

4/11/07- Happy Birthday Sophia!! You may be happy to know that there are now eight cats running around the house. We rescued five wonderful cats (mother and four kittens) from the streets last year. You'd love them! Wish you were here. We still think about you everyday, and miss you just as much as the day you left.

4/11/08- Happy Birthday baby girl!! Cats are all fine. Wish you were here with them. We still miss you. Love you always.

4/11/09- Happy Birthday Sophia!! We're still thinking of you!! Your sister, Lauren, might be crazier than you were! Love you.

4/11/10- HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!! We still love you like crazy!!

4/11/11- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you're still eating your favorite, pumpkin, in the afterlife!!

4/11/12- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Natasha still misses chasing you around the house!!

4/11/13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest in peace, baby girl. Love you.

4/11/15 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! You would have been 11 today. I still think about you every day. There's always tears involved, either happy or sad. Today's tears are sad. Some of your old toys are still scattered around the house. Natasha has never been the same since you passed away. You were her best friend. You were everyone's best friend. To this day, you are one of the sweetest cats I've ever had the pleasure of owning. I miss you and still love you more than ever. Your biological sister looks so much like you, except for the fact that she is so incredibly feisty. She's still sweet but doesn't "flop" as much as you did. I love you and miss you every single day.

8/24/15 It's been 10 years. It's so hard to believe that it's been 10 years. We still miss you and think about you. Natasha has still never been the same. She only cares for your sister. The other cats annoy her so much. She's just a grumpy old lady. I still blame myself, in a way. What if I hadn't done this or what if I hadn't done that? Your passing still brings tears to my eyes. You were just so sweet. You were kind and gentle. You were, without a doubt, the sweetest cat ever and we miss you terribly.
8/24/18 Hello girl!!! Sorry it's been a few years since we paid our respects, but we haven't forgotten about you. I'm sure Natasha, who's now 14, hasn't forgotten about you either. Lauren, your sister, who've you never met, is still as sneaky as ever!
4/11/21 Hello dear girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎉 We're sad to report that your sister, Lauren, lost her battle with kidney disease, and had to be put to sleep last month (unfortunately, we lost 5 cats in the last 3 years...you would've loved them). Don't feel too bad though, she lived a long, loving life of 15 1/2. Please do us a favor and say hi for us! We miss both of you dearly. The good news is, your BFF, Natasha, is still going strong at 17. Healthy, but a bit lazy. Peace be with you. Love you always.
4/11/22 Happy 18th birthday Sophia!!! We can't believe its been that long. How the time flies. Sadly, your buddy Natasha passed away earlier this year. We still think about the times you guys had together, even if it was way too short. Unfortunately, we lost 4 other cats as well in the last year. The house seems so empty and bare. Only Autumn and Charlene are left. Soon it may be only Charlene... Autumn is 17, and has a slew of ailments. She's still holding on though. Love you always!

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