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Memories of Snooper
Fifteen years ago this July,our son Larry moved back home with Snoop. One year later our son moved out again and guess who stayed??? Thats right our precious Snooper Dog. Although we raised German Shepherds we fell in love with Snoop! our little Chow.

Snoop was a special little guy,strong in spirit,he was very neat and could be very loveable when the mood struck him.

Snooper loved his baths,he would shake and run all around the yard,he loved being brushed and told how beautiful he was,how his curled up tail would wag.

In the last 6 months of Snoops life a cat came into our lives,we named him Tiger and who would have ever thought Snooper would take to the cat! he did and they became Best Buds!!!

We love and miss you Snoop,it broke our hearts to put you down but we could not let you suffer any longer. Our prayers for you to get better were not to be God, had other plans for you.

Mommy and Daddy held you as you left us, tears fell as you floated to the Rainbow Bridge,now you are free to run and play again with Bandit,Nichole and Hanna.

Tiger misses you,he sleeps on your bed,it will never be the same without you our special little guy. Until we are all together again,in our hearts you will always be.

Thanks for the special last kisses you gave Mommy on the way to the Vet,I will cherish those last moments forever. Daddy still is getting 3 bowls out at dinner time forgetting only 2 are needed now,daddy will cherish his bacon moments with you always.

Love and Kisses Mommy,Daddy and family

07/04/08 Happy Birthday baby!!! Today you would have been 15 years old, tonight the sky's will light up with special fireworks just for you, mommy,daddy,Brian & Chris and Tiger too send all our love,hugs,kisses xoxoxoxoxo Have fun with all your new friends on your special day. Yesterday was 6 years Bandit & Nichole left us, please tell them, they are always in our hearts.My kids what I wouldn't do to have you all in my arms again tell Hanna to be nice to Nichole!! As the fireworks go off tonight my tears will flow for you my special little guy how I miss you so.Mommy Larry & Family sends lots of love to you Snooper Dog..

08/23/08 Hi baby boy,yesterday Aunt Lisa's Sadie left us for the RB Bridge look for her and show her all the fun things to do. Love you TT&4A Mommy & Daddy

12/25/08 Merry Christmas my little man,we miss and love you very much,Tiger misses you too!!! Your stocking is hung at the fireplace filled with lots of hugs and kisses. Have fun with Nichole,Bandit & Hanna tell them all Merry Christmas for us, their stockings are also filled with hugs and kisses too. I love you Snooper Mommy & Family

06/14/09 Hi my sweet little Snooper Dog 1 year ago today, you left us,our hearts still cry for you. they say time heals the pain of losing someone you Love I guess that time has yet not come for your family, we miss you so much little guy. I hope you are happy and having fun with Bandit,Nichole & Hanna. Tiger is sick please watch over him for us, he was in the hosiptal this week,he is home now but still not feeling well and we don't know why. Remember Snooper not a day goes by that we don't wish we could hold and Love on you one more time. Until we are together again, be a good boy and run free!!! All our Love Mommy,Daddy & Family Tiger,Smokey,CaseyLynn & Tweety Too Make Sleepy loupys Daddy said you know what he means!!!!

07/04/09 Happy Birthday baby boy!!! I can't believe another year has gone by already, Have lots of fun on your special day, give all our love to Bandit,Nichole,& Hanna, Tiger is all better thanks for watching over him !!! Again the sky will light up with fire works special for you, know Mommy,Daddy and your family misses you more than words could say. I Love you My Little Snooper Dog.
Daddy said to tell you that you were his last best fur baby. Yesterday was 7 years Nichole & Bandit left us, remember in our HEARTS you are all with us always.

