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Memories of Snuggles
Snuggles came to meet me with her siblings & came to me first, & she's been my baby since she was 7 weeks old. She was the best trucking dog (human) ever! We have put on 1,045,000 miles together just since April 2005.
Gary came into our lives in Aug 2008 & Snuggles took to him right away. They had become buddies. She took a few vacations in Duluth with her friends Terese & Joe in July but was so happy when Gary & I came to pick her up. She loved checking out the walleyes when we went ice fi
shing! Thought she was supposed to get a taste of everything we ate. Once she met you she was your friend for life, she knew by your name who was coming.
Snuggles & I had a 4th grade class led by Mrs Trel Gimber in Middleton. Wi. The kids looked forward to our visit because Snuggles was the star attraction & she loved it! Each year not only would the new class be there to say hi but the 5th graders stopped to say hi & she loved it! We did that for 4 or 5 years. Even the other teachers & the principal stopped by. We enjoyed our Trucker Buddy time.
When home on weekends or vacations she KNEW when Gary was coming home from work & be waiting @ the top of the stairs, even when he came home early, could've swore she could tell time. And she loved her groomer Betty in Fargo, even tho we moved to Becker & found Jody in Big Lake, who lovingly cared for her & gave her the beautiful Christmas "do" she wore when she headed to the bridge. She would try to show attitudes but got it down to 2 per visit. Her Aunt Allie would babysit her & groom her sometimes too. She knew where we were as soon as we pulled into her yard. They loved each other so much.

The day before she passed she got to spend some time with her Aunt Julie & Uncle Mike. Even tho she wasn't feeling well, she still was up to giving her snuggle kisses. She loved giving kisses.

When she would stay at Shari's she would get up on her "perch", the end of couch or end table, & watch for us to return. She would stand between us & the door so we couldn't leave without her. This is a big loss to all who knew her. So hard to let her go, but know we will get together again! Not a day will go by without another good memory coming up...like when i bought ice cream yesterday that she would like, forgetting she was at the bridge. I love you with all my heart & miss you so much but am happy you are pain free. Hope you found Cindy & Schaen & Princess, Bear, Mac, Shorty & Trixie & Leila & Buffy...plus Jackie & Kit, Aunti Joycie & Aunti Jo Jo & Mommy Lea & Gramma Amelia. We will be together soon & we will always love you. And meet you here often. Gary & I love you, as do Mark & Jeff. The Australian flag is for Jo, Jeff & Jenn in Canberra ACT who loved her from afar.

12-29-12. yesterday Kathi sent us the beautiful Rainbow Bridge poem & Gary & I have put it on the wall above where you slept, when u couldn't sneak into bed with us lol. We also framed a couple of your pictures & seeing them brings tears from missing you but also knowing we gave you the best gift we could, that you wouldn't suffer. It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do. We hope you made a lot of new friends & are happy & know we love you & miss you every day. Tried to get Gary to lick the ice cream bowl when I was done since you couldn't. Think he thought I lost it! Alot of people have left us messages & while they bring tears they help too. Goodnight Snuggles. We miss you & will be back to visit soon. Miss my kisses! Mom & Dad

12-31-12 It's hard to believe you have been gone for a week already. Everywhere we look, you're there. We got a special frame for pictures of you. Remember how you would always stand with your paws on the steering wheel when I got out of the truck and you waited for me to come back? I wish we could bring you back, but knowing you are free of pain and have made many new friends makes it easier. We love you snuggle wuggles...you were and always will be the bestest puppy in the whole wide world. Happy New Year Snugs! Mom & Dad

1-2-13 Hard to believe it's 2013 already and you're not here...you were in my dream last night but can't figure out where the leeches came from, must've been thinking about you missing out on the ice fishing. I know you will be watching down over us and wishing you could kiss the fishes that we caught. I know you liked to sunbathe on the ice when it was beating down on you the day we went out to see if Gordy caught any fish. The days haven't been without tears, as you are missed so much. But we hope you are having lots of fun playing at the bridge with your new friends and pain free. You fought those seizures for 11 years of your life, and now you won't have them any more. I felt so bad because other than give you your meds there wasn't anything I could do but sit and hold you and pray for you and tell you I loved you until the seizure passed. Gary always
worried about you when he knew you had a seizure also, you were his little buddy. We will be together at the Rainbow bridge one day, and cross over together. We love you and miss you,

1-3-13 Today we get to bring you home to rest, where you belong. A day of mixed emotions, We love you and miss you so much! Mom & Dad

1-4-13 After having a good cry when Dad brought you home, I couldn't just set you down, I had to hold you. We both miss you so much! You used to lay on the couch with me and sleep while I watched tv...I still move my legs out of your way so you have plenty of room. I know one day we'll be together, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy your playtime with all your new friends. Am sure you are watching over us. I feel like you are right here with me sometimes instead of where you are. We are going ice fishing today, so watch over us snugs, and we'll try to catch some fish for you to kiss.


