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Memories of Skippy,Puddles,Shaggy,Jetty,Chi Chi,Jack,Samson
Skippy was given to me, by my 1st step-mom(Carol), he was mostly my dog.
how he got his name = when running, it looked like he was skipping .
all of us (me, my 2 brothers, & 1 sis) had a lot of fun playing with him in the backyard,
& running through the sprinkler .
he didn 't like it when my (2nd)step-mom(Kathy) moved in & brought her
cat 'Tuffy',they had a bad fight = my (bio)father got rid of both of them, without
telling me first :-(
Never knew what happened to him .
I know that I 'll be reunited with him, someday :-)
We moved to a different house in 1973, & got another puppy(Puddles, 1/2 Beagle 1/2 Collie)
& she had 2-3 litters of pups while we had her(til end of 1976)(my bro found her dead
in the woods = she had disappeared)we kept a couple of the pups, found homes for some of
'em, & some of 'em died .
Didn't have another dog til 1984(college apt.)(Shaggy,full Collie(pup). he disappeared,
I think he was stolen,looked everywhere = never found him :-(
got my next dog(Gypsy,a Samoyed pup)in Summer of 1986,cause of my living situation,I
had to give her to my neighbors(BIG mistake,did not take care of her):-(
My next pup was Jetty,my co-worker gave her to me in Jan.1990, had her for 14 1/2yrs.
had her 'put-to-sleep'in June 2004 . Was very lonely, so got Chi Chi,1/2 Schnauzer &
1/2 Brussels Griffon, in July2004,got her 'a buddy'(Jack,Manchester Terrier)in Feb.2005,
had 'em til 'they passed'. Got Samson(looked similar to Chi Chi)in Summer of 2007,had
him til 'he passed' in Spring 2008 . Moved to Idaho in June 2008, adopted Maggie(1/2
Cairn Terrier, 1/2 Pug)in Nov.2008 & adopted Sammy(same breed(s)in May 2011.
They are MY FAMILY :-) , when 'they pass', I'll adopt another shelter dog(or 2) :-)
Maggie went to Heaven, on Oct. 7, 2016 :-( I had adopted 'Dixie'(Cairn Terrier)so Sammy wouldn't be
alone/lonely after Maggie's passing = he & Dixie really like each other :-) (Dixie is almost 11yrs. old &
blind(cause of an eye infection), she is quickly learning her way around & her tail is usually going 'a mile a minute', & she's getting more 'talkative' :-)
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