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Memories of Snoopy
Happy Birthday my sweet boy, you would be 15 today. Not one day goes by that I don't miss you so very much.I look at your memorial picture every day and tell you I love you and miss you sweet Snoop♥ Your paws prints are forever in my heart, there will never be another one like you in my life.The love and devotion you showed me is so missed, you were the best sweet boy. You taught me about taking time to smell the flowers which you did every time you would see one on our walks.You were such a smart little guy, I still cry missing you so much.
Until we meet again my beloved friend, Mom loves you always and forever ♥♥♥
Time seems to stand still in my grief over letting you cross the Rainbow bridge sweet boy , each day brings more memories that make me miss you more not less. Snoop your eyes were so human like,it seemed you could read my mind , you were so in tune with me and I miss not having you to cuddle and feeling like all is okay as long as you were by my side .I long for the days we walked together watching you smell each flower,chase after a squirrel that always got away ,you never intended to catch anyway. Snoop you knew how to appreciate the good things in life.We loved our walks together, when I walk now I'm always thinking about you but many are very happy memories of the funny and happy boy you were, I'm thankful for the 13 years we had together , I wish it could have been for much longer.I know you knew how deeply you were loved , that gives me comfort. I miss you always and forever my sweet Snoop and love you more than words can say. Smell the flowers for me Snoopy sniffer, until we meet again ,I love you always ♥♥♥

Happy Birthday my sweet boy,I'm missing you as much as ever. My arms feel empty without you,I hope that will go away some day and I won't feel so sad all the time when I think of you.
Look for mom at the bridge my sweet Snoop,I'll love and miss you forever ♥♥♥


It will be a year soon since we parted, not an hour goes by that I don't miss you.I was telling a kind lady who loves her pets so much too about you ,I hope she visits your site.
Last night I cried again, I can't help but miss you , you came into my life and brought me so much joy, you helped through some terrible times of family loss,I thank you my sweet boy for always being by my side and your unconditional love.Dusty and Daddy miss you , Dusty still looks to see if you are coming home ,I feel so bad for him. You made me laugh so many times and I cherish those happy memories. Sarah bought me a beautiful stone for Christmas for you, I cried ,it says no longer by my side but forever in my heart. It's so true Snoop .I love you forever Snoopy boy,you will always be in my heart and on my mind.Your birthday is coming up on the 10th,I can't believe it's been almost 14 years since we met,it was love at first site for both of us.
((((HUGS)))) sweet boy ♥♥ I'll love you forever !

I've been thinking of you so much Snoop,in fact I'm always thinking about you sweet boy and how much I miss you and love you. Last night I cried again thinking about if only I had done this or that, I know it's not ever going to bring you back , I just miss you so much !I miss the constant loyalty and love you gave me , you were always my baby , we had such a strong bond. I pray when I go home to our Lord you will greet me with Jesus and my family gone on ahead. I look at your pictures and cry but not every time, some of them make me smile because you were such a unique little fella.You brought more joy into my life than I could have ever hoped for.I love you and miss you all the time my sweet boy, you will always be in my heart ♥♥
It's been 6 months today since we had to say goodbye to the best little buddy ever, my heart never stops hurting at losing you my sweet boy. I feel you're watching over Mommy because you made that your job from a very young age, you were always by my side, if I cried about something you were up in my lap in a flash looking deeply into my eyes and saying it's okay Mommy, I'm here. I can't begin to say how much I miss your sweet loving devotion, you were one of a kind Snoop , our Lord blessed me when you picked me out in Feb of 2004, I'll always be grateful for having you 13 years , I only wish it could have been for a lot longer,I miss you all the time. I have so many happy memories of what a fun loving boy you were, I try and focus on those memories instead of the painful ones.Mommy will never stop missing and loving you my sweet Snoop,I look forward to the day we see each other again, what a great day that will be. I love you my baby boy, always ♥♥

