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Memories of Snarf
Snarf E. Bun, also known as "Sir Sheds A-lot" for his frequent shedding, was an American Domestic Shorthair Cat, owned by Andrea Scarlett. He was known for his special move, the "Turbo Swat", a move he used to keep his opponents at paws length and earned him many bouts with other cats larger than him. Other names included "The Elusive Sarf", for disappearing for long periods, never to be found, only to emerge from the shadows.

Early Life

Snarf, born in 2004 in the SF Valley, CA, was rescued in a box by Cynthia Avina of Sylmar CA and brought to a classical guitar concerto, where his faint mews could be heard in the audience. Snarf had a long friendship with Figaro "Figa" Gatomayor and Puffle "Heavenly" Kiddo, where they grew up and trained together, until a separation drove them apart. Snarf spent several years in the hills of Sylmar Ca, and would eventually be re-united with them. Due to spending years apart, the bond was forgotten and never rekindled. The 3 eventually moved to NoHo, where Snarf would spend most of his time in solitude in another half of the NoHo home, as he preferred. Snarf bonded with Andrea's family members of the household, such as David and Gwen, who took part in caring for Snarf.

Personal Life

Snarf struggled with mental health issues such as antisocial personality disorder and struggled with addiction to clear plastics, often throwing up after ingesting. Several attempts were made to re-unite Figa, Puffle together, however the attempts were met with "hisses" and "whining" as Snarf would revert to his "Elusive" ways. Snarf feared strangers, and would resort to his "Low Walk" to hide in an undisclosed area, he also had a fear of vacuums and electric hair trimmers, and would often "Turbo Swat" at objects he didn't like. Snarf was frequently mislabeled as "Smurf", by veterinarians and strangers, which would upset him. He was named Snarf, after a character in the Animated series The Thundercats, due to Snarf being an excessive worrier and a bit of a pessimist. Snarf was known to be vocal at times, meowing after one sneezed, as if he said "Bless You". Despite Snarfs Social issues, he had close bonds with humans he trusted, such has Andrea's brother and mother, whom Snarf loved.


Snarf's energy left his body on August 31 of 2022. He died of natural causes at around 18.5 yrs of age. He was surrounded by his Family, with Andrea Scarlett holding his paw as he passed on. His body was taken to Rainbow to Heaven pet cremation service, as Figaro and Puffle watched their estranged brother as if they were saying goodbye.

Snarf E. Bun.
Born, 2004
Died August 2022
Alma Mater: CatsKill University
Occupation: Cat
Years Active 2004-2022
Spouses: None
Children: None
Awards: Best at Hiding, Fastest Swat, Biggest Shedder.

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