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Memories of Sonata Schnauzer Terwilliger
It was love at first sight. You were almost 3 and were a show dog that just finished her championship. You were at my friends house and I told them I wanted you. They said you were pregnant so I said I would wait til you had the puppies and take you to your forever home then. I put you in the car in Georgia for the long ride home. You had never been in a car without a crate. So you got sick and peed in my fairly new car!!! I found out you got car sick so I bought you a SUV and you were set. You loved going bye bye so much. What is a car window for? Doggie nose prints..:) I don't know that I will wash yours off. We will see. Your best friend Angel moved 18 hours away but with the new SUV we were good to go. Boy were you 2 excited to see each other again. I am so glad we went to see her because she went to the bridge not long after. I know you 2 were so happy to see each other again. Makes me smile a little to think of you 2 playing.
We walked at least 5 miles a day most of your life. Teaching you how to play and chase fur furs was so much fun. You loved me to pick a pine cone for you to play with too. Then you found another friend Kit and we had so much fun on the girl sleep overs and walks. I gave her a couple of your toys and she loves them. Mommie kept your favorite one from Aunt Suzie( chewy Vuitton) and your first baby from me and the fishy.Since you had so many toys I donated them to a dog rescue along with your crate and leash. BTW it was so funny the first time you slept in a bed and fell of thinking I pushed you off!! LOL, you got the hang of it and even woke your mommie up when I was having a bad dream.. Thank you. ( I can spell mommy).
I loved how whenever I sang you are my sunshine my only sunshine you would stop and come all wiggly and cute to get a love from mommie. You are my sunshine.
You were such a hard worker too. You worked with me greeting all the customers and friends that came for treatment. You even knew when you had to go upstairs and when you could come back without me saying a word. You made friends with the kids and they all loved your tricks. Especially the high five. They all love you and are trying to help me find some joy, which is hard right now. Thank you. You were also a great foster mom to the little ones we took care of til they got their forever homes. Felix was very special to you and he is chasing fur furs in your honor since you taught him how to do it..
I loved taking you to the sidewalk cafe's for lunch and how excited you were to get your appetizers.. You were so sweet to the kids that wanted to see you.
Your Aunt Michele and Uncle Paul miss you and they love you. You go say hi to their 2 boys at the bridge. I was sure thankful you could always stay at their house if mommie was away for work. You know I would never board you.
You loved the special treats your favorite friends brought you. And I loved that you felt special because you are.
Everyone loved you at the bank and in the hood. You brought a smile to everyone's face. A lot of people and furry people miss you little girl.
Then we moved to Virginia and I was worried about doggie care for you so I said a prayer and GOD ANSWERED ME WITH Natalie AT Camp York. You loved it. You had a new kitty friend and many new fur friends. You had field trips everyday and it was so special to get those pictures of you having fun when I was at work. I worried because you were never left alone more than 4 hours. I didn't want you lonely or scared and you were not. You loved Camp and they loved you. You were there when you had your seizure on Natalie's bed. I was almost there to pick you up and go home but I got the call to meet you at the emergency vet. My worst nightmare came and you couldn't wake me up from it!!! That was Monday night. I had to leave you there for treatment and it didn't work.. I asked GOD for 1 more day to say good-bye and have you die at home not afraid. He said yes but only 4 hours. We took them. It was great to get you the McDonalds and salmon and lots of treats. We had our cuddle time so I could tell you what was happening. You already knew. The walk was beautiful and you saw lots of fur furs and a bunny. You said bye to Ni Ni at the vets but you got to say good bye to Rowdy in front of the house as always and Helen brought you flowers that we will scatter at your celebration of life the end of the month. then the dr. came and followed us to our room and you got up on your side of the bed and cuddled me then I said I love you many times as your soul left your body. I wrapped you in your blanket and carried you out of the house. I know you would have wanted it that way. I have your paw print and ashes, they will be with me til I come to get you. Say hi to Spring my first Schnauzer recue, I loved her madly too. She has been there a long time.
I think of you all the time and it was so nice of Aunt Natalie to get mommie a pet psychic to talk to and I know it was you cuz no one else knew our secrets. It helped me that you talked to her so she could tell me..

