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Memories of Skippy
3/1/09-- Hi Skippy-- mommy misses you so much. It all happened so quickly. You were just fine a few days ago. We took you to the vet and received such horrible news. I couldnt let you suffer. Dr. Temprano was so good to you. I stayed with you for as long as I could. I didnt want to leave you by yourself. I know Tiggy was waiting for you on the other side of Rainbow Bridge. Please let him know I think of him too. I miss you both. I will try to make one of these for Tiggy too. Grandma misses you. You followed her everywhere, even to the bathroom. You would call to her every morning for breakfast. You could be a little stinker when you wanted to be. Muffy misses you--he misses sharing the morning sunshine on the couch with you. Lady is sad too. I hope you know I did what was best for you. You were with us for almost 16 yrs. I miss you--

Pressy's Family has signed Skippy's Rainbows Bridge guest book:
Hello, precious Skippy, welcome to the sunny meadow by Rainbow Bridge. Mom and Dad love and miss you so...they made you a beautiful place and wrote loving words. We asked our Pressy to help Tiggy welcome you and be a playmate to chase sunbeams and rainbows and give you kitty love headbumps. She'll help show you Paradise meadow and teach you to send love signs on the wind to Mom and Dad...Skippy signs to home furbabies too!...so they feel your loving presence when gentle breezes blow. You're now another guardian star shining brightly until they come to cross the Bridge together for all time. We ask they not be so sad but remember you're nestled beside your pawprints in their hearts forever. Play happy meadow games with other furangels but stop often to smile at Mom and Dad so they feel the warmth of your love surround them and know you miss them too. Soar among clouds with Tiggy on silvery new angel wings to watch over Mom and Dad together always, beloved Skippy. Pressy's Grandpa

3/1/09-- 9:00pm- Im going to bed now Skippy. I hope to dream of you and know that you are at peace. Some nice people from Washington came by to see you and left a wonderful note. I hope they visit you again. It helps me feel better to know that other people love and miss their babies as much as I miss you. I hope you met their Pressy (Precious)--- she looks alot like you. Is Tiggy with you? Please give him a headbump for me. I love you. Good night!

3/2/09- Hi Skippy-- I know you have made many friends in the meadow already. Their mommies and daddies have sent me wonderful notes. THeir babies are coming to get to know you. Be sure Tiggy stays close to you. Dont let him be alone. I know you are such a nosy little boy, but be careful. I know nothing will harm you there. Have fun and remember to send me kisses so I know you are thinking of me and doing fine. Remind Tiggy to send me "lovies" too. I thought of you all day today. I had a hard time concentrating at work. My mind drifted off to you and that you were here with me this time last week. Now you are not-- I am sad. Grandma thinks about you all the time. Muffy calls to you at night. Please answer him so he wont be lonely. Have fun bouncing in the meadow. I can still hearing your "putt putt" purring in my heart. Mommy loves you.

3/3/09 Hello Skippy--You have met many new friends havent you? You are all having such a grand time romping in the sunny meadow. I miss you so much. You have been gone for almost a week now. The pain is very bad--- I know you are pain-free where you are but mommy still has a hole in her heart. Please keep Tiggy close to you. He probably knows his way around because he has been there longer than you, but you are brothers and you need to keep him near. I dont have your ashes yet. Dr.Temprano said it will be later this week. I dont know how I will feel when I get them. I know you are here but physically you are not. I would love to feel your furry body on my lap again and "hold your head" like I alwsys did. Daddy misses you too--- Grandma missing you swirling around her feet-- Be a good boy-- make lots of friends but be sure that you and Tiggy send me signs now and then......... I love you sweetpea!

3/4/09-- You came home to us today--- your ashes. You are here with us again. I feel sad--- Im sorry you had to go through what you did. I didnt want you to suffer sweetie. It agonized me to see you like that. I put this pretty little box on the china cabinet. It has your name on a gold label. THere is a certificate too that tells me that you are in this box. Grandma went with me to get you. She held you so carefully all the way home. I know she misses you. She doesnt talk about it much, but I know she does. You were her alarm every morning. Muffy still wakes her but it's not the same. Your meow truly sounded like you were saying "grandma"---
Are you stll making friends? I bet you are--- Im sure Tiggy and other furbabies are showing you around. Knowing that you ar prancing around the meadow and painfree eases my mind. I still miss you and Tiggy very much. I miss all my babies that have crossed Rainbow Bridge in the past. Like you, they are my babies. A piece of my heart goes with each of you. I know you had a good life. You spent almost 16 yrs with me. You are my little boy. I miss hearing your putt-putt when you sat on my lap. God is holding you now-- how lucky HE is. Just remember to send me "lovies" now and then. It helps to know that you havent forgotten your mommy. BE sure Tiggy does it too, ok?

