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Memories of Skweekies
Skweekies was born feral. I fed her and a few other cats at work early every morning. She would always love to chase bugs & birds. A funny thing happened.... she would wait for me every morning to feed her, perhaps because she was the runt of the group. In time she rubbed against my leg & let me pet her. Then she would sit on my car while I drank my coffee. I would walk her back to the woods when it became light. The last day that I was with her, she slept in the passanger side of my car for 3 hours. I felt that I wouldn't see her again as I walked her back to the woods. We were in the process of moving, so I couldn't take her home. I still look for her & hope. I'm sure she is Over the rainbow Bridge, running & jumping for joy! I will always miss her.

7/6/2012..I knew you wereSpecial and I called you Skweekies because you couldn't "meow", you kind of squeaked.At that point you had me. I can't believe that I have held this grief inside since that day in November, but some call me crazy. Thank you for leading me here.My tears of sorrow have turned to tears of joy! Here I was thinking you were alone as when I would walk you back to the woods when the sun came up. because you were so afraid. It must have been grand when you crossed over with so many friends & siblings. I know you'll be there for me someday when I feel alone & afraid. I tell your younger rescued siblings, Sammie & Lucy about you every day. even though it was only a short time, God sent you as a Special Angel to me. It is so wonderful to hear from people who understand & know you have so many friends there. God granted me a special Privledge of loving & having a feral cat love me, if only temporary. I would gladly take the sorrow to do it again, because you changed my life. You truely showed me unconditional love.

1/6/2017 It's a new year Skweekies. I'm missing you like crazy.Feeling a bit helpless, as there are no cats around our new location. I like to show kitties that somebody here loves them. Feel bad for the kitty I left at the other building. I don't think she survived after I left. Hope she is with you.

8/1/2012 Don't know why, but I missed you a lot this morning... maybe because there is a new b/w tuxedo feral that is coming around. I still look for you to come running to my car in the morning, but I know ur in a safer, happier place. I know one day you'll come running to me over the bridge, so I won't be afraid! How ironic! Told Sammie & Lucy (ur step bro & sis)about u again last night. They seem to understand. Have fun my girl!As you surround yourself in God's (& my) Love,I believe you were an angel sent into my life, if only for a moment.

9/24/12.. It's been 10 months to the day & I still miss you like crazy. I am comforted in knowing that you are in a happier place. Sammie & Lucy (your step brother & sister) are a comfort to me as well. I wish I could see you, running & playing, if just for a moment.

11/24/12.. It's been a year since you crossed over. You're still very special to me. I take much comfort in knowing that you were one of the lucky feral cats when you crossed over... You got to know the the Love & Companionship of someone.I cry both because I miss you & know you would've had a wonderful life with your 1/2 brother & sister & I also cry for the ferals who have no one & never experience that love. Thank you again for being an angel in my life & I know you'll be there for me on the day I cross over. You are a gift sent from God to me & I will always be thankful to Him.I wish I could get a small glimpse of how happy you must be, never being afraid or lonely.

11/24/13 It's been 2 years sinceyou crossed over. As I stood outside at work yesterday I realized that maybe on that last day we were together, I helped you to cross over, knowing you were loved & unafraid. Thank you for that last day. You are still so Special to me & I still miss you, but I know you are in a safer, happier place.I still sometimes look & hope that you will come running to greet me at work, but I know that won't happen. There will always be that sad place in my heart for you that will only be changed when we meet again. Sammie & Lucy seem to know that I've been sad these few days & they have been so loving & comforting to me. The unconditional love that you showed me & that they show me is an inspiration. I look forward to the day when you will come running to greet me again & we will all be together forever. Thank you for being my "Angel Kitty."

6/6/2014 Hi Skweekies. I guess you saw the cute feral that showed up at work with its mama today. Unfortunately, it got itself under my car. I'm pretty sure (at least I pray) that its mama rescued it. Pretty sure she did as she stayed by my car all day and was gone when I went home. We checked to make sure she still wasn't under there. She reminded me so much of you, except she is smaller & very scared. Stopped a crow from trying to get her. I keep praying she's ok. I know her mama has been going through a rough time.