12/25/09 Merry Christmas my little Snooper Dog ! Another year has passed without you baby boy, I miss you Snooper, my heart still cries for you, again your stocking is hung with Bandit's Nicholes, and Hanna's filled with lots of Love,Hugs,& Kisses !!!!Mommy & Daddy hope you are all having a peaceful happy life at the RB Bridge. Please tell my May May I didn't forget her, you guys be nice to her! Again Merry Xmas to all my fur babies. Love and hugs Mommy,Daddy,Tiger,Tweety Smokey,Casey Lynn, and the rest of the family. P.S. Snooper we had our 1st snow I really missed seeing you running and playing in it,I hope you get some on th RB Bridge !!!!

04/29/10 Hi baby boy, momma is really missing you today,I love you Snooper I wish I could hold you little guy! Tiger,Smokey,Casey Lynn & Tweety send their love too. I hope you are happy with Bandit,Nichole and Hanna we love and miss all of you so much. Enjoy Spring my babies.
Love,Hugs & Kisses your Momma

6/14/10 My little Snooper Dog, 2 years have passed since you left us for the RB Bridge, it seems like yesterday, I know you no longer feel any pain and you can run and play with Bandit,Nichole,& Hanna but how I wish you were still here with us but really you are because nothing can take away our memories and the everlasting Love that is and will always be in our Hearts for you. Lots of Love,Kisses and hugs. Always loving and missing you Mommy,Daddy and Family.

7/4/10 Happy 17th Birthday my Snooper Dog !!! hope you get some birthday Bacon & Hot Dogs today, you always loved your Birthday treats... I Love You Snooper and miss you so much, at times when I sit out on the back deck I see you walking in the yard with your little tail going back and forth. Tiger is out on the back deck on taking in the sun, I know he is lonley for you out in the game room the picture of you and Tiger sleeping together sits by the door so Momma and Daddy can look at you every day, your little stuffed monkey's are safe in my room. Yesterday was 8 years we lost Bandit and Nichole I hope along with Hanna and May May you are all happy on the RB Bridge So my sweet boy Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Snooper, Happy Birthday tooooo you !!!!!!!!!!! With Love,Hugs,&Kisses Momma, Daddy & Family

11/25/10 Happy Thanksgiving to my Snooper,Nichole,Bandit,Hanna & MayMay I miss you all so much I hope you get some special treats today. Daddy is sick we are all praying that he gets better we love and need him so much. We got Tiger a new buddy Snooper Tiger has been lonley since you left us Tigers buddy's name is Tigger what a sweet & loving boy he is. Smokey & Casey Lynn and all of us send our Love. Missing you all everyday, Love Momma,Daddy & Family

12/25/10 Merry christmas Snooper Dog, another year your stocking hangs on the fire place along with Nicholes, Bandits & Hanna's MayMay is not forgotten either, each year I add a little note and place it in your stockings wishing it was toys for you all to play with, like in happier times when all my babies were here with me. I hope you all get nice presents today and life on the RB Bridge makes you all happy. Remember I Love & miss you all with all my heart, Love Hugs and Kisses Momma & Daddy and family.

2/14/11 Happy Valentines Day Snooper,Nichole,Bandit,Hanna & MayMay we Love and Miss you all everyday. Hugs & Kisses Mommy & Daddy and family

3/9/11 Hi my little Snooper Dog, today a Police K-9 named Memphis will be comming to the RB Bridge today, please welcome him and show him all the fun things to do. Bandit, Nichole and my Hanna my German Shepherds also welcome Memphis. I love and miss you all every day.
Love Momma, remember to watch over daddy!

3/27/11 Goodmorning my Snooper, today I learned Melody's baby Nikki a black Chow just came to the RB Bridge, look for her & show her fun things to do and tell her to let her momma know she is ok.
Love and kisses to all my babies Momma

6/14/11 Hi my little Snooper dog, 3 years today you left us we miss you my little man. know we Love and miss you everyday my tears still flow for you. Daddy and I are here in the game room with your bud tiger and our tigger he keeps tiger from getting lonley since you left us, but know you will never leave our hearts. Run and play baby, give our love to Bandit,Nichole,Hanna & May May. All of our love,hugs and kisses.. mommy & daddy

7/4/11 Happy 18th Birthday baby boy!! another year without you Snooper Dog, Mommy & Daddy send you Kisses & Hugs I hope you and all my babies have fun on your big day! Miss you more than words can say,know when the fire works go off tonight they are candles on your cake just for you !!! Yesterday was 9 years Nichole & Bandit left us give them BIG licks & kisses for us, Hanna & MayMay too. Daddy is very sick please watch over him for momma. I Love & Miss you Snoop, we all do. Well bye for now you are always in my heart. Happy Birthday again, Love Momma & Daddy Tiger,Tigger,Smokey,CaseyLynn & Twetty too!!!!