I miss you so much Snoop ♥ I ask myself when will this pain and extreme feeling of loss go away, I think about you all the time and sometimes think I catch glimpses of you standing beside me,I try and see that as your still watching over me.I'm restless most of the time without you, my arms feel empty. Dusty and Daddy miss you too, I think Dusty is still looking for you to come home when we have been out for awhile, I feel sad for him.I still look to see if you have moved from behind the office chair to make sure I don't run into you ,it's like I can feel you by me,I can't explain it to anyone without sounding crazy. You were so loyal and devoted , maybe you haven't left me, that's the way I have to see it now, I miss you more than I could ever say. Rest easy my precious boy until we are together again but please keep letting me see you and feel your presence. I love you Snoop, I will forever ♥♥

My sweet boy you crossed the rainbow bridge 4 months ago today, my heart still aches to hold you in my arms and feel your sweet unconditional love ♥ The way your eyes always followed my every move even when you were so sick is something only those of us who love our fur babies can understand.You made me a much better person by just having you in my life. you got me through some terrible times and I pray I did the same for you when you needed me . My arms feel empty without you , sometimes I think I see you , perhaps because I want to so much! I saw a fur baby that looked like you last week being walked by his mommy, tears instantly sprang to my eyes, I wanted to go hold him, he looked so much like you but I didn't want to upset his mommy because I was crying.I'm so thankful for the happy memories we had together and cry at the sad ones , I wish I could have had you for 13 more years , you were my best buddy and showed me so much love, I'll forever be grateful to have had you in my life.Daddy and Dusty miss you so much , life isn't the same without you poo poo , you brought so much joy . I love and miss you more than I can ever say, my prayer is we will be together again one day and share what we had here on earth , I love you my sweet boy forever ♥♥

My sweet Snoop,in a few days you will be at the Rainbow Bridge for three months, I wish this terrible feeling of loss would stop but how can it when you filled my life with such love and devotion for 13 awesome years, my arms feel empty, I find it hard to explain to my family how I feel, from the moment I took you in the cradle of my arms I knew you would be my best pal , your sweet little puppy eyes gave me such a piercing look of love at only 6 weeks old,we never stopped being devoted to each other .I do find it easier to smile now when I think of the funny things you did, one was standing like a little bull dog looking at me when I'd get home after being out for awhile like who do you think you are leaving me ,it always made me laugh, then you always did your happy dance , I miss that so much my sweet boy ♥ I miss you so much, your brother Dusty still misses you too, he's not the same with you gone and of course daddy misses you.You filled our lives with so much joy and such unconditional love and I thank God you picked me out, he sent you to me I just wish you could have been with me for much longer.Run and play sweet boy, mommy loves you and misses so much♥ ((( Hugging you my sweet boy )))).

It's been 2 months since we had to let you cross the rainbow bridge, my heart aches all the time missing you so much, some days I still think I'll see you looking for me at the window while I water the plants. I miss you more than I could ever say my sweet boy,I'll love you always and forever Snoop,if love could have saved you you would still be here . (((Hugging you sweet boy))) Mommy loves you so much ♥

I cried myself to sleep last night missing you so much my sweet boy♥ I talk to you every morning and night at your memorial.Your sweet devotion is so missed,I miss your big brown eyes that would stare into mine and always made me smile, I miss the way you were always by my side always watching over me. Wait for mommy at the bridge my precious boy ♥♥

I've been thinking about you all day my sweet boy, I do every day but today my heart just aches at not being able to hold you again, to tell you how much your love has helped me in so many ways. I miss you so much it hurts, I went for a walk today,I feel such overwhelming sadness that you aren't by my side or chasing a bird or looking for the squirrel that always seemed to run at just the right time,you enjoyed the game,I did too.
I will never stop missing you,the evening time is so hard because you were always by me on the sofa until bedtime,I find myself pacing around to avoid sitting knowing you will never be there again. At times I feel your presence beside me & it gives me comfort. I love you poo poo and miss you beyond words ♥♥

2-14-2017 My sweet boy, I pray you are playing in the fields smelling all the flowers, you always stopped and smelled every wild flower we walked by, you always made me smile. I try so hard to just remember the happy times and how lucky I am to have had you in my life for 13 wonderful years, I wish it could have been for longer so much. My walks aren't as sweet now without you, it will never be the same again. Austin misses you and how you always protected him when he spent the night by staying close by, you were the best my sweet boy. Mommy loves you and misses ,good night boo boo ♥♥