7/11/2014 Hi Skweekies. The feral kitty is alive & well & getting big. I was so happy for its mama. You can tell how much she loves the kitten. I was so happy to see them both this morning.

11/24/2014 Hi Skweekies...I just came in from where we used to hang out, where you used to greet me , so happy and where I would walk you back. The weather is rainy, as it was on that last day 3 years ago.I prayed that you were under God's care and you were running free, unafraid and loved. I think Sammie & Lucy know I'm feeling a bit down this morning, as they are loving me as only cats know how. There is still an emptiness is part of my heart for you, but I thank God for the miracle He provided for me, if only for a short time.You will always be my "Angel Kitty, and I can't wait for the day when I can be with you forever.

11/26/2014 Hi Skweekies... been thinking of you all morning. 3 years ago, it was the day before Thanksgiving (today) that I last saw you. I came back on the Friday after, but I couldn't find you. My 2 ferals had a good meal this morning...hope they'll be ok til Monday. I am thankful that God gave us time together and I am thankful that Ginny has created this site, so I can post my thoughts. Unfortunately, my people family doesn't know about us or RB, because they just wouldn't understand & would think me crazy...maybe I am, but this is us!

2/19/2015 Hi Skweekies. I guess the little one passed over a few months ago. It must have gotten separated from its mother in the rain. The mother cried for days. Today is a sad day. Our company is moving in a week and the last I will see the 2 ferals will be next Thursday. I'm sure the female will be ok, as she is very tough. I couldn't ever make friends with her, as she still is afraid of me. The male, however, is going to have a tough go of it. I think someone just dropped him a few months ago. He's so chubby & cute. He's become less afraid of me. He eats like crazy. I just hope they realize that I do love & care for them and that they are not alone. It wouldn't be fair to have then put in a shelter. If they can make it through the cold & snow, they may have a fighting chance. I have to leave it up to God. When they come to the Bridge, make sure you greet them & tell them I will be there in a while. I'm going to miss them & looking out, imagining you running toward me.Perhaps they will find me or some other cats will at our new location. Keep running free my "Angel Kitty" and watch over them.

7/25/2015 Hi Skweekies....Still thinking of you often, especially between the 24 & 25 each month.Can't believe it will be 4 yrs in November.I have you and your familys' pictures hanging at our new work office. I've gone to our old building area where I used to watch you...just be a kitten The area is so different now. I haven't seen any other kitties around. I've seen a couple of kitties around our new office, but I think they are someone's outside kitties. I think you would love hanging out with Sammie and Lucy. You will always be my Special Girl.
10/8/2015 Hi Squeekies. Been having a couple of bad days.I have your families pictures in my office and I've been thinking and crying about you all. Such a pretty family. I hope, when I get there that you will lead them to me. Felt so sorry for mama cat that I left when we moved. She somehow lost her baby and would cry for her. The only thing I could do was look. I haven't seen her or any others there since we left. You would just love Sammie & Lucy. Some day we will all be together, until then, it's notes from before the Bridge. Some day soon we will all have our happy time my girl.

11/24/15 Hi Skweekies... It's been 4 years since our last day. My heart still hurts! I will stop later to visit our last meeting place, since we have moved. God must have needed you for something important that day. I do know that you crossed over knowing you were loved and I'll bet you are sharing that love.Even though you only had a short life, you'll always be my Angel Kitty. I think of you every day, as I have your picture at work. I long for the day when we can be together for good. Run free, have fun and watch over us. I didn't get to our meeting place, but I will be there tomorrow to pray for you as I have been doing all day. Your half bro, Sammie & half sis., Lucy are helpful in my grief. They always are. One day we will all be together.I will always love you.

