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Memories of Smokey Reed
Smokey liked to talk. I'd talk to her, and she always replied..it might be a burble or a mow...she couldn't say meow..if I said "Smokey, do you want din din?" she'd look at me and say "chah". She curled up on my bed and cuddled close to me when I was asleep. She always saw to grooming me...and loved to place her little head on my hand when I was at the computer and fall asleep with one paw over my arm. She loved to lie in front of the window in summer to catch the warmth of the sun's rays and to curl up in front of the fireplace in winter. She loved her food. Even when she was running a fever, she ate her canned food with relish, and she would come running when I said "Smokey, treat treat treats". That was the highlight of a day. When she saw that I was going to eat lunch, or in some mystical way, when she thought it was lunchtime, she'd sit in front of me and "mow" til I got the message that she felt it was time for treats. She was shy around other people, because the world had treated her so badly when she was a tiny kitten. She might come out and greet somebody if she knew them to be familiar, but preferred to be aloof. She didn't care if people liked her, because she was secure in the knowledge that her Mommy loved her.

I only had her 7 years, and sometimes it was a tempestuous relationship. She had decided views on everything, including getting into the carrier to go somewhere. This was not her favorite thing. Her favorite thing was old socks..when she was a kitten, I'd play with her, using old balled up socks...and always in the morning when I woke up, I'd find a pair of socks in the bedroom, maybe another pair in the hallway and one in the living room. I sometimes thought she thought they were her kits, and she was carrying them around. She didn't want to play with them, however. Whatever it was, it had some special meaning to her. Her other favorites were the fishie on a stick...which she would groom while we played catch with the fish...and a feather that I would tickle her with.

This was our song - "I love my Smokey, my Smokey loves me...don't know nobody as happy as we. When we're together, we're great company....I love my Smokey, my Smokey loves me!"

She was beautiful!! Smokey grey, almost looking like a British shorthair and gorgeous green eyes that glowed golden in the light.

August 29, 2007...Hello Smokey pooh booh...I didn't want you to think your Mama has forgotten you...you are in my thoughts constantly and I miss you so much!

Sept. 7, 2007...a month without my baby! it doesn't get easier, the tears still flow, the heart still hurts...I hope you no longer feel fear, that you are basking in the warm sunlight, and know that your Mama loves you!

November 7th. 3 months without my baby girl...I miss you so much!

4 months as of 12/7...and the tears still flow and the heart refuses to be eased. this will be the first Christmas without my pooh booh..I love you so much baby girl!

Another month gone by...and I miss you more than I can find words to tell you. You are my darling lappie baby!

Tomorrow it's 6 months sweet girl, and it is as if it were yesterday...time doesn't heal

It's a year baby girl, year without your love and companionship. I miss my little best friend more than I can say.

It's 2 years today baby girl, and I miss you so!! You and I have a bond that can never be broken. I love you my Smokey pooh!

Three long years, baby girl! and I miss and love you more than ever! You sent me a gift last nite..I dreamed of a kitten who came to me, gave me a lick, stayed by my side. That kitten let me know that she loved me and that she knew I loved her! I know, even tho the kitten didn't look like you, that it was you telling me that you love your Mama and are still my best lil friend. Thank you for your gift, sweetheart!

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