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Memories of Sly
Sly- Airedale Terrier- 6 years 2 months old. He passes away suddenly from a cancerous tumor that ruptured in his intestines. Eeverything possible was done for our best buddy. It was not fair for such a good, loving, devoted dog to die so young. Sly was everybody buddy, he helped train his fellow family young dogs. A special friend to Kara, Miss Meaty, Wobe, Pepie, Sully and Archer. I know he is joined by his departed friends. Sly loved his babysitting jobs on PoP PoP Mondays and Thursdays. He took looking after the kids very seriously. He is so missed right now and will be forever by his parnets Big Daddy and CeCe. There will never be another dog and best friend like Sly.
Oh Buddy we are finding it so hard , everything we do, everywhere that we go all reminds us of you. You are so missed. If only we could hold you one more time.

Hi Buddy just wanted to let you know that we adopted that Airedale puppy named Dexter. Thanks for sending that omen. He is not as laid back at you but we are working hard to change that and give him a good life also. He was rescued from a pet store were he lived in a crete for 3 months so he needs alot of attention and training. Things are going good. Miss and think of you every day. I am including his picture below.

Well in the last few day 2 of your buddies have joined you, Archer and Woobie. I'm sure you already found each other. Make sure you look after Woobie cause he is so tiny and you know he does not like big dogs. So pay special attention to him and protect him. Remember when he stayed here and toke over the house and bossed you around. How he hogged up the whole bed. Woobie will always have a special place in our hearts. God Bless
Still trying our best to train Dexter, he is so much harder to train than you were and so much bigger. Miss you Love

Hi Buddy , it has been one year that we lost you and word cannot explaine our lost of you.You are talked about often, not only by us but others even the kids. Dexter is trying to be good, and I think we will win in the long run but he is a challenge.

Another one of your buddies, Sully has joined you . I'm sure you greeted him with a waging tail..
Miss you . Bye for now and Merry Chistmas!!!!!!!!!!!

And by now you have greeted Archer . Hope your keeping everyone in line. You alway took take of everyone here on earth. Thinking about you alot now for it will be 2 years since we lost you. Love always

Dxter is starting to come around but his personiality his compelety different from yours. There will never be another you. Love and miss you.

Hi Buddy , Just learned today of a cool dog named Cassy has arrived. Show her around and be here friends. She comes from a loving family who will miss her just as much as we miss you.
Dexter is doing a whole lot better and so I must thank you for the help. Still wish you were here. Love always.
12/2013 Another year has gone by and we still have fond memories of you and talk about you often... As for Dexter he has become quite the man. He has settled down a lot and is a lot bigger then you. We often wish we would have both of you.. Had a scare we almost lost you friend Miss Meaty, had emergency surgery and is now becoming herself.. New puppy at that house Enzo......he is something, is very attached to Miss Meaty... Also Bently , wild thing , one of a kind.... Oh and then there is Lilly and Kasmier...Oh almost forgot Oggie, Zach buddy............. Well as always wishing you were here along with Dexter...Have a Merry Christmas....Love and miss you .

Hard to believe 4 years have gone by good buddy. What a wonderful friend you were. We often say how we would not mind to have you and Dexter . You sent us a good boy, Dexter, not like you but he has come a long way. Missing you . Big Daddy and Me..............

Hard to believe I haven't visited . Well by now you and Miss Meaty are together. She passed on on Sunday 8/9/2015. What a terrible lost. She was sick for a few days and we did all we could to help her get better. On Sunday after her family Jen and Zoee returned from camp she closed her eyes and joined you in Rainbow Heaven. We loved her and was so very special to Big Daddy and me. You were a big help in training her. She is going to be missed. Tell her Enzo is coping buy having a hard time. Maybe she can help him along a little ....

3 new dogs have been added to our family Ashley has a huskey named Rasta, she is really cute and active. Austin now has 2 Huskey one is named Aspen and I can't remember the other ones name. ( will get back to you later on that.) Onix.

Still talk about you often and there is always one dog that will always be a families special one and you were it. Miss you and think of you often. Take care of Miss Meaty and tell her she was one of a kind and is was so very loved and missed .

As for Dexter he's a real big boy now and has settled down a whole lot.

Long time since I visited Sly, lots of new family pets. Lets see if I can remember them all. WE got Ozzie, Leo, Lou, Callie, and Luna and North , Packston, and Whitney. But the most of all I want to share Dexter with you. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 13.2018. I told you about him. He did finally settle in and was a great dog , just like you. Thanks for that. In January 2017 we had his front leg amputation for a canerous tunor. He battled that lost and started to move and act almost like nothing happened. Lots of ear infections and skin issue. Than another tumor in his lung. The surgery was just too much to put him through .......We just could not have him go through that. So he joined you.. I sure you are best friends.
Hi Sly and Dexter, Happy Birthday Dexter, We miss you so much. Crying as Im writing this agian. Hope you big brother Sly is taking care of you and showing you all that went before you got a chance to meet them. Going to add another picture today of you on your last birthday. . Happy Birthday wishes sent of heaven today And miss you

So today on your birthday Dexter a dog by the name of Odie is up for adoption trying maybe you and Sly can help us adopt this sweet guy. Well that didn't happen. Still looking to adopt. Sly and Dexter send us another omen. WE need another friend ..... We did get to dog sit Ashley and Charlee huskie Leo. What a great dog. We miss him espically Lee.

Well lets see what 2019 has in store for us . Help us find a new buddy.

Miss you both so much.. Love

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