A huge box was delivered on our porch today, I thought of you and how you were always afraid of boxes,we never knew why but you would get your nerve up after awhile and go sniff it all over or as much as you could reach,I miss you so much Snoopy sniffer. I wish I could hold you again and love on you and look into your beautiful brown eyes. For 13 years you gave me so much love and you knew Mommy loved you just as much, you were Mommy's boy from day one.I love you and miss you so much it hurts.Its been one month today since you crossed the rainbow bridge, the pain doesn't lessen it just grows.Hugs my sweet boy ♥♥

My precious boy, we came home today from being out most of the day and the pain I feel knowing you will never greet me at the door again with your happy dance was overwhelming,tears were falling for you. I went outside to your memorial and talked to you, it's all that helps me these days besides my prayers to our Lord for comfort. I pray you are having a good time in the meadow with other fur babies, happy and healthy again , no more pain and suffering from heart disease . You fought so hard to not leave me , you knew you were my rock through so many painful events in my life, you were always beside me so close that at times I wasn't even aware when you jumped down for a drink and come back, our hearts were were so intertwined, I feel lost with out you my sweet boy ♥.
Daddy and your brother Dusty miss you so much, Dusty looks for you then comes to me looking so sad, it hurts my heart.Dusty tries to comfort me and it does help, I know he's sad missing you , you were his big brother & he always followed your lead .I miss you more than I can say,I love you so much♥♥

2-10-2017 Memories of My Snoopy
My sweet Snoop, you picked me out when I went to just look at a litter of fluffy white fur ball pups not intending to get another pet. I sat on the floor and kept picking up one pup after another but you kept jumping back in my lap each time I would try and hold another puppy, you picked me me out my precious boy and I'm so glad you did, I loved you with a deep love I've never had for another pet and you gave it back to me a thousand times over. You were the best puppy and the cutest, you were house broke by the time you were 3 months old, you were always such a good boy.

I loved the way you decided a golf ball you found in the yard was your new toy, you could barely hold it in your mouth but you were always such a determined little fella. You would take your golf ball into the kitchen on the title floor and drop it and watch it roll and then go grab it and do the same thing until it was time to take a nap on my lap, you always made me laugh my sweet boy. As you got older you challenged me to take your golf ball, when I would try you put your foot on top of it and just stared at me with those big beautiful brown eyes waiting for me to make a grab for it,when I did you would let me have it and put your paw on my hand and look at me like it's OK Mom I will share.

You loved to take walks, it was amazing how you would stop and smell a flower, you taught me about the important things, you taught me that it's good to slow down and enjoy the beauty all around us.I would call you my Snoopy sniffer because you loved to smell everything, Daddy said he thought you had bird dog in your blood. When you saw the neighbors calf you would put your nose on his through the fence & neither of you afraid of the other, I miss those sweet times with you my sweet boy, you gave me so much more than I could ever ask for.

You didn't warm up to just anyone, they had to earn your love, you gave it freely to the grand-kids and watched over them when ever one spent the night. You were my shadow, every where I was at inside you were beside me. When I would go out to water the plants you would run from window to window looking at me, I miss seeing your sweet loving face in the window now, my heart aches that I don't see you in the window but I still find myself looking for you.

When I came home rather it be three hours or 30 minutes I was greeted with such excitement and love, you would sometimes back up and look at me as if to say how dare you leave me. You loved getting your treat and never let me forget to give it to you.

My heart is broken that I had to let you cross the rainbow bridge 4 weeks ago, if love could have saved you from heart disease you would have lived forever. I held you in my arms and you knew you were safe when we had to say goodbye, you took a piece of my heart when you left but I know you are here with me in spirit, I feel your presence. I miss you more than words can say, wait for Mommy at the bridge where we will never have to be apart again in heaven. I can't wait to hold you and love on you, I know you will be giving me happy excited kisses.I miss your sweet brown eyes always watching me to make sure you knew where I was , even when you were so sick you always had to be where I was. It broke my heart to know you would not get better no matter how much I loved you and will always love you.Rest now my sweet boy, play with the other fur babies in the meadow while you wait for Mommy ♥♥

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