7/7/11 Hi my Snooper dog, look for aunt Gina's friends John furbaby Shottie, he came to the RB Bridge today, show him all the fun things to do,also tell Shottie to let his daddy know he is ok and happy, send his daddy a rainbow ! Love you Momma

8/24/11 Good morning my Snooper Dog just wanted to let you know that our precious Tweety Bird came to the RB last night, Tweety got sick and we couldn't save her, please look for her Snoop flying overhead and take care of our girl. Again we are broken hearted Tweety was with us for 11 years and now again we loose one of our Fur Babies. daddy is really upset he thinks its his fault, it was Gods will and just as we miss all of our kids on the RB you all now have Tweety with you, please love her and protect her until we are all together again. Snooper,Bandit,Nichole,Hanna, MayMay and now my Tweety too Love Hugs and Kisses we miss you all so much. Love momma,daddy,smokey,caseylynn,tiger&tigger. Tweety your singing will be missed, my heart is broken again.

11/22/11 Hi my baby boy, Thanksgiving is in 2 days, just wanted to wish all my fur babies a Happy Turkey Day !!! It's 6:00 am I got up @ 5:00am today can't sleep alot going through my mind. Daddy is in more pain everyday it is breaking my heart to see him like this. The holidays I have come to just wish them away, with all of you gone and Daddy so sick my sprit is gone. I have the house decorated for Christmas already, did not really want to I did it for daddy as it is his favorite holiday and God willing this will not be our last one together. Snooper all your pictures are on the fireplace as always, I have the one of you @ Xmas time standing near the fireplace with all the snow buddies you look soooo cute. all of your stocking are hanging Tweetys too this year, again no presents only my little notes of love to you all. My heart is filled with pain, even after all this time I miss you all so much. Love, Hugs, & Kisses to Bandit,Nichole,Hanna,Tweety,MayMay and you my little man. Happy Turkey Day, with Love Momma & Daddy and family.

12/25/11 Merry Christmas to my Snooper Dog, Nichole,Bandit,Hanna,May May & now my Tweety too. Another baby has left us here on this earth but never from our hearts, fly high this xmas Tweety Girl. Again your stockings are hung by the fireplace filled with lot's of Hugs,Love & Kisses and your special little notes. Smokey & CaseyLynn just got their presents, Smokey already ripped one apart! LOL Tiger & Tigger got special treats to !!! My babies please know for the rest of my time on this earth I will never forget you and the precious memories we shared Thank You All for the Love and Joy you all gave to us. Please watch over daddy for me he is very sick, send him some special love today !!! Have fun and I hope you all get treats and fun toys to play with for Xmas !!!! Love you all Momma

12/28/11 Dear Snooper sad news Larry's Mugs left us all last night for the R.B. Bridge please find him and you and all my other babies please take care of him, show him all the fun things to do, remember when you to use to play with each other and sometimes get into a little scrap here at my house. We lost Mugs on the same day I lost MayMay and my best Human friend Lynn 3 years ago, so yesterday was already a sad day now our little Mugs has left us, Skye is taking this very hard please ask Mugs to send her a soft little kiss or lick as he always did Mugs slept with Skye everynight. Tell him we all Loved him very much and will miss him and in our hearts he will always be, as all of my babies on the R.B. Bridge are with sadness and tears today Love your Momma.