I miss you sooo much. Thank you and visit me in my dreams baby girl....
There was a bunny in your yard tonight!! Did you chase it in there for me to know you are with me??

Your grandma sent me the most beautiful picture of you. I was the best surprise.

6/18/13 Well baby girl I have made it 5 weeks without your physical body with me. I have cried a lot. Never knew I had so many tears. There are so many fur babies with you and their mommy's and daddy's have reached out to me and helped me so much. I know their babies with you are doing the same. I saw an imprint on your blanket last night that looked like you laid down next to me. That gave me some peace. Thank you. Angels mom gave you a gift and now you are a forever resident. Til I come get you.:))Have fun. I hear there are 2 beagle's up there Bentley and Ginger. Go play with them if you can. You were always good at making friends for both of us.. And it looks like you still are schnauzer girl. Come see me in my dreams please. Ask how.. All my love.

6/21/13 Sweet girl I miss you. I hope you don't miss me as much. I would never want you to hurt. I have seen your body print on your side of the for 2 nights now. At first I thought I was crazy and fluffed it all out and I came back up and there it was again.. Thank you. Play now sweetie girl have fun. Mommie Loves you..
6/ 22/13 Hi sweet girl. Mommie loves you. I made it 2 days now on our walk. I was crying today when I stopped to pet the 2 dogs you would have loved to play with. I hope my memories of us come without all the tears and heart ache soon. You have fun and be happy. People don't understand how close we were and how hard it is for me now. They all see the strong me and I am but I am also human and you my sweet baby saw that. How am I going to make it without you??

6/26/13 Well baby girl it is 6 weeks today we said good bye. Mommie is still crying daily but not all day. Schnauzer I woke up with your favorite baby under the covers and me cuddled up to it yesterday. I don't know how it got there? Your 3 babies are on your blanket on your side of the bed! This is so hard for me baby girl. I am so sad you are not with me in fur and flesh. I am doing our walk and I hope you are coming along with me. God Bless you sweet baby girl. You go have fun. I love you madly.

7/3/13 My sweet baby girl. It is 7 weeks now and I miss you so much. Next week is 8 weeks and your 12th birthday. I know you will be having the biggest celebration in heaven with God and all your new friends. I will be singing happy birthday to you and thinking of you always. I put up your birthday stuff early you know I love birth months. Don't worry your self that mommie cries a lot. I just miss you and can't wait to see you again. Please give God a hug from me too. Have fun Schnauzer girl. Thank you for all the baby bunnies in the yard...My GOD comfort all of us in our grief. Blessings.

7/10/13 Happy Birthday baby girl... i love you so much. i hope you got to take that with you to heaven... i know GOD is giving you the best birthday party ever today... drop by when ever you want to wiggle butt. i want you to be happy.. all my love...

7/17/13 Sweet Schnauzer girl. your mommie loves you. I miss you more than there are words to describe. I am sure you know I have to move next month. I don't know how to go without you.. I am grateful for the peace you and Jesus have been bringing to my life. I know crying non stop doesn't mean I loved you more. It is just so hard to not see your sweet face every day. I know you are happy with the greatest love of all in Heaven with Jesus. He knows I love you and miss you and am grateful that he let me be your mommie and you my teacher. You are the best teacher of love and I hope I do what I am suppose to do now on my own. Most of my friends don't understand the emptiness this has left me with and they want me to be all better. But we know I will never be the same again and I will find the new normal you were leading me to. With Gods help and yours still. Some of my friends do understand and I am so grateful for them. Grief is so hard. I love you forever. Thank you for the smells that let me know you are here with me. Please come to me in my dreams my sweet girl. I love you more than words can say.

