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Memories of Snowball
Girl you hung in there but your back legs seem to be to much. Bringing you to the Dr. was the hardest thing I had to do but you are much happier and no more pain. Today just wasn't the same we just feel empty. But put on a smile for the people around us. (10/20/13) BBQ today and I kept looking up on the balcony and still can't believe your gone. We miss you so much. Ying Yang has been laying on your pillow something he has never done before. Looks like he really missing you too.
(10/21/13 ) I still remember the day we got you . It was at rose garden and you was in a lil small cage with a sign that said five dollars. That was the best five dollars I ever spent.That was sixteen years ago. And now I just wish I could hug you one more time and scratch you head and snuggle your lil head. Mom still hasn't wrote nothing here yet but she will. She taking losing you pretty hard. And I know you miss mama a lot too you both were really close.
10/22/13 Every morning soon as I open my eyes your on my mind and then the sadness sinks in. At work has been really hard to get motivated . Girl I been thinking about you all day just wishing you were here with us . But I know your having fun here at rainbow bridge.
Your mom and I were talking about how much we miss you and some of the things you would do. Like when you would always come over and put your head in our lap and look at us with those big brown eyes and want your head petted or scratched. Or when mom and Scrappy would be playing and Scrappy started to get a lil rough you would come running to break it up. I remember when a fire cracker came over the fence and you ran over to it and tried to cover it up to protect us and the kids.
10/26/13 Your ashes came home Saturday and we put you in moms office on the shelf with a pic.. I went back to the vet to get you and bring Ying Yang to get his shots and the memories came rushing back I was in the room right next to the one you was in last weekend and that was pretty hard. I posted some pics of you and mama . You can see the cross around your neck when you was really sick , but you hung in there another three years. Miss you ALOT girl.
(11/4/13) I haven't been here in over a week but we still think about you every day. mom still can't talk about you without tearing up . and when I come here I just feel so sad. Just thought I would drop in and visit you. I know your making friends here cause you made friends easy love you and will stop by again soon...
(11/15/13) Just had to say that Ying Yang is now playing with Scrappy. Something we never seen him do before. No matter how bad you felt you would play with scrappy even if it wasn't for a long time. Guess he feels like he needs to play with Scrappy cause you know how much energy he has. Still missing you a lot .(Daddy)
12/8/13 Just stopping in for a visit and it still really hard looking at the pics of you . Miss you a lot. The year is almost over thinking we lost you this year and we won't have you here for christmas makes me sad. But thinking your here at rainbow bridge making new friends make me happy. :}
12/11/13 This will be our first Christmas in 16 years without you. missing you daddy n mom.
12/25/13 Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas . Hope you and your new friends are have a good Christmas. We heard some fire works yesterday and the first thing we thought of was you cause we know how much you love fireworks. NOT!!!!. LOL. I know you don't have to worry about those noisy fireworks anymore.. Love you and missing you Merry Christmas Snowball.XXXXOOOO.
2/12/15 was think of you . Miss you a lot xxxooo
!2/27/15 Another Christmas passed and your still in our heart and memories . Miss you a lot. We still talk a lot about you. Your picture is still on the shelf next to Ying's picture. Now Ying Yang is getting up there in age. He can't hear as good as he used to and sleeps most the day. I call him paw paw. Love you girl .. XXXOOO
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