1/29/12 Hi my little man just wanted to say hello to all my fur babies love and miss you all !!!
Snooper,Bandit,Nichole,Hanna, MayMay and Tweety Girl and our little Mugs! Lots of Love & Kisses Momma & daddy

03/08/12 Happy Easter to my Snooper and ALL MY Fur Babies !!!! We love and miss you all !!! I hope you all have a fun day Easter Egg Hunt I hope !!! Love you all Momma, Daddy & Family

3/18/12 Goodmorning my Snooper Dog and all my babies, just wanted to say hi and say I Love and Miss You All.... All My Love Momma

6/14/12 Well my little Snooper Dog it now has been 4 years since you left us, seems like yesterday, just the other day I sat out on the back deck looking @ your pen and wishing you were there or just running around the yard. Yesterday was my 56th B-Day they really have not been happy days since you left because I know the next day is the day I lost you my Baby Boy. I pray you are safe and happy Snooper and have Nicole,Bandit,Hanna,MayMay,& Tweety with you Smokey is not well I am afraid I will not have him by the end of this summer this is breaking my heart. Most of all Snooper watch over your daddy he is so sick and is fighting so hard to get through each day, he misses you snoop daddy still says you were the last of his best fur babies... Know we Love & Miss you little guy always in our hearts Love Momma & Family

7/4/12 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday my dear Snooper Dog today you would have been 19 years old !!!! Today would have been your special Bacon Day and hot dog Day for your special treats, I hope you get some on the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy misses you Snooper and all my babies, Daddy is in the hospital but he sends his Love to you.
Tonight as on each of your special Birthdays the sky's will light up tonight with fireworks I think of them as candles on your cake!!!!!!!!!!!! Well my little man enjoy your day know you are always in our hearts and even after 4 years the pain is still there for me. You were sooooo special Snooper. Talk to you soon Love Mommy & Daddy and Family.

08/21/12 Oh my Snooper Dog we just lost our Smokey Bear @ 7:45 tonight please look for him so he won't be afraid. Snoop please take care of him for mommy & daddy nichole is Smokey's great grandmother & Hanna & Bandit are his grandparents, another one of my fur babies gone Smokey could not walk any more and it was time for him to be with his family on the Rainbow Bridge. The 23rd will be a year already we lost our Tweety Girl Snooper give our love to all our babies. All My Love Momma & Daddy again are hearts are broken !!!!!!!!!

09/05/12 Hello my little Snooper Dog today my heart is hurting for it is Smokey's 10th Birthday, I still can't believe I lost another one of my Fur Babies. To my Smokey Bear Happy Birthday to you my boy, I hope you have a Happy Day with your Grandparents Bandit & Hanna and your Great Grandmother Nichole and Uncle Snooper and Tweety too, and all my other fur babies on the RB Bridge !!! Casey Lynn is so Lonely for you Smokey it breaks my heart she eats very little she was your shadow and now she don't know what to do Please come see her and and tell Casey she will be ok !! Well my boy the tears are flowing my hands shaking as I say I Love You, I Miss You and I hope you know how much I Loved you and all my Fur Babies. Love Momma & Daddy & Casey Lynn, Tiger & Tigger xxxxxooooo

11/22/12 Happy Turkey Day to all my babies as always my heart cries for all of you, yesterday was 3 months my Smokey Bear came to be with you all, I hope he runs free of pain and you are all getting along. Smokey Casey Lynn is so lonley for you as am I, everytime she goes outside I know she looks for you. Daddy is getting worse from the cancer my heart is already broken from losing all of you, don't know what I will do when I loose him. We will be with the family today I give Thanks for the family I have left, and give Thanks for having ALL OF YOU IN MY LIFE. Until later know your Momma Loves and Misses You all. TT&FA

12/26/12 Merry Christmas baby boy, I hope you all got your letter's I put in your Xmas stockings.... I miss you all so very much, again another year with just a little note in your stockings and no toys, I hope you all had a fun Xmas on the RB Bridge. Snooper tell Smokey CaseyLynn misses him so she is so lost without him please come visit her.. To all my fur babies Nichole,Bandit Snooper,Hanna,MayMay,Tweety,and my Smokey Bear I Love & Miss you all EVERYDAY. May ST. Francsis watch over all my babies. Love Momma, Daddy, CaseyLynn, Tiger, & Tigger....

