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Memories of Snickers "Sweeters" Keeling
Our baby, our daughter...went home to be with the Lord and prepare a place for us 6/6/22 at 9:35pm She went peacefully while I was holding her tightly, telling her I loved her over and over.
She came to us 6mos after God saved us as a gift from Him to teach us how to love. As a country boy I have seen and trained a great number of babies but never seen any nearly as personable or with as great a demeanor as Snickers Keeling. She is truly special. If you think she was just a dog, then you didn't know her and you don't know me. On every level that counts she was and is our human daughter as much as any person could be. Truly special.
The mark she left on numerous lives as our traveling companion and service animal to Key West , Chicago, Milwaukee, little Rock, Tulsa, Dallas, Texarkana, and much more is incalculable. She was my best sermon illustration, my most trusted confidant, the best friend I could ever dream of. She even served as a bride's maid at our vow renewal last year. She will be sent home in her special order purple glittery dress. The hole she leaves is palpable. Everyone who met her, loved her endlessly. We love her endlessly.
Until I see you again, in our eternal home. Spinning circles and snootering, demanding your treat. You are the most loved baby in the whole world and it is because you are the best, kindest, most loving ever. Mommy and daddy love you baby.
Snickers Keeling Dec 14, 2007-June 6, 2022. Gotcha date Mar 29, 2012. It was not even close to long enough. We love you Sweeters.
6/26/22-It has been crippling without you my sweet loved baby. I see you looking at me with those happy eyes every time I enter the bedroom. Or whenever I am in the kitchen. Or even when I go to the bathroom. You are the first thing I look for when we get home, and I try to let you outside every morning I wake up. When I say grace, I always ask God to give you a little piece of whatever I am eating. The world just keeps turning so cruelly. It should just stop so we can figure out how to move forward. Daddy loves you so much baby girl. Tell Jesus Hi for us.
6/27/22-Daddy is missing you so much baby. Really longing for those best hugs on earth. Today without you is kicking my butt. I love you so much sweet baby!
7/8/22-Now over a month without you. It doesn't get any easier. When the fireworks went off, I was reaching for you to comfort you and tell you "daddy will never let anything happen to the baby". Every night before bed I reach for you for my night time muggin's(mugged+lovin's). And every time somebody walks in the house I tear up when nobody looks up at them to tell them "I love you". I love you and miss you so much sweet girl.
7/22/22-We went and got one of your cousins yesterday. She acts alot like you in so many ways. The genetics are strong! But she isn't you. I love watching your legacy carry on, I hate you not being here. Momma sent a picture of her squeaking one of your squirrels today and I completely lost it in public. I love and miss you so much sweet baby. Daddy's girl
8/7/22-We named your cousin Serenity. The name I wanted to give you if you weren't already 4yo when you came to us. She is a joy and so is Major, her uncle we now have too. He is a 7yo retired from shows. We are glad to have them and we feel we have them honoring your memory. And we feel your presence in this house, in many ways stronger than theirs. But I still miss you dearly. You are my one baby-baby. I love you sweet girl.
9/9/22-Today is hard. I miss you dearly my beloved baby.Major and Serenity are awesome babies we love greatly. But they will never be you. And I just want to cuddle you and tell you how special you are today. Because you are. I miss you so much.
12/1/22-Daddy is so lost without you sweet girl.Major stays close to comfort daddy and he is loved, but noone will ever be my 'Nickers baby. I look back at your tree often. Like your brother Pip, I worry if your tree will take or not. It looks pretty thin going into winter. I have never wanted a tree to grow strong more in my life. Snickers, you are so loved and so missed. You could never be replaced.
12/22/22-Sweetie girl, your 15th birthday passed last week and upcoming is the first Christmas without you.I am not taking it well, I miss you tremendously.We bought a cake and steak and we are going to celebrate your birthday anyhow with your cousin and niece Major and Serenity.You are greatly loved daddy's girl.
6/6/23-1yr without you. I still ugly cry regularly, you are still missed dearly. It looks like your apple tree didn't survive the first winter. If so,I will dig it up and get a a new beautiful tree for you next spring. You now have 5 siblings. I will tell more next time. Serenity reminds me more and more of you every day. It is so sweet, yet so sad all at once. Daddy loves you so much baby girl.Daddy's girl.
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