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Memories of Skipper
Skip was the greatest pet anyone could ever have. He loved to rip open his gifts! I loved when he slept with me under the covers and he was the first thing that I woke up too. When he got dressed up for Halloween he would roll around on the bed and bark - was a showoff! He loved to lay in the sun. We would go to Ponce Inlet and he would swim and sit in the sun with me. I so enjoyed being with him.
11/29/2009 Little Guy you received 4 guest signatures and a smypathy card today. Eventhough you are not here you still get "goodies". I miss you very much my baby boy. You and your "friends" stay happy until I can come to see you. Love u, mommy!
12/1/09 Happy December Baby! Your b-day is this month and mommy will be there with balloons, flowers, gifts and of course cake! I miss and love you my little guy!!!!
12/3/09 It was a beautiful day today stinker-butt and it was great sitting with you at the cemetery for a bit talking to you. I took Dewey to the vets today and it brought back some sad memories - but i didnt cry. I miss you so much little guy it hurts so much still.
12/04/09 Hi baby, its raining and cold here today and your mommy is sick. Im not sure I will be able to go see you today and I sure hate that. I cant go see gramp either. Just you remember that I miss and luv you very much. I will see u tomorrow. You go play and have fun, I will get rid of this cold and be better soon. kisses......
12/05/09-Still rainy baby, but I do need to go to the store today and if it lets up a bit I will come to see you and gramp later on. I hope you are happy and having lots of treats. Miss u mommy
12/10/09-Moms still sick but dont you worry, coz I plan to get better. I cant come to see you today tho my little guy so you be strong and happy. I will try to come see u tomorrow. hugs & kisses my baby!!!!
12/13/09 Was so glad to come and see you today!!! I put lots of Christmas things for you. And next Tues on your birthday there will be more! Im goin with Daddy Gene on a cruise tomorrow little guy so I wont be able to come for a few days, but I will have your pic with me and with talk to you. I will miss you as always,love and kisses....ok goodnite my stinker butt......
12/20/09-Two more days its your b-day baby!!! I got you lots of goodies and will see you coz I have the day off. goodnite my precious and tyvm for the Christmas card, I will cherish it forever!!!!!
12/23/09- It was great talking to you on your b-day and I hope that you liked all of your gifts! I cant believe you will not be able to open presents for Christmas with me, it makes me very sad. Baby I miss you so much it hurts. Holidays dont mean much to me this year. Goodnite sweet baby mommy loves you very very much. XOXOXOX!!!!
12/25/09 Merry Christmas!!! my sweet baby boy- Im sending you a chicken sandwich and chewies. I hope I can see you later, but at least I got there when the rain stopped. I miss u little guy! XOXOXO Goodnite for now........
12/26/09 Sorry baby for not coming to see u today, it was a busy day, but do not ever think that u were not on my mind, coz believe me that u are there ALWAYS!!! I will c u after work tomorrow. Sleep well my little guy- luv u!!!!!!
1/01/10 Happy New Year moms little guy!!!! I hope its a better one coz without you 09 was not good. I will be up to see you later on. Sleep tight my sweet guy XOXOX luv u !!
1/8/10 Hi baby, sorry i didnt make it up to see u today, had dentist and shopping. I got a new puppy tonite-hes bichon/poo--but dont u worry u will always be the "love of my life" and i will never ever have another!!! Will always luv u and u will live forever in my heart and memories. XXOO sleep tight my little guy
1/9/10 We had sleet today little guy it was soooo cold and thats why I didnt make it up there to see you. Goin to be cold again tomorrow, but I have to go to work, so I will try to see you after work- kisses, hugs and luv to u my baby-nite mommy
1/21/10 Hi precious baby! wow weather was terrible tonite! Im goin to try to see you tomorrow-I miss you my little guy! XXOO sleep tight!
3/12/10 Hi mommys baby, i miss u so much and its been raining for two days so i havent been able to come up and see you, but know that i love u today and always my precious baby boy. I will come to see you tomorrow - even if it rains again ok baby, goodnite XXOO mommy
4/2/10 Hi mommys boy! Havent written in awhile, but I have been to see you, I hope that you enjoyed the basket of flowers I brought you today. I will see you tomorrow. Nite baby! mommy xxxooo
5/3/10 Hi baby - didnt see u today, but ur always in my heart and on my mind. I miss and love u my baby boy!!!!!!!!! I wish u could come back to me, but I know u cant so I will be there to see you one day......sleep tight baby xxxxooooo love mommy
5/10/10 Thank-you so much for the watch u bought me for Mothers Day!!! I worn it to work and I love it. Also thanks for the letter and card, u r a very special little boy! Mommy loves u baby. Grams in the hospital and I came home sick from work. But I will visit u soon. Nite baby boy XXOO
7/17/10 Hi mommys baby! I went to church today and as always I prayed for you and me to be together soon. I miss you so much, u are my best friend and im lost without you. I hope you like the flowers that I put up there today. Im goin to bed now, love u big big and miss u soooooo much! mommy xxoo
12/8/10 Hi my lil guy! Been along time since I wrote, but thats coz Ive been coming up to see you with Bella, I know shes a monster, but she keeps me company...not the same as you, but she helps a little. You're b-day is soon baby, and Im goin to come up there and decorate. Love u, baby, sleep well. xxxxoooo, wish I could just hold you again........... miss u so much.......
9/18/2011 I cant believe that you r gone now 2 yrs. I miss u just as much as I did the day you had to leave me. Me, Grandma, Ed and Bella came to see you today and brought flowers in the pouring rain because we love and miss you so much. Love you baby xxxxxxxoooooo
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