03/23/13 My precious Snooper Dog and all my Fur Babies sorry it has been so long since I last wrote, know I look @ your pictures and think of you all everyday. Things are just so hard for me right now with Dady being so sick. I feel like my world is ending everyday seems harder than the day before, but I have to keep going for Daddy & Caseylynn,Tiger&Tigger & even the birds outside wait for me to feed them everymorning they line up on the fence waiting for their breakfast, Tweety Girl I tell them the bird seed is from you, I miss your sweet voice everyday. It seems seems I am losing everyone I Love and care about my heart is heavy today please my babies watch over your Daddy give him strength. I Love And Miss You All Love You Momma.

04/14/13 Good Morning my Snooper and ALL my Fur Babies, sorry I did not write Easter you were all in my thoughts. I hope you are all truley together and happy once again. Smokey Bear how CasseyLynn misses you as we all do. I have been taking her for little walk in the car lot she was afraid @ first now she is getting better. I wish I could say the same for your daddy I know he is slipping away from me he is so sick and tries to be so strong for us. Please all of you be there for him when his time comes to comfort him and let him know it will be ok. I have to go can't see beyond my tears right now I love & miss you all. All my Love Momma

06/14/13 Well my little guy another year and my heart still cries for you, yesterday was my birthday they are not happy anymore, with most of my fur babies gone, daddy fighting to live it is all starting to take a toll on me. What keeps me going is Casey Lynn, Tiger ( your bud ) and Tigger and all my precious memories of all of you. Momma and Daddy are selling the house, moving into a smaller place, you will all go with me except my Nichole,Bandit,Tweety Girl and MayMay they with RIP here but will always be in my heart. Oh Snooper Dog momma loves and misses you and your funny little ways always so serious, may you feel my love today and everyday. To all my kids xoxoxoxoxoxox Smokey Bear Caseylynn still smells your colar when she walks by it I know she is lonely for you butI can't get her a mate momma can't take anymore losses, casey still don't like the cats I still try to get them together not working out so well. Well my babies I pray you are all safe and together Live, Laugh amd Most of all LOVE,,, Momma

7/4/13 Happy 20th Birthday Snooper Dog today you are a young man !!!!! How I wish you were here to you Bday hotdogs and bacon !!! Tonight the sky was bright with beautiful fireworks just for you my baby. I Love you more than anything little guy, I hope you had a happy day. To my Bandit and Nichole 11 years yesterday since the two of you left us, one of the worst days of our lives to loose 2 fur babies in one day, I pray that you are both together running and playing with Snooper, Hanna, Maymay and Tweety Too. My friends little guy just came to the Rainbow Bridge his name is Reggie, please take care of him for me what a sweet little guy he is. Snooper and all of my kids know you are with me and thought of everyday. With Love Momma

09/08/13 Good Morning my Snooper and the rest of my babies !!! On 08/28/13 Mommy & Daddy were on vacation in Aruba, there are many homeless and sick Fur Babies there that are in much need of help. My friend Kim and I found a little girl I named Hope,on the beach sick. On the hot beach of Aruba, A few kind people from NY and NJ gave her water and some food. With sadness we watched her slowly walk down the beach. Later that evening Kim and I went to find Hope and on our 1st stop we found her!!!at the end of the beach under some palms. A sweet couple from Australia helped us get her in the car. Kim's friend Kathy works with ARFF of Aruba contacted a closed Vets office and she came and opened the office for us, she gave Hope some pain medicine and would run tests the next day. The results were not good, our Hope was to make her well and bring her back to the USA however that was not to be, Hope was too sick to save. We had to put her down, my babies Hope came to the RB Bridge on 08/29/13 she is A small cream color little girl like the sand of Aruba with some little brown spots, please find her and show her all the fun things to do on the RB Bridge. Let her know she was Loved !!! and many Thanks to All those who helped Kim & I with the Vet bill with your donations. Aruba Kathy Keep up the wonderful work you do !!! I miss you all, I send you my Love Always, Momma, Daddy Love's and misses you also !!!!!

