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Memories of Snoop
In April 2003 just 5 weeks after this dog was born, we brought her to our home.

Snoop, named by my grandson as at first she was to be for my grandson. But as I had plenty of time on my hands, having stopped working at nearly the same time, she and I evolved together into a very loyal relationship. She always having my back and keeping vigilant watch when others lurked nearby. We trained (each) other daily. We had plenty of time for this, and also I knew that I needed to train her as a therapy dog knowing that she would be a big girl and knowing that my illness might worsen. Snoop and I even worked on her being able to pull me across tile flooring and if I were to fall or be stuck on the ground, she would rear her body next to mine and allow me to use her body to lift me up.

Prior to the therapy training, we learned how smart she was. A very fast learner so much to the point that even being 2 weeks younger than the other pups in training school, she came in First Place at the competition on graduation day in June 2003 at just under three months of age. She was also quick to learn that peeing and pooping was to be an outside adventure and not for indoors. Though she did make a mess of our home whenever I left for a few hours as she would find the garbage canister in the kitchen and dragged-out all the debris, all over the house! This too though was easy to break her of doing. Yes, she was a fast learner at basically whatever she did and even at 9 years of age she was still learning new tricks/ tasks and other.

I think over the years, her being physical and all, she had her falls which led to knee and hip issues. While viewing photos earlier today I realized that approximately 2years ago, she began to weaken and so I took her on a road trip as I felt that time was running-out. Yes, that was two years ago and so now I feel lucky that was given another two years. We went to North Carolina where unfortunately the temperature was cold and this hampered her too....

Today, after the last two weeks of not doing well, her body giving way to spinal disease and probably age related as well. All late yesterday she was becoming non-responsive. Last night while I was away she was worse and this morning upon my return, I found her breathing, quite shallow. She had not eaten in almost two days and now she gave-up on drinking water which for anybody knowing Snoop, would then know that something was wrong. She refused a treat that she always when hog-wild over and then had become even more non-responsive. Her normal panting was gone. Her body showing more signs that the end was near. I was checking on her every 10-15 minutes and when I had checked on her at 11:30am, she had lots of fluid escaping her lips. Her breathing had become even slower. I checked again at 11:48am when one of my other dogs (Fabi) came to see me in my office. Fabi had been sitting with Snoop all morning, so I thought something was wrong and although I was on a conference call, I went by for a look and heard soft breaths.

I checked-in again at 11:56am saw that SHE was Faintly breathing. I began stroking her body, then looked at her again just a moment later, and realized that I did not hear her breathing, nor could see her chest rising for air. Not being able to use my tingling finger-tips, I could not check to see if there was a pulse. My ear now against her chest listening for a heartbeat, I heard nothing. I pinched the tip of her nose and where should would have pulled away any other time, she was now motionless. "SHE waited for me to be with HER".. Yes, I sobbed.........

Snoop passed at approximately 11:57am

I will mourn and tribute this dog for many days to come.
I will not replace her as she could never have a replacement

My pillow if gone, but her memory shall live with me for as long as I breath.......

- Now March 12, 2022 - I still hold tribute to Snoop And she was not replaced...

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