1-14-13 It has been awhile since I wrote on here, but it's not that you haven't been on my mind...you are every day and we miss you so very much! Last Monday Jan 7 I got in the truck for the first time without carrying you in there the way I always did. This time I carried you in your pewter heart and I cried and cried. It was so very hard. I called your dad and he tried to help me through it, reminding me that you weren't in pain anymore, and that you would always be with me. That Monday was such a long day! I do have you with me, in your heart and sitting on your chair...and you still sleep on your pillow, it is not the same nor will it ever be the same again, but I know one day we'll be together again. I have been looking at pictures of puppies, and that somehow makes me feel better. No one will ever take your place, there will always be one Snuggles, you had a unique personality, you never thought your were a dog, and I certainly didn't treat you like one. It has been pretty cold here, I am sure it is much warmer at Rainbow Bridge for you and you are having lots of fun playing with your new friends. We miss you so much Snuggles. Love you lots, Mom & Dad

2-6-13 Sorry I haven't written in awhile. You are on my mind every day, and I carry you with me wherever I go. We miss you so much sweet Snuggle Wuggles. I know that when I got stuck in the rain for 3 days you were real glad not to have to go outside in it! I still buy my lunches with sharing with you on my mind. I hope you are enjoying your furry friends. Love you heaps and bunches. One day we will be back together. I am glad you aren't in pain and suffering. That is what makes this more bearable. But tonight has been difficult for me...I miss you so much!! I want my kisses you loved to give! I'll be ok, just tough right now. Have fun Snugs. Lots of Love Snugs!!!
2-24-13. Today you have been at Rainbow Bridge for 2 months, we miss you & love you so much. I found 2 ceramic shih tzus that look like they were made from pictures of you! The one looks like you standing up on the steering wheel in the truck! I miss having you with me every day but you're there in spirit. I hope you hear me talking to you while I'm driving. It helps me feel better. Dad & many others miss you too. Enjoy your new friends & one day we'll be together again. Lots of love

3-15-13. I am missing you so much today. We took you up to Lake of the woods with us on our annual fishing trip. You loved sniffing on the fish we caught, not knowing that to do with them. Thoughts of things like this help me to cope better.

11-11-13 I may not have been on here writing to you, but you are in my thoughts and heart all day long every day. Got to pet a puppy yesterday and made me miss you even more. Hard to believe it is going on one year next month! I still keep you with me in the truck. Do you like the tree we planted when we buried you? You Dad picked out the tree and the spot, so that we can look out the bedroom window and look at you every day, so that you will feel our love even more. We miss you Snuggles...and love you very very much. Love Mom and Dad

12-23-13 Hard to believe it will be one year tomorrow. Feels like yesterday sometimes. Still missing you so very much. We love you and are happy for you, that you are free of pain and are warmer. It has been so cold here, and alot of snow...you would love the fluffy stuff, but not the rest of it. I know you are happy where you are, and are watching over us...know that we will never forget you, and Mom and Dad think of you all the time. We love you Snuggles...keep watch over Joe, he has been quite sick, and I know you must be watching him as he is starting to get better...he and Terese miss you so much. Lots of Love Mom and Dad

9-8-2014 I know I haven't been on here in the last few months, but you are on my mind every day. Thanks for coming to me in my dreams so that I know you are happy and pain free. Gary and I went to the Dairy Queen the other night for your birthday. Wish you could've been there in person. Joe is doing much better, am sure that's because you were watching over him. Bapa and Gramma are selling their house and moving into a trailer house by uncle Larry and Timmy, unfortunately Billy has been staying there again....wish there was a way you could help the law catch up to him, but know that's not possible. You've been gone for almost 2 years already, sometimes it seems like yesterday, because you took a part of my heart with you. I put up pictures on the computer on your birthday. Everyone send their wishes, Jo, in Australia did up something special on there for you. I will make this short today, but I will be back soon....you may be gone, but no way are you forgotten. Did you see how well the tree is doing that we planted in your memory? Had mini apples on it, will probably take a couple of years to get some real apples on it tho. It's nice cuz I can look out the window in the bedroom and see you there, underneath....plus you're under the pillow under the bed....lots of love and hugs and kisses. You're still the bestest puppy in the whole wide world..... Mom & Dad

