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Memories of Skipper
This sweet baby girl never was considered a 'lap' kitty. However; she loved laying on my shoes and playing with my shoe strings. I could always count on her either be laying in her bed or on my shoes. When guests came, she'd take off down the hallway or hide under the end table beside the recliner...watching, looking, listening.

If I were washing clothes and had to step away for a moment, I'd return and there laid skipper on top of the dirty clothes...protecting, loving, just wanting to be close to me. If her water bowl was empty Skip would lay down beside it and wait patiently for me to walk by and see.

I'd come in from a good working day; sit down at the Yamaha keyboard Mama purchased some years back and play some old time Gospel music. Here she and Buttons came...Skip would lay beside the keyboard and buttons would jump into my lap as I played. They both loved Gospel music!

Sometimes I'd hurry into the bedroom and just behind the door was a row of my recently worn shoes. Not paying attention and in the darkened room I almost fell over her as she lay there...laying on my shoes...protecting them...proving her precious love.

Once I kept hearing this clicking noise and searching to find the source it was Skip playing with the coo coo clock pendulums, swinging them back and forth against the wall. She loved to be brushed and combed. Her long hair was beautiful and she had the prettiest fluffed tail on any kitty I'd ever seen.
Almost every night I'd reach for the Clicker I used with the projector and discovered that Skipper loved watching the red light. I'd swirl it around the floor and onto the walls and sometimes the ceiling. Watching her run to catch it was so amazing that brought laughter to my soul. I knew she couldn't catch it cause it was just a beam of light but, she had fun chasing it just the same.
Sometimes I'd be sitting in the Den and hear this sweet little meow. Turning I'd see Skip sitting beside the hallway closet. I'd get up and go and open one of the lower doors...wasn't long before she'd crawl in, look around, and come out again after making sure all was good.
Once or twice on a cold, cold winter's night I'd wake up only to find Buttons under the covers and Skipper lying on top at the foot with her paws laying across my feet...again, helping to keep me warm. So many that are now precious memories...if only I'd recognized her illness before it was too late. I pray she'll forgive me and so will Jesus. I did not know my baby girl was that sick.

Once a year she'd be groomed in early summer as a little lioness leaving her face, paws up to her elbows and her tail natural. So, so cute. But, she would hide for a day or so; because, I think, embarrassed her.

Going to be terribly missed ... especially by Buttons who used to run up to Skip, give her a gentle slap and took off running afterwards which some family recalls. She loved laying in the daily Sunlight...morning and noon.

I decided to lay this sweet baby beside the chained link fence close to and somewhat under the Pecan tree Daddy planted in 1990. Oh my, Skip had the charismatic skills that reminded me of Daddy...easy going, laid back, didn't bother no body and always there to help!

She and Buttons (although let her know quickly who was boss of this household) became friends but it truly took years to develop. Yes, it's going to be different around here. Every night I'd say, "I love you Skipper and Buttons. Say your prayers and if it's the Lord will, I'll see you in morning. Need me ... call me ... love you, good night!" Know what...I still do...Their spirit is here...I catch a glimpse every now and then...14.8 with Skip and 15.6 with Buttons...beautiful, precious memories!!!

Rest in peace my dear sweet little baby girl. Watch over Buttons and Sissy ... we'll be together again one day. Some may not believe but I do. For God would not create such adorable pets who are called our 'best friends' without having a special place for them ... The Holy Bible doesn't speak directly about this subject; however, it does say that great wonders, surprises, and mysteries await those who believe. I Love you Skipper...thank you for loving me and bringing me a full 14.8 years of joy and happiness, forever and always hugs and kisses ... whisper a prayer in Jesus ear for Sissy! Skip, I think you already know that your friend Buttons passed on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. Please, don't forget your 'Sissy' who loves you more than words can say...forever and ever...looking forward to being with you both one day in Jesus Name!
PS, thank you for keeping my shoes warm and loving me unconditionally. . .

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