TAke care my sweet pea--- remember that mommy loves you-- and misses you.

PS---- I just heard that our neighbor Rocky just came over the bridge too-- look for him-- he is big boxer dog, but he wont hurt you. His mom and dad are sad. Go find him and show him what you have learned in the last 7 days.

3/6/09 Hi sweetie peatie!! Im sorry I didnt write anything yesterday. I came to visit you though. I showed daddy how to write something. Im still getting emails from people who say they have visited you. They are telling their babies to come meet you. Im sure you have met them and just having a ball in the meadow. I miss you SKippy. I have not washed your pillow yet, but I took some hair from it and put it in a baggie next to your ashes. Muffy is looking for you-- please whisper in his ear that you are nearby but just not here. It's still so sad without you. I miss seeing your race around the living room and use the couch as a springboard to get across the room. I miss hearing you call to Grandma. I know she misses you. Ive told her to come here to write something. She might, but I know she still thinks of you. You were little baby--- her little "peapot" she called you. Be sure to send her "lovies" too when you send them to me.Someone sent me a pretty poem about losing a furbaby. It made me cry,but it wss nice. It reminded me of how much you meant to me and where you are now. God gets to hold you --- Did you find Tiggy and all our other babies? Keep having fun dont forgot mommy and how much I love and miss you. I brought you some tuna-- remember how you used to beg Grandma to share it with you whenever she opened a can?

3/7/09- Hi Skippy- I just fed Muffy breakfast. It stil hurts to just have one bowl now. I miss you so much. It's a bright sunny day today. I know you are bringing me that sunshine. I wrote a nice thank you card to Dr. Temprano for taking such good care of you. She was very kind to mommmy, daddy and Grandma when you were leaving us. She was very comforting. THis week has been very busy at work. I thought about you alot and some teachers asked about you. THey know how much I miss you. Bye for now-- go run, play and laugh. We will talk again soon. Just remember to send me lovies and know that even if I dont write something on here, I still visit you and think of you everyday. I always will.

3/8/09- Hi Skippy-doo! Mommy misses you alot today. Im not happy right now. I want to see you, to pet you and hear you purr in my ear. Please send me some lovies from the bridge. I need to feel you right now. Let me know that you are happy and pain free. Let me know that you are having fun making new friends. Mommy needs you right now. It's a pretty sunny day and I know you have sunny days all the time now. I will be back to talk to you later. Right now, Im going to go lay down. I love you little boy.

It's Sunday night, another work week is starting-- we opened tuna today and you didnt come running-- mommy is sad. I have to go to bed now-- sleep tight baby! I know you snooze under midnight navy skies with thousands of stars twinkling above you. Mommy loves you!

3/9/09- Hello Skippy doo! Did you have a fun-filled day? Mommy was busy at work but I thought about you during the quiet times. I still have your picture on my desk. I will always keep it there to look in your bright green eyes. I can still hear you purring in my heart. Holly-berry's mom came to visit you last night. She is very kind. Im sure you have met her furbaby -- I know you are happy where you are, but mommy still misses you. It's been almost 2 weeks since you have been gone--- feels like years. I want to thank you for sharing your life with me. You were so tiny when we found you at the park. You grew up to be a handsome boy-- You always kept Grandma company while she sat on the couch or at night before she went to bed. She misses you too. She is not feeling well today-- could you take a few minutes to send her some "lovies" from the Bridge. I know she would be happy to hear from you. She always took such good care of you when Daddy and I went on vacation. Mommy never worried about you when Grandma took care of you.

Take care sweet pea-- remmeber mommy loves you and misses you so much! xoxoxoxox

3/12/09- Hi sweet boy! I know I havent written in the past few days,but I still think of you. I really dont know what to say some days. I miss you so much, but Im sure you dont want to hear that all the time. MOmmy has been busy at work with our testing season. When Im working my mind drifts to you ........ are you still making new friends? I hope you are keeping Tiggy close to you-- or should it be that Tiggy is keeping you close to him? You are so nosy when you want to be, Im sure you know your way around by now. Do you get to sit on God's lap? I bet he loves hearing your "putt-putt" motor purring. It is such a delightful sound......Id love to hear just one more time-- send me a "lovie" ok?

