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Memories of Smoki
Smoki Joe Bearus picked me when he was 4 weeks old. He had a pink nose and smokey gray eyes. He was the most docile creature you could meet. "Just rub my head" he used to say with a nudge to anyone nearby. He never barked always obedient and did his daily duty of walking the perimeter of the land, day and night. In the end he could hardly see or hear anymore but he continued his duty. I still wish that his death could have been more peaceful like him. But maybe it was the best way for him to go. Smoki drowned on Dec 27th , 2006 in the canal that ran along side the perimeter of the land. I think his eyesight failed him gravely that day and he fell in. I found my papa floating in that canal, while i was looking for him, to feed him, that food remains in his bowl, what the ants and birds didn't eat anyway. tThe circle was complete I found him this time and rub his head goodbye after we pulled him up. HE WAS SO COLD. I am sorry Papa that i wasnt there to hear your cry for help. I can imagine him trying to hold his head out of that water, he could barely hold his head up to walk. He is now buried in one of his favorite spots to lay. There is not one day that I don't think of him. He will forever be in my heart.
07/20/07 i can never add anything when i visit because i cry too much to see. I want to write some sweet memories but i can't just yet. I still miss him too much. I love you ole bear and just like i promised you flowers on your grave , i promise i will tell everyone about you as soon as moms heart stops bleeding so much. xxxxxooooo Mom
08/02/2007 Your flowers are still blooming I have a headstone and memory stone on your grave and i have made a video saying good bye and see you later, I can't wait to see you again. I miss you so much I know I still cry a lot but It hurts my heart so much. I don't want to believe you died.I used to whisper to you "please dont leave me Smoki" every time i saw you, even though I could feel your days were numbered. thats why i looked for you all the time i could feel you leaving us a little everyday since the month of nov, but i know you are better off. I still wait for you to come around the corner and just say to myself "oh he's just busy walking the perimeter and i keep missing him.' Ill see you soon my papa bear love always Mom xoxox
12/06/08- It's close to that time again and i still cry for you my baby. But now I also laugh and smile when i think of you. No words to explain the empty spot in my heart for you. Sayde's fine she gettin up there, so keep a look out for her. Saki and Rico are tryin their best to keep order and doing a good job thanks to you a great teacher.Hopefully you and Ned crossed uncle Boy over safely and dont worry I be coming sooner than you think and you'll get to stay with me there, like Ned did with uncle Boy. Do you see Puppi there? Tell him I'm comin for him too. I love you Smokus Joe, my o bear- mama
07/04/12 Sayde passed today.show her where to go and tell her I love her. I love both you Smoki and Sayde. Thank you both for sharing your lives with me. Sayde is buried right next to you. I am so happy you have a friend now. Look for Kangaroie, that Madyson's kitten and keep her close for her, she died last spring at 6 weeks of age, so you will have to look after her. You are all forever in my heart.
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