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Memories of Snowflake
Dearest Snowflake your nanna and I are heartbroken we are lost we are lonely we miss you we love you we are still in shock. I knew the day would come and we thought it would have been sooner but your pure nature your gentleness your bravery with your illness your love for us that you showed every second has left the deepest emptiness at home and inside us. I miss all my furbabies but your deepest love for us that you showed us has made the loss so much greater. Everything seems pointless and trivial its so hard to do each every thing we need to do each every day to keep going. Were you shocked at what happened? I was so hoping that this would have been a successful operation. The vet found that the cancer was eating away at your skull so he thought the best decision for you would be to give you the needle while you were still under anaesethic so we never got the chance to say goodbye. Then I worry about how long this has been like that and should we have done this a year ago or maybe two when you started to change behaviour. I will always worry about how long I left it or what we did wrong I feel with you we made lots of mistakes. You always seem to enjoy life and want to live and do clever things like climb trees or climb the roof you were so active and clean and interested so I never thought that the pain could be that bad. We are so sad I just want to go to the cat haven and buy a white cat/kitten which will be good for them but I know no cat will ever be like you but every cat deserves a loveing home and family but I think was should wait a month or two I guess because we are so sad right now. there is so much I want to say about you but for now I will just place your residencey here but hopefully you are with Alexander and he is a lot nicer and Josephine and Simba and anyone else you knew. We had a special ceremony for you and you are near alexander. Of course Christabelle doesnt understand but I think she is a bit lonely. Please give us a sign or guide us to take on the right cat for us. come to us in our dreams I talk to you all the time but need you to visit us in our dreams. Let us know what you are doing and that you are happy and pain free. I know you miss us and I know you know how much we love you always will love you always include you in our thoughts well at the moment I only have you on my mind all the time. We love you Snowflake sorry we couldnt say goodbye
sorry if it wasnt want you wanted done but I think maybe you were ready and now I guess you know why you were sick. love you always and forever for eternity Snowflake always part of our hearts united forever.
My dearest Snowflake how are you??? I know you guided me to take home two cats very soon after your death. You helped me chose two cats that shouldnt be separated (like you were with your son) so may the first I brought home Valentine and Lucy cub a mother and daughter who had there first home was very bad then they were in foster care. Still after May the first 2011 they find it hard to bond with us but they do love us. I know you watch over them and as I promised you the next cats would have freedom that I denied you for several years thinking it would stop your skin cancer (which it didnt) and wow do these cats love their freedom. Not even in at night especially LucyCub who doesnt sleep much at all. But I think you have a hand/paw in this she is sensitive to our harsh sun. Her eyes are very pale and she doesnt like being out during the day. So she sleeps during the day hidden in the house somewhere then out at night. She seems to just sit outside and enjoy the garden. Being so pale but her ears seem to be stronger than yours she does have some colour and so does Valentine.
Thankyou for giving us all signs that you were nearby it was so wonderful I think for about a year we were able to recongise your distinctive smell from your sickness but now we do not have that sign anymore. I was glad to have it but I know you must move on. We still miss you so much I think of you and my other furbabies everyday. Please watch over Valentine, LucyCub and their adopted aunty Christabelle they are so innocent and full of life and the world can be full of dangers.
Take care of yourself up there Snowflake and know we love you always and we know thats why we moved to the place we now live in. I cannot believe how long it has been now 3 years without you. we send so much love to you and I know you watch over the girls I feel you around sometimes. love your mummy Siobain happy Australia Day for Sunday Hello Snowflake its the 21st November 2017 and I just wanted to let you know that my mummy has now passed away and is probably there with you I do hope so. I miss her with every breath and it is just awful. Recently in September we lost Bailey Boy my only boy cat in the house so its just getting so quiet and lonely. Its so sad losing loved ones and I thank you so much for the wonderful signs you gave us all many years ago. My mother doesn't give me really any signs but can seem to get to LucyCub she must be very intuitive. Please look after mum she was very sick towards the end and I don't think she knew she was dying. Dad and I miss her so much and we still have her pussy cat Christabelle who is very confused as to what has happened. Also send my love to Bailey I remember you used to steal his food when he lived next door. But he finally managed to move in with me and sleep on our bed which is what he always wanted a place where he was truly loved. I have an image of mummy nursing you and that you are both well and pain free I do hope that is what is like there. watch over us life is getting harder and harder and its getting so draining and sometimes you wonder what the point is. But I know I have my dad and Christabelle, Valentine and LucyCub they make it all worthwhile. kiss kiss kiss

Please also visit Alexander, Josephine, Marigold and Simba.

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