12-6-2014 It's been awhile since I have come here to talk to you Snuggles, but you are always on my mind, and this time on year, close to when we had to let you leave is the hardest time for me. I was reading on here and listening to the Always on My Mind music and burst into tears.. I still miss you so very very much. I hope you found Snuffy, she came there recently. Please look after her, Jo & Jenn & Jeff in Australia miss her so much, keep her company til we get there. You are still the bestest puppy in the whole wide world, and will always be. Gary said no more puppies here, I think he misses you more than he will admit, you know how he is. You were the first and last to be here in the house. I have seen you in some of my dreams, some of them have been pretty crazy. I know you are here with me. I love you so so much. I will be back here soon Snuggle Wuggles. Love you with all my heart, Mom....and Dad too of course. xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

12-24-2014 Good morning Snuggles, today even looks like the day we said goodbye to you, with a little less snow. You are missed as much today as when we first said goodbye. It's hard to believe it has been 2 years already in some ways, because even tho you aren't physically here, you will always be here. I hope you met Fred Dawg and Elvis when they came over, and Snuffy too. Plus you should've seen Candy's kitties there too. I put a few of your pictures up yesterday, along with pictures of your tree when it was blooming. We need to get more solar lights to go under it as the others either burned out or froze out. Piggy should be there too, I was at Nykanens the other night and found out she was gone too. I've had my friend TJ in ND pass away, and Lane in Oregon, you met TJ but not Lane. The older I get the more people are passing away, I know it's normal, but it still sucks. Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes....especially when we lost you....but we will see you one day. Merry Christmas my sweet baby. We love you!

12-2-2015 Hi Baby Girl, almost 3 years since you left us, and it hurts juts as much! I hope you are having fun with all your new friends. Watch over Bapa as he is in the hospital, send him some Snuggles kisses. I love you and miss you so much. I'll be back in a few days, thought I was ready to write, but too hard right now. Mom

12-24-15 Hey Sweet girl, I hope you were there to meet Joe when he got there. He fought long and hard but was so sick. I told him you would be waiting for him and giving him Snuggles' kisses. Watch over Terese, especially now, cuz I know she is missing Joe so much. I am too, I cried and cried. Merry Christmas. Watch over Bapa, he has to have a pacemaker put in on Monday. His memory has been messed up, I thought he was doing pretty good, but grandma says he isn't. Will be back there in a few days to check on him. Keep watch over him in the meantime. Love you and miss you so much!! Mom, and Dad too of course xoxoxoxo

May 2016 Did you find Colleen when she got there? Such a good friend I lost, and she loved you so much, give her lots of kisses, she misses Callie who is still down here.

10-4-16 Hey Sweet girl, I haven't been on here, but you have not been forgotten, not even for a day. Miss you so much, I still get tears in my eyes, some sad, some happy. I know you were watching over Bapa during his recent hospital stay....thanks for sending him back to me. Happy Birthday late. Did you see me at the Dairy Queen celebrating your birthday? Cuddles and love. I will be back sooner. Love you, Mom & Gary

Hard to believe in 2 more months you will have been gone for 4 years. Still seems like yesterday. Did you see Joanie Peters when she came over? i don't think you had gotten to meet her before you left but she knew who you were....everyone i meet knows who you are and how important you are to me. Jenifer' Andre should be around too, he went to Rainbow Bridge a few months ago. Lots of people will be coming through soon. Al Behning may be your next one to see, he has been so very sick this whole year, and I will let you know when he's coming.....he will need many kisses cuz he will miss his wife Cindy and many others so much, I know you will remember him, cuz you always remember everyone. Love you baby girl. I gotta go to work now. catch up to you later. mom

11-27-16 Hey Bestest Puppy in the whole wide world! I still miss you so much, every time I come here to talk to you it seems like the day you left. I know you didn't want to go any more than i wanted you to go, but we also didn't want you to suffer, I promised you that would not happen. I am sure you were there waiting for Al, knowing he was coming....i didn't know he would be coming that quickly, but only 4 days after I wrote to you last. Cindy misses him so much, as does everyone else. Once of my favorite celebrities Florence Henderson just passed away, she was such a bright glowing spirit that i am sure has touched everyone in some way, it's like she was part of our family even tho only knew her thru tv. Papa seems to be doing pretty good, but I still worry bout him every day. Please take care of him when the time comes, I know you will. Losing you was hard, but when that day comes where I lose my dad it'll be worse. I love you baby girl. Will see you again, I know I will. looking forward to those kisses. Mom n dad too

12-27-16 Hey Snuggle Wuggles, thinking of you and getting ready to go up and see Bapa for a late Christmas. I was sick on your anniversary, and was sleeping in the hour of you heading to Rainbow Bridge. That was the only thing that helped me through that....and you were my first thought when I woke up. I thought it would get easier in time, but it hasn't, can't seem to talk about you without the tears coming. Love you so much baby. Watch over us on our trip north and back. I will be back soon, kisses and kisses from Mom n dad too.

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