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Memories of Sonic
Although Brian and I each grew up with dogs in the household all during our childhood and teenage years, Sonic was the first dog that we had in our adulthood, and the first dog that our son Jarrin (then 6 years old) ever had yet in his life.

We got Sonic right before Christmas in 2003, and he was only 6 weeks old and fit in the palm of our hand. He was a Schnoodle (Schnauzer-Poodle) and we got him through a breeder only because somehow in the course of my pregnancy with Jarrin I ended up with severe allergies to dogs. Because of this, we had to research "hypoallergenic" breeds and I couldn't take any chances. The breeders were very reputable and I paid a delivery fee of one-way mileage to them from Sacramento to Southern California where we were living.

The day we got Sonic, we all were home waiting in anticipation although Jarrin had no idea what was going to happen (it was a surprise). When the doorbell rang we had him answer the door and there was the husband with Sonic in his hand and a Santa hat on his head! Our son was in shock. The husband and wife stayed with us all day talking about Sonic and giving us tips and tricks on raising a young puppy. Jarrin (who up until then had only had pets that lived in tanks and cages) at a certain point looked at all of us and said "where is his cage?" to which we responded "oh no baby, this is a doggie..... he doesn't have a cage he will go all over the house along with us". Jarrin looked down at Sonic in his lap with a completely skeptical look as if he just didn't think that sounded right.

The breeders had suggested that we crate-train Sonic from the first night on and that at night he sleep in his crate because he would be happier and feel safer that way. That first night came and Sonic was placed in the crate on the floor in the master bedroom. Unfortunately nobody had explained to Sonic ahead of time that he would prefer the crate and as a result Sonic cried and whined non stop. Brian would tap the crate lightly as he had been instructed. I was desperately trying to get sleep as I had to be at work early the next morning. At a certain point of the night I became aware that Sonic had stopped protesting and apparently became used to the situation. Well that next morning with the sunlight coming in the room I woke up and looked over and realized why Sonic had calmed down. I was laying on Brian's chest and looking straight over to see Sonic curled up in the crook of Brian's other arm. That day the crate was moved to the garage never to be used again.

From then on Sonic would tend to sleep in the master bed with us. He was so tiny I still remember him coming up to the head of the bed and turning in circles before settling down in the curve of my neck. He was so black that he would fall asleep during the days underneath our back furniture and we couldn't find him.

From that day forward, Sonic became the main focus of our house. Eventually he grew to be about 12 inches tall and 14 pounds. His continuous playful antics just completely captivated us. Two years after getting him, we went back to the same breeders and adopted a brother named Bambam. Bambam was blonde and while it took the 2 of them a little while to adapt to each other, eventually they played and raced all over the house together.

Losing Sonic recently tore apart all of our hearts. He was the most amazing dog and it was the hardest decision in the world for us to jointly make the decision to put him to peace. He was sick and suffering and could no longer do anything that he loved. We put him to peace not out of consideration for ourselves but instead what was best for him.

Sonic is survived by his loving brothers Bambam and Jarrin, and his parents Brian and Rebecca. We create this memorial to show the world that although he is gone from our home, he will never be gone from our hearts. We will always remember him and hope that someday on the other side we will once again be reunited with him.

My dear Sonic, you are free now of the limitations of your earthly body. You are young again and can once again run through the grasses and the trees and play to your heart's content. I feel you whenever I walk in the sunlight and feel a light breeze. You are everywhere. We love you so very much.

Mom, Dad, Jarrin and Bambam

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