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Memories of Snoopy


We still miss you baby girl we still think and talk about you often ! You are not forgotten!


I can't believe it's been 14 years since you left us little girl? Seems like yesterday ? We still think about you and talk about you often! I still miss you just as much. You have two new girls to watch over now Missy joined you a couple months ago! I'd like to ask you and lucky to keep a special watch over those two girls! You may be gone but never forgotten !!!!!!

1/27/21 we still miss you little girl we still talk about you you have a new addition at the bridge sweet Maddie please take care of her cannot believe it's been 13 years


Been 10 yrs baby cannot believe it, rest in peace,you are never forgotten

9/14/16 I'm so sorry we forgot to renew your residency, you have not been forgotten though you lay down to sleep with me & lucky every night, I hope you to run and play like you used to and are happy together


Wow I cannot believe its been 7 yrs looks like I missed last years anniversary, I did not forget in my heart you are with me always I will never forget you we miss you babay . We know you are with Lucky and gram and you are pain free


Snoopy girl its been along time since Ive wrote but you are never far from my mind on this day its been 5 yrs since you left us the grief is still present but I know you are no longer in pain and you have Lucky & Gram with you and you are happy at the bridge I always realize the little gifts you and Lucky send down and I thank you for that We miss you girl

3/7/08 Its been almost 7 weeks since you left us baby girl I just wanted to let ya know we think of you everyday and miss ya even more, and I also wanted you to know we adopted a baby beagle girl who needed a home, she will not take your place, she is a good girl and Lucky seems to like her, she reminds me alot of you in ways but she is not you , she has her own personality, no one could ever replace the special place you hold in our hearts, Im sure your looking down on us and already know all of this, I just wanted to visit you and share some feelings take care Baby girl and play run be happy now No More suffering !!


2/3/08 Snoopy girl its been a week since you left us, the tears have diminished some, my love and pain of missing you has not, I have visited alot of others residencies and its comforting to know you have such beautiful and wonderful friends to play with at the bridge. Lucky misses you very much too, He is being very good you must have had a talk with him, Miss you girl


You Showed Us What Unconditional Love Is

Snoopy was a special girl,Beagles are known for personality, but this girl was special, toys were ok with her but she prefered to make her own an empty milk jug a rock from outside to play soccer with, Playing in a pillow case, blowing bubbles in her water dish, yes its true I even have the pictures to prove it! she had a very distinctive bark for everything she wanted, when she was about 2yrs we found a dalmation that needed rescue, we wondered what snoopy would think ? She immedietly opened her heart and shared her home,food,love, with her new found brother, she taught him how to ask to go out, get what he wanted, basically she showed him how to wrap us around his paw like she did with us ! she was always gentle with children, loved babies,when she saw other dogs she had to say hello, she loved riding in the car or truck and always had a fit if her dad left the car without her even as she sat on her moms lap, she was bought by her Grandmother (For my 34th B-Day) who loved her with the same passion we did until her passing a few yrs back, she was always with Gram and if Gram left she used to have to go in her cage (more like Hilton Express)after Grams passing we set up my Mans den for her and Lucky, we started by leaving them just short periods of time, after we left them full time never more than 6-8 hrs we never had an issue she had a stereo, Tv, 2 couches and my massage chair which she took over as usual, I would come home and always hear that gentle thump of her tail, as well as her brothers. I will miss that dearly! If I listen closely I can still hear that! At bedtime she had a chair right next to my side of the bed and she would lay in that chair and watch me with those brown eyes (that stole my heart)it was like a game to see who would fall asleep first, if I woke up in the night I would get a gentler thump of that tail, it was like its ok dad go back to sleep,if she got cold she would come over and climb in bed with us( I swear she thought at times she was a cat) and snuggle with me then would spoon with her mom. I truly believe that God sent her to me to show me what unconditional love is and I will cherish her memories forever !!! Baby girl you left us only yesterday and you are greatly missed and loved dearly ! Rest and play in peace at the bridge until the day we meet again ! Lucky is also missing you and asks that you save a spot for him at the bridge ! Just an update I picked up her remains today and she is now home again! I feel much better knowing that, also added a remote if she wanted attention and we were watching tv she would paw the remote to get our attention , so now Snoopy once again you are in control! Also another bed she had many ! Thank You All for the kind words I do not know how I could get through this without knowing about Rainbow Bridge
I know snoopy would want me to mention a few other special people in her life, her human sister Jennifer who let me come to NC for thanksgiving twice and thanks for walking me on the beach while Dad walked Lucky and mom videotaped, I enjoyed that, even though I know you got mad at me when you lived with us and I got into your garbage can constantly LOL !! Just trying to get your attention ! and my grandparents and aunt from RI who came and visited for the holidays, we made you dog people if only for a week or so at a time

Again we would like to say thank you for kind words and thoughts and prayers, and invitations to visit your sights I have saved all emails and I will try to answer and visit soon, its been an overwhelming outpour of support for Snoopy and its going to take me awhile to get to all of them, I also am trying to comfort Lucky he is definitely affected, but doing well, we go out and play ball and he is usually not far from me, as a matter of fact all 80#s of him is laying across me now ! I think he will be fine its a big adjustment for him too !


Still missing you !!

Hope your happy at the bridge ~~~


I hope you have alot of friends at the bridge ?? Im guessing knowing you that its a given we were outta touch for awhile but your never far from our hearts, :Lucky turned 12 last month and hes getting older Im afraid he will be joining you sooner than later. Its been a cold winter Snoopy girl at least im glad you didnt have to go through it and your where there is no more pain and suffering Take care we miss you alot !!!!!


Happy Easter Baby Girl !!

We miss you !!


Snoopy Girl

Lucky joined you this morning, please welcome him and you two can play again as you did when you were young No more pain baby please watch over him as you did when he was a puppy !! We miss both of you dearly !!!!!!!

Merry Christmas baby girl I still miss you dearly Xmas isnt same without you and Lucky being here

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