9/11/13 My Dear Snooper and all my babies, what sad news tonight my neighbor Minny just came over to get Mommy & Daddy her Fur Baby Bronx was passing away, on his way to the RB Bridge, we watched and comforted Bronx as he took his last breath here on earth, he is now with you all on the RB Bridge now you can all run and play as you did when Bronx would come over to our yard, watch out for him, love him and keep him safe, and also remind Bronx to send his Momma a soft kiss in the wind to let her know he is ok. Rest easy my babies. Love Momma

12/28/13 My Little Snooper I did not forget you on Xmas, as always I put a note in your stocking along with Nichole's, Bandit's, Hanna's Smokey's, MayMay's and Tweety's I miss you all more than words can say, your daddy is very sick please watch over him. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all my fur babies.... Love, Hugs, and Kisses Momma

5/10/14 My Dear Snooper, Nichole, Bandit, Hanna, Tweety, MayMay, Smokey,& Hope, So Sorry it has been awhile since I visited you all, I told you Daddy was very sick I guess by now you know that and in his arms you all are. Daddy left us on 2/16/14 after a long battle with Cancer. I know he is safe with all of you please give him lot's of love for Mommy, my heart is broken once again, this time there will be no repairing it. Tell Daddy I Love and Miss him So. My Love's I miss you all so much, Daddy was my strength to go on after losing all of you, I have no strength left, only Tears and heartache. Mommy has to go now I promise I won't be gone long, I will visit again soon. My Love to you all Momma. Tell Daddy the Palm Tree is for him...

6/17/14 My Dear Snooper, sorry I missed your day that you went to the Rainbow Bridge 6 years ago, this is the 1st year Daddy was not here for my Birthday 6/13/14 mommy had a really hard day so please forgive me, my babies you are always in my prayers, I know daddy is keeping a good watch over you all, I hope you are all loving and playing with daddy. This was also our 1st Fathers Day without daddy, I hope you all made it special for him, give him lots of licks and wagging tails for me.. I miss you all so, all of your pictures are above daddy's on a shelf in the bedroom, you all are the first one's I see in the morning and the last precious faces I see before bed.
Know you all will never be forgotten, again my Snooper sorry mommy missed your day you left us. Lot's of Love ,Hugs and Kisses to you all. Take good care of Daddy until I get there with all my love your momma.....

7/4/14 Happy Birthday my baby boy, I hope Daddy is making your day special. I hope you all are taking good care of daddy and giving him lot's of love. I wait for the day I can be with all of you, my life ended when daddy left for heaven, I just exist day to day waiting for my time to be over on this earth. I hope you have a fun day my little Snooper 21 today you would have been... I hope the stars come out tonight like candles on your cake.. Give daddy a big kiss for me, I am so lost without him . Andy, Snooper, Nichole, Bandit, Hanna, May may, and my little Tweety Girl I Love and miss you all so much... Again Happy birthday my little guy. Love your Momma, Casey Lynn, Tiger and Tigger. I pray you are all safe in Gods arms...

1/7/15 My Dear Snooper, so sorry I missed the holidays with you and the rest of my babies, I know you all have crossed the Bridge into Heaven with daddy. Besides having trouble getting into this page your Momma is not well, soon it will be almost a year since daddy left for Heaven, mommy is having a really hard time missing daddy, I still get up to take care of Caseylynn,Tiger & Tigger if I didn't have these babies I don't know how I would cope with the loss of daddy, please all of you give daddy LOTS of Kisses for me please and look after him. Momma Loves and misses all of you, with hugs and kisses know you all are in my heart even though it is so broken. will write again soon, Happy New Year my babies....

