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Memories of SNOWBALL
In March of 1999, I drove about 80 miles south of my home to pick out a Westie from a newly born litter at a one person breeder that worked out of her house trailer. It was hard to settle on one. I did, and had to come back 8 weeks later to pick her up. She got sick on the way home, and I took her to a Vet. Supposedly it was nothing, but looking back it maybe was an omen. I named her Snowball because she was white, like all Westies are. We had great fun together and she quickly became friends with the other dog that we had, a Shi-Tzu named Princess. Princess is now 13 1/2, I fear that we may soon also lose her. Snowball got sick in the fall of 2002, I spent thousands of dollars at Vets and Specialists. They didn't cure Snowball, it was like a parvo or a jaundice that she had. I am writing this on the night of the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 2011. It is also the anniversary of the night Snowball died in my arms, Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2002. She was only 3 1/2 years old. I laid with her on the kitchen floor on the last night. The last thing she did was to struggle out of her bed and crawl over to Princess and licked her face, she knew it was the end and she was saying goodbye. I carried her outside and was going to try to help her go potty and she gave out a cry and died in my arms at 2:30 in the morning. I just couldn't believe it.
I got the best dog casket I could get and buried her on my Mom's farm. At the instant that the burial was done, a large flock of birds suddenly whooshed low overhead, it was as if they were carrying Snowball away on their wings to that better place, Rainbow Bridge. This was no coincidence. The next day the man from whom I purchased the casket called me and said that his daughter's friend was losing her home, that she couldn't keep her dog anymore. He knew that I loved dogs from my purchase of the casket, and would I take the dog. I said yes, and that is how I got another Shi-Tzu, J.C. He was 2 years old, born on Thanksgiving of 2000. I just buried him on his birthday, Thanksgiving, 2 weeks ago, in the best dog casket I could get. He was 11, I had him 9 years. Now Snowball and J.C. are buried side by side on my Mom's farm, I just set up a Ranibow Bridge residency for J.C. also, two weeks ago.
I know that I gave both of them a good, loving home; the pain is so hard to take, I will never get over this. I hope that their is no more pain for them at Rainbow Bridge. I had another sweet person from the Bridge let me know that the stars are really porchlights lighting the way for our lost babies to that better place, where they wait for us to come home, just like they always did when they were with us.
-Joe, Snowball and J.C.'s Dad-

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