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Memories of Snowball
I find myself trying to turn back time to when you were still in my arms even though its only been a few days But it seems like I am in a bad dream and I cant wake up. My heart has a huge hole in it that I know will never be repaired and I miss you so bad. God has you now on the hill at Rainbow Bridge cause I know you want to be up high so you can see me when I come to find you. And I will come find you I promise. You were a abandoned baby when you chose us that night to be your family and it was the best thing that ever happened for us. Snowball you were our everything, our companion, our safety blanket, our comforter, our protector how you would growl at unwelcome or unknown guests to our perfect little world. As I type this my eyes are so full of tears I almost cant see but you Snowball are clearly etched in my memory and my love will last until the end of time. I have nothing left but our memories of the 10.1/2 short years you graced us with your love and being the selfish person when it came to you I want more but I know I cant have more so until we meet again my sweet little baby girl just know your Daddy will never stop wanting you back and looking for you in the next life. Rest in peace cause we will be together again. Love Dad
Nov. 4th 2016- Its only been 5 days since god took you from me and it feels like a eternity and the pain still so fresh. I will be off again this weekend and without you in the house it just seems so empty and cold. I am loved by family and a very very lucky man. I have a wonderful wife two fine young respectful men for sons and even though Ive had other pets in my life you were the one that took over my heart. It seemed in everyones busy life it was just me and you on the recliner together. I always looked forward to seeing that little white head staring out the window waiting on me to come home. I feel so empty and I am trying to find some reason or explanation for why your gone. I don't understand how we could watch football all day on Saturday until midnight and then be awakened with you crying and quick death at 5:10 AM Sunday morning. I tried CPR to no avail and could not save you and I feel like I have let you down as your protector. Nothing about it makes sense. I was taught in church all my life that there is no pain or sorrow in heaven and we will only recognize someone as special but still not know each other. I have to know that I will be able to find you and carry you to heaven with me. I will never let your memory fade and I will love you forever. Love Dad
You always gave us unconditional love, constant companionship, and warm greetings. Our lives will never be the same without you and as we carry on life's journey I will never forget you. I still ask why?
11/30/2016- Well its been 1 month today since you left and I miss you Snow. The tears have lessened and I can think of you more often without crying but the absence and pain in my heart remains. I really have to put on a act to not show how much I hurt inside but I also sometimes feel guilty for my sorrow due to others who have lost so much more than myself. I still find myself trying to rewind the clock and trying to fix it back to when you were here. I spend every day trying to figure out how and why your gone when you were not sick or showed any signs of illness. When I lost you I lost part of me and my everyday way of thinking, feeling and acting was forever changed. The holidays are upon us and it doesn't feel the same without you in the house. The little pieces of your hair are still all around and always make me think of you. I thank God every time I remember you. Always Dad.
12/26/2016-Missing my little girl and the first xmas without you not jumping in the boxes and playing with the ornaments was hard to get through. All I hope for this xmas is for others to experience the love and happiness like you gave me and that you are happy in heaven playing with other pets while waiting for me. RIP little girl always yours. Dad.
1/31/17- Well the winter days are cold and the evenings home alone are still hard without my snow. I think of you often and the pain has gotten better and the memories more happy but the hole in my heart remains. I don't know if writing this is more for you or me but as long as I have life in me I will never forget you Snowball. Rest my little baby girl forever love Dad.
3/1/2017- I still miss my little girl and I guess that will never change for the rest of my life. I still struggle when I am alone but your memories I keep close to my heart. I will never forget you Snowball. Love Dad
4/11/2017- Well little girl we still miss you very much and think of you every day. Spring is coming on and the sunshine you loved so much is shining through. I cant help but to think of you laying in every sunny spot you could find. I still feel anger over the time I feel that was taken away from you and us but I know in my heart I will find you in heaven one day. Till we meet again. Love Dad.
5/10/2017- The sharp pain is dull but still exists and my everyday thoughts still include Snow. She was taken away too soon and I still find it hard to understand how or what or why. All I know is I still miss her.
7/5/2017- Celebrating our first 4th of July without my little Snowball was tough because of how you loved to have all of the family together and it would make you so happy running and playing around. Still missing you little girl.
10/09/2017- Its almost been a year since I lost my little girl. I haven't been on here for a few months due to work but I still think of her often. The pain is still there but the happy moments she gave fill my heart and memories. I will never forget such a special little girl that gave me so much joy and comfort in her short life. Till we meet again.
10/30/2017-One year ago early in the morning we lost our little Snowball. I am thinking of you and miss you always . Gone way too soon. Rest in peace baby gurl.
12/12/2017-Always missing my little Snowball especially now at Xmas time. Never forgotten.
4/5/18-Spring is here and just thinking about Snowball. She is on my mind quite often. The pain is gone but the scar remains. She will always be missed.
8/31/2018-A friend just lost his cat Tom yesterday and it brought me right back to the pain of losing Snow. It has never really gone away just lessoned in the sharpness over time. Still missing my cat Snowball always.
10/30/18- 2nd Year without Snow she is still always alive in my heart and mind. Seems like yesterday but time goes on. Missing my little buddy today.
12/31/18- I have made the decision to finally get another cat after 2 plus years with out snowball. I still miss her and hope she will be happy that we are rescuing 2 cats from the local SPCA. Still missing you little girl.
10/30/19-3rd year without my little girl Snowball. Never be another like her. She will always be in my heart.
07/22/20- Still missing baby girl. Lost Gracie Girl this month and reminds me of Snow. It's hard to lose another little girl but now Snow has Gracie to keep her company till I come home.
10/5/20-Had a little friendly cat come by house yesterday made me think of Snowball. Still miss her.
10/30/21-Remembering Snowball and how much joy she gave us. See you again one day.
06/30/22-A good friend lost his little girl just made me think of Snow.
1/30/23-Snowball will always be part of my heart and live on in my memories.
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