6/02/15 My Dear Snooper and all my fur babies, I love and miss you all...Please take good are of Daddy. All my love your momma....

6/14/15 My Dear Snooper, 7 years now since I held you in my arms, but always in my heart. I know you are safe with daddy now, how momma misses all of you feeling so alone my heart is so broken... Give daddy some kisses for me and Nichole,Bandit,Hanna,Smokey,Tweety Girl,MayMay tell the all momma will see you all on the other side someday, until then rest with daddy... all my love your momma....

7/4/15 Happy Birthday my Snooper Dog, today you would have been 22 years old, Momma is sending lots of love, hugs and kisses to you on your special day. Today is also my T-Bears Birthday.. I'm sending a cake to you sweetheart share with everyone.....xoxoxoxoxoxox

7/25/15 Sending lot's of love, hugs & kisses to all my fur babies today...Give Daddy lot's of Love & Kisses for me... always in my heart, Love Momma...

11/21/15 Hello my snooper and all my babies, so sorry it's been awhile daddy leaving has taken it's toll on me, can't believe he's gone my heart is so broken I miss him so, as well as I miss all of you. My comfort is I know Daddy is taking good care of all of you. The holidays are coming how I wish I was with you all, I wait and pray for that day. Have to go now take good care of Daddy for me. Love, hugs, and butterfly kisses to you all. Love Momma

12/16/15 A special hello to all my babies, 22 months ago today Daddy came to cross you all over the Bridge, please give Daddy lot's of hugs and kisses for me. All my Love Momma....Ich Liebe Dich Andy TT&FA Linn

6/15/16 Hello my little Snooper, so sorry momma has not been on for such a long time, having such a hard time since daddy left, now our little Tigger has joined you all, he left me on March 29th 2016 again my heart is broken what is left of it. I have to hold on I still have Tiger & Caseylynn to take care of. So I want all of you to take good care of Tigger and each other with Daddy. Tell daddy there is a little boy who sits on the bridge waiting his name is Putik he was my neighbors cat I called him my little ray of sunshine we lost him on 5/2/16 tell daddy to cross him over. My babies I wait for the day I can hold you all again, give daddy lots of love and kisses for momma... Sending love, hugs & kisses momma...

Happy 23rd Birthday my sweet Snooper, mommy misses you always in my heart. I know daddy will make your day special, I hope they have hot dogs in Heaven ! what a party you will have with Nichole,Bandit,Hanna,Smokey,Tweety,and my little boy Tigger I hope you all are taking good care of him.. Look for a little kitty Putik he passed after Tigger..Give Maymay,& april my love too. most of all Snoop tell your Daddy mommy misses him sooooo much.. Again Happy birthday my boy... Sending love and butterfly Kisses to you all. Ich Liebe Dich, Momma

Happy Thanksgiving to all my babies, another holiday without Daddy and all of you, each of you missed in a special way. Nichole my 1st baby girl so loving and sweet, Snooper dog my little guy with so much love & spirit, Bandit my Gentle Giant Daddy's pride & joy, Hannah, Loyal, strong all you wanted was love what a good momma you were! Smokey Bear, Loving,playful Caseylynn still waits for you, she was so lost when you left you were her everything, as Daddy was to me. Tweety Girl, the joy you gave us with your song and your silly tricks you did in your cage,may you fly free in Heaven my Girl. My little MayMay, although you were my little feral kitty, how you would make me smile as you came running each morning for your breakfast, I was so close of earning your trust for you to come to me then you were taken, hit by a car how my heart broke know you were loved & are not forgotten. Putick my little ray of sunshine, each day & night you gave something to look forward to when I went outside, you just wanted a little love and your snacks,thank you for the happiness you gave to me . Now comes my Tigger, soon it will be 8 months since you left, now the tears are flowng, Tigger momma loved you so much what a sweet and loving boy you were, you got me through so many hards times after Daddy went to Heaven, Mommy misses you Tigger, I didn't know my heart could break anymore, Tiger misses you, he sleeps in your bed,he cries at times and I know he misses his brother. I Thank Tiger for bringing you home to daddy and I, I was blessed to have you for 10 years, know momma will see you again I know you are an Angel Kitty and Daddy has you ! Today I will spend the day with Caseylynn & Tiger. All of you please give Daddy lot's of love for me ! Happy Thanksgiving, see you all on the other side...Love Momma...Andy, Iche Lieba Dich !TT&4A