10/02/16 Hi Skweekies.I hope, by now that you have met and made friends with Brodie of Team Brodie. He is new and may need some help getting to know everybody. The team that took care of him is devastated right now and needs some reassurance, which I know you can give. I added him to the candlelight ceremony tonight, for our prayers. Still miss you lots Sometimes it hurts more than others, but your siblings seem to help. We all love you and can't wait for the reunion.

11/23/2016 Hi Skweekies.... It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. I stopped to visit our meeting place and said a prayer for you. I can picture you in the arms of Jesus, getting a hug from Mary, His Mother. I pray for you every day, as I have all your families" pictures at work. You share the same parents as Sammie and Lucy, only they were a litter later. I wish I could have done more to save you all.Our place is pretty empty now. I don't think there are any kitties around.I look forward to the day when I come walking over the hill and you come running, along with your family, who now knows not to be afraid.You're always my Angel Kitty. I pray to see you in my dreams.

1/6/2017 It's a new year Skweekies and as I watch the snow I feel sad I miss you and all the other kitties. There are none here. I miss the girl I fed at the other building. I have a feeling she is with you. Take care of her. I just feel bad for the kitties that are out in the cold with no one to love them. I pray to see you in my dreams.

11/22/2017 It's the day before Thanksgiving, the day you crossed. Tomorrow is the actual date. still miss you guys a lot. Started feeling sad but I had a thought of you chasing turkeys and it makes me laugh. I know you sent that thought to me.Sammie and Lucy always remind me of you. I pray I see you in my dreams and I pray for all the poor kitties out there. I constantly pray for you and I know Jesus is taking good care of you until we meet again. You are always my Floof.

11/24/2018 It's hard to believe that you've been gone 7 years already. It took me a while to let you cross The Bridge and let you free. Now I smile when I think of you...a few tears, but smiles. Sammie and Lucy bring your love to me and I sometimes can see you out there in various ways. I hope you are there to be the first to greet me when I cross. I Love you.

11/25/2019. Another year has passed, making it 8 years since you crossed. I still miss and Love you an awful lot. You taught me unconditional Love. I share it now with Sammie and Lucy. I see you so much in them... their Love, their energy and personalities. I know that you show yourself to me in various ways. There is no way that I can repay your Love, other than having you know that you crossed knowing Love and sharing Love with your siblings. I hope to see you first one day, til then Luvs You!

6/17/2020 Hi Skweekies. Still miss you, but I'll bet you're having so much fun. I hope that you've met Bob, who just crossed. you must show him the ropes and fun spots and help him comfort James, who must be going through a really hard time. Both Sammie and Lucy have a part of you. I can feel it. Until next time or when we finally meet again, I love you.

11/24/2020 Hi Skweekies. I still miss you an awful lot. I remember our last day (9 years ago) like it was yesterday. There are quite a few kitties, like Bob, Bub, Neuro Dan, Max and Ordinary Cat who have passed this year. I'm sure you are showing them all the fun stuff. I still think about you often and I can see you in Sammie and Lucy.You will always have a special place in my heart, as they do.Just remember I Love you and miss you and will see you someday, when I hope you come running to me.

11/24/2021. Hi Skweekies. After 10 years I still miss your loving, playful heart.I can't believe that it's bee 10 years already. I hope you are showing Kia around. I miss her a lot too. She crossed in August. She knows you quite well, as I talked to her about you quite a bit over the years. She was a great comfort. Sammie and Lucy are a great comfort to me now. You will always be Special to me and I will always love you and can't wait to be reunited with you.

11/23/2022. Hi Skweekies. I can't believe it's been 11 years. Seems like yesterday. It's been a really hard year, since we lost our Soulmate, Sharon in August. i guess you've met her by now. Bet she loves you like me. Kia is also with you guys.Sorry I haven't visited more often, but things have been tough, but I did not forget you and the Loving, playful short time we had together. Someday we will all be together (Sammie & Lucy too). Take good care of Sharon.

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