7/24/13 10 weeks without my sunshine. I miss you a lot but I have moments now where I can talk to you without crying the whole time. I keep telling myself more tears don't mean I loved you more. I know you don't want that for me. I will be seeing your baby Athena today for 2 days and helping Connie celebrate her birthday. Without her and Trevor we would not have met and I would not want that, even knowing how it would end. I know you are helping me and thank you for the visit this week. I could feel your love in my heart as I woke up. You are the best. Play with Spring and love each other as I will be there to get you both. Aunt Rose is coming Friday and it won't be the same without you. But then again NOTHING is. I am working on my new life without you since I have no choice. I love you always. MOMMIE. You have fun pretty little girl.

8/7/13 My pretty little girl it has been 3 months since I had to say good bye to you. I think I will always miss you. You have a part of my heart that no one else will ever have. I love you little girl. As you know I am moving from our house. It is bitter sweet. I know you will come with me and things are getting better for me. I am finding a new normal. I guess that is part of life. I still sing to you every day and talk to you. I hope you can hear me. I had your memorial out at Beaver Dam with Natalie and her gang and Aunt Cathy and Kit. We planted a tree and spread the flowers I dried from Helen. You are very loved. Pretty little girl and a beautiful life. Thank you for being my everything. You have fun and come see me as much as you can. XOXOXO.

8/11/13 My pretty little girl, it was 13 weeks ago tonight that we slept and cuddled together for the last time. I had no idea or I would have stayed up all night holding you. I miss you so much. This is my last Sunday night at this house we so happily shared. and Wednesday night the 13 week anniversary of your passing will be my last night here. I know your watching me and know we are moving and it makes me feel better. I am having good days and memories without tears like I know you want for me. I would want that for you if I went first. I do still cry sometimes and I can't help it. I just wish I could talk to you in person. All the tears and heart break are worth it because I was able to know your love and look at your pretty little face for all those years. GOD bless you baby. Please go say Happy Birthday to my dad for me today. Make friends with his dog Happy while your there. I love you always and ALL WAYS..Mommie

9/12/13 My dearest baby girl. The move was very hard without you. My sprit just isn't the same. I work hard at getting through this because I have to. On my birthday on the 6th I went to help with the lost dogs and my foster Blossom got her forever home which was my birthday wish.( thank you). Lost dogs found home for 73 dogs and cats that weekend. I hope they all find homes.. I did have to go hide and cry once and cried the whole way home because I was happy to help but so sad you were not with me. There were 4 schnauzer puppies there and they got homes. The next day I went to Aunt Marnes house and meet her 4 giant Schnauzers and the horses. It was fun but it wasn't you. I want you back if God allows returns. If not guide a standard schnauzer to me that you know would connect with me. I get to see your daughter in a couple of weeks.
Schnauzer girl I still only want the best for you and all the happiness you can hold. I LOVE you so much. This is so hard for me. I have NEVER been this upset for this long over a death before. I pray for peace in my heart and blessing for you and me. P.S. I felt you on my birthday. Thank you GOD for that great gift. I think of you always. MOMMIE.

9/25/13. Hey pretty girl. It has been 20 weeks since we said good bye. I still cry most days. I do go and do all the things I am suppose to but my heart just isn't the same. I hope you can hear me talking to you. I don't know how much longer I can hold up. I stay busy but the grief and guilt are too much at times. No one but you ever knew how hard it is for me. You helped me so much. Everyone else just sees strong Lori and pays no notice to me. I wish you were here so I could love on you.. I loved every minute I had with you. Thank you for sharing your love and life with me. Come visit me as much as you can. I thank God for my pretty little girl and a beautiful life.
2/21/2018 Hi my sweet girl. Here I am again. You sent me your daughter Athena to bless my life and she did. She was a lot like you but also, she had her own sweet personality. I am sure you know. Last night I had to send her to you, special delivery. Please show me you got her. Both of you find Spring and remember me together. I love each of you. I hope my Aunt Vi , dad, and anyone else who loves me loves on you til i get there. please visit me in my dreams, ride with me in the SUV, walk with me, comfort me and love me every day til we meet again. Share your home with Athena... Help my heart heal again. All my love girls....mommy

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