My Dear Snooper, sorry momma hasn't been here for awhile, you and all my furbabies are always in my prayers. Today I write with a heavy heart Gina's Onyx will be coming to the RB Bridge tonight. Pease show him all the fun things to do don't let him be afraid, tell Daddy mommy said to watch over him for her. Will be back soon. Love.hugs and kisses to all Momma 05/25/17

7/5/17 My Dear Little Snooper, sorry Momma is late with your Birthday wishes...I hope you had fun on your special day, you were not forgotten the sky lit up with beautiful fireworks for you my baby. I hope you have met Gina's Onyx and have shown him all the fun things to do. Tell Onyx to let his Momma know he is ok... Snooper tell all my furbabies I miss and love them all. Give Daddy some loving for me. Tell him I said Ich Lieba Dich TTAFA... Be back soon my boy......

It's been awhile my boy, know your momma loves and misses you and all of my babies. your birthday will be here soon until then remember somebody loves you. Take care of daddy for me, give himlot's of kisses... Love Momma...

7/4/18 Happy Birthday my Snooper baby, today would have been your 25th B-Day Have fun on your special day in Heaven with Daddy, Bandit, Nichole,Hanna,Smokey, Tweety, Tigger,MayMay and our CaseyLynn who came to all of you just 10 months ago I hope you all are taking good care of each other and giving Daddy lots of love ! Again the sky will light up tonight like candles on a cake for you my boy. Tiger and I love and miss you all... Until we are together again know you are in my heart always. Love your, Momma

5/30/19 Hello my Snooper baby, I know it's been awhile momma didn't forget you always in my heart. Be a good boy give daddy hugs and kisses for momma, tell all your brothers and sisters momma sends love, hugs, and kisses. Talk to you soon my baby boy......

7/8/19 Happy 26th Birthday my sweet boy, momma didn't forget you... hope daddy and all your brothers and sisters had a nice party for you. Love and miss you all always, Tigers also sends his love to all of you. Be a good boy Snooper Momma will be with you on the other side some day. Ich Lieba Dich xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

7/3/20 Well my little Snooper tomorrow another Birthday for you on the Rainbow Bridge, 27 years old you would have been but forever young you will stay. I love and miss you dearly Snooper, although I haven't written in awhile know you as we as all my babies are missed they memories you all left me with will remain in my heart always. How lucky I was to have the most precious fur babies each with your different personalities. My Tiger is my last of our family still with me what a blessing I still have him and may God grant me many more years with your brother. Well my Birthday Boy may the skys light up tomorrow night like candles on a cake for you !!! Tell Daddy my heart aches for him every day and some day we will all be together again. My Love to all, Your Momma

6/14/21 Hello my sweet boy, it's been awhile momma didn't forget you, take you with me always in my heart. I know you are being a good boy, give my love to all your brothers and sisters I know daddy is taking good care of all of you. Until we are together again know you are loved and missed. Give my love to daddy tell him I'm waiting... Love to all Momma...

Happy birthday my Snooper dog
Wishing you a happy day with all your family and daddy on your special day. Momma think's of you all every day miss you all so much. Tonight the sky will light up for you my boy.until we are all together again remember you are all loved and missed.
Momma tell daddy you need your hot dogs !!!🐾🎂🎈🎁❤

Happy birthday my sweet Snooper,
May your special day be filled with fun and happiness with all your family on the Rainbow bridge.
I love and miss you my boy. Give daddy kisses and hugs for me and all my babies.
Love you, Momma

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