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Memories of SMOOTLY
Rubbing her face on Greg"s T-shirt (tummy area) when they sat on the floor watching TV together. By 2000 Smootly was blind but she still sniffed him out when she heard the TV on. She climb into his lap and then rub her face on his belly. When she could still see, I liked watching her scamper up the stairs. She always went a long way from the front door to potty (very tidy little one, she was) She was dumped out in the snow & cold and struggled for 3 days without food or water and had shelter under a broken down truck. The owners of the place had been gone for the weekend and they didn"t find her until Monday December 17 1996. She was nearly frozen to the ground but they got her inside and sloshed her in lukewarm water and used a blow dryer. Then they got a box and put a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and let her rest in there. They called the area Humane Society of which I was the director. Her eyes had lots of black stuff over them and were frozen shut. I was able to go to get her December 18, 1996 and I wrapped her in my big black coat collar next to my body and headed to the nearest vet. We got her eyes thawed and cleaned and used subcutaneous fluid to rehydrate her. No one ever called to claim her (obviously) So we kept her. We had her spayed and her anal sacs repaired and Dr Jon had to fix her right rear knee area and tighten the ligament. She contracted kennel cough in November of 2001 and nearly died. I was in Winona at the time and a great vet named Dr Ann saved her. Smoot,after she went blind (we think in 2001)liked to sit in her snuggle ball next to the computer and listen to the music the screensaver played. She also liked it when I played the Noah"s Ark game with the music & animal sound effects.Before she went blind, she would meet Greg when he came home from work and follow him to his chair at the kitchen table and scratch at his knees to be picked up. That was my cue to go get the treat jar. And he would break them in little pieces and feed them to her (because she also had a collapsed trachea) Smoot loved to sleep late but when Greg got up for work, he"d take all 3 pooches out about 6 to go potty. Smoot would always make "churkling squeaky" sounds but they would all go and then he would put all 3 back in bed with me. Smoot had nearly frozen to death that winter long ago in 1996, so she loved to sun herself. Everday when we got up she would head for the east patio doors, wiggle behind the drapes next to the glass where the sun was pouring in and just absorb it"s heat. Sometimes she would stay too long and come out panting and head for the water bowl. If the sun was NOT out on any given day, she would amble over to her snuggle ball and sulk and be totally bummed out. WE always called her our little sun dog Losing her has torn our hearts into millions of pieces. She was healthy one week and dying of kidney failure the next. It got so bad that we had to euthanize her or watch her die a slow painful death from internal bleeding and/or starvation & dehydration because she totally refused to eat or drink for 5 days. The vet even tried tube feeding but she refused all nourishment. We know we had no choice but I was there with her and holding her in my arm and telling her to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. I wanted her to hear my voice and she did. I brought her home in plastic and she is still here in a separate freezer until march 13 2003 when Greg & I will take her to the private cremation place and we will stay with her every step of the way. I have chosen oak for an urn that has a 4x6 photo inset and we will be bringing her home to be with us forever. Our daughter has instructions that when we die, we are to be cremated too-----and all 5 of our urns are to be buried together. So we have to suffer through 2 more deaths of our beloved pets but we want to be together forever as we were here on earth.

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