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Memories of Snoopy
11/20/08-well Snoopy, it has been 3 days since the Doctor relieved you of your pain. It was a painful decision on my part but sometimes we have to put our feelings aside and think of your pains. Our home sure feels empty and I feel the loss of you not being there. When I am home, I am constantly looking at the normal areas you used to be and it's sad not seeing you there or at my feet, looking up at me wanting to be petted. I will miss you. See you some day. Pop 11/24/08- Well, Snoop, it has been a week since you left. I have gotten many e-mails and sympathy cards concerning your passing and they have been very heartfelt. I do miss you and it will feel different this Thanksgiving with you not at my feet looking to get a bite of turkey which you always got in the past. Murphy will be home soon from Texas A&M, of course he's not going to college but will be coming with Haley and I am sure he is going to wonder where you are. 12/17/08- It is hard to believe that it has been a month since you left me. Last night i said your name out loud and Murphy and Jake were looking around for you. Yea, they miss you too and someday they will meet you. Snoop, I do miss you. I miss the times when you would go out in the back yard and get on the trail of a squirrel. You had such a good nose. Sometimes, over the years, I wished I had let you out in the woods to run rabbits but you still had fun trailing those squirrels. I know you are having fun at the bridge and the best thing is you are pain free. See you someday. 2/04/2009- Happy Birthday, Snoopy. You would have been 14 years old today. Of course, I still miss you. I'm glad that I had over 13 years with you. But, I am glad that you are without pain and will see you on the way to Heaven someday soon. 5/18/09- Well, Snoopy, I am fixing to get another dog but it would in no way ever replace you. I cannot not have a dog in my life and you were a big part of my life for over 13 years and I will think of you often. I will let you know what I get when I get him or her. 8/12/09- Snoopy, sorry it has been so long in writing. I have visited from time to time. Well, I have a new dog. Haley found him for me. He is half yellow lab and half golden retriever and his name is Sam. He is about 15 months old and has to stay outside while we are at work cause he has torn up some of the furniture. But, he is a sweet dog although he will never take the place of you cause you were the sweetest dog I have ever had. And I do miss you still. Hope to see you again some day. Pop Feb. 4th, 2010- Happy 15th Birthday Snoop. Sorry it has been so long in writing to you but I still think of you alot. Murphy is still doing well over in College Station with Haley. He moves a little slower now and sleeps alot but he is in pretty good condition for his age. Haley has him on a diet and he has lost some weight which helps his joints. Jake is doing well and needs to be on a diet but Sam keeps him moving. You should see Sam chasing Jake when they are outside. Jake heads for the door and moves pretty good for an old dog. Sam has gotten better about tearing up the furniture although he had a relapse about 2 weeks ago. He still gets something down after we leave him, whether it be a dish cloth or the newspaper. So, you see Snoop that alls well except you are gone and that's not good but hope to see you someday cause I really believe that since God has blessed us with pets because of his love, and blessed me with you for over 13 years, He will bless us with these pets such as yourself when we leave this physical body and go up in Heaven, See you girl. Pop 11/17/10- hey girl, it has been 2 years since you left. I do still miss you, watching you look up at me with your stubby tail wagging. Murphy is still with Haley even though he is 4 months shy of 13 years and Jake is still Jake. Sam is finally doing well as far as leaving the furniture alone. It's funny how he looks out the French door when I leave where you can only see the top half of his face. Well Snoop, hope to see you when I leave here. take care, girl. 5/6/13, sorry it has been so long in talking to you. We had to say goodby to Murphy yesterday so it's up to you to find him and show him around and give him assurances that he is in a better place. how have you been? Sam has settled down a lot in the last couple of years and of course jake is jake. take care Snoop and watch over Murphy. pop
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