I love you little boy--- I will come see you again, but please dont be mad if I dont write everyday. I think about you all the time. Be a good boy! I miss you! xoxoxoxox

3/13/09-- Hi Skippy-- it's Friday and it has been a very stressful week for mommy. I wanted to cry so many times and just say forget it all and come home. But, stuck with it and just focused on what I needed to do. I made a few mistakes but Im not perfect. It's the weekend and Daddy is off from work-- we have some special plans to be together. I will check in with you later. Mommy loves you!! xoxoxoxox

Good night Skippy--- mommy loves and miss you--- I will come see you tomorrow.---

3/14/09-- Hi sugarplum! What was your day like today? I bet you were having a glorious time romping and playing with new friends. Daddy and I went to a baseball game today. We both got a bit sunburned. Grandma's bday is tomorrow. Please take time to send her a whisper of Happy Birthday. She is kinda sad. Her sister is not feeling well and we arent sure how long she will be on earth. She is younger than Grandma but has more health problems. She is in nursing home. Muffy is sitting on the back of the couch in the sunshine. The warm sun feels good on his old body. Lady is teasing daddy about going for a walk,so Im sure we will go pretty soon. I miss you sweetie---- I really do--- it's so different not having you to follow me everywhere or to come wake me up in the morning. I think about you all the time and I hope you are happy. Please whisper to me now and then ok? I dont want you to forget mommy--- I love you! xxoxoxoxoxox

3/15/09- Today is Grandma's bday.She told me she felt your whisper to wish her happy birthday. Im glad that happened. That made her smile, but it made me miss you more. We all miss you Skippy. I know you are in a happy place and no longer suffering, but mommy still hurts from losing you. It's so hard not seeing you everyday. I think of you all the time. Im ready for some time off from work--- just 2 weeks before spring break. Daddy and I are going to Texas to see his brother, but I promise I will come see you on your birthday. I love you ! Good night--- sleep well under your star-filled skies!! Remember that Mommy is here thinking of you. Miss you!

3/18/09 - Hi Skippy- I came to see you last night but I didnt have much to say. I just wanted to be near you. Mommy misses you-- you left us 3 weeks ago today. Not that long ago but feels like an eternity since you have been gone. Mommy is very stressed at work-- Im trying to do what I need to do, there is so much going on-- I cant keep it together. Please stay near mommy so I can feel you and help me through this rough time. I love you!! xoxoxoxoxx

3/19/09-- Hi sugarplum! Mommy still misses you-- alot. It was a hard day at work--- Im getting pulled in so many directions and getting nothing done. I was sitting here at the computer until 930 last night(started at 530) doing paperwork. I got so tired and just cried. I cried for you--- I miss your soft body to comfort me on days like this. I miss hearing your putt-putt. I hope you know how much we all miss you. I know Grandma and Daddy do too. Lady and Muffy still seem a bit confused --not knowing what happened to you. I think they know. Have you met many new friends? Be a good boy-- romp and have fun. Be sure to stop and send me "lovies" ok? Bye for now. I love you!

3/20/09-- Hi baby boy! Did you have a nice day? Mommy had a very rough day at work. Im very tired and I have made a mistake. I got yelled at by my boss, but other people have told me not to worry about it, it's not a big deal. But you know how mommy is--- big worry-wart! Did you meet a new friend named Smokey? He is a cute little kitty who crossed the bridge this week. His mommy is very sad without him. Please find him and show him what you have learned in your short time there already. Remind him to visit his mommy in her dreams and to send her "headbumps" ok? I miss you so much--- You were such a big part of my life-- remember how much mommy loved you and how I would never let anything or anyone harm you. You lived a long time-- 16 yrs. Be a good boy and tell Tiggy and all my other furbabies that mommy thinks of them too. I love you!

3/21/09 Hello sweetpea, I changed the music here at your residency. I liked the other song I chose, but it always makes me cry. I chose another favorite song. Mommy misses you so much. Muffy woke me up at 6am for breakfast. Lady, daddy and Grandma are still sleeping. It is still so different without you here. I know you are fine where you are-- be sure to make lots of friends but please be sure to stop and send me lovies sometimes too. Watch over mommy and daddy next week. We are flying to Texas to see daddy's brother. I hope to have fun while we are there. We will be there on your birthday but I will come see you ok? Be a good boy. Remember mommy loves you!

3/23/09-- Hi Skippy--- I was redeemed by my boss today. I showed him that it wasnt my mistake and he was happy with it. Im glad, that really upset me. How are you? I bet you are still making friends there. Enjoy this paradise-- you are so deserving. Mommy misses you --I feel the sunshine today and I know you are sending it to me....... thank you! Remember mommy loves you! xoxoxoxoxox
03/23/09- Hi Skippy I hope you are having fun. We all miss you very much and do lady and muffy. I miss you jumping up and sitting on my lap and hearing your put put. I know you are in a better please but we wish you wre still here. Taake care I will write to you again sometime soon

3/24/09--I just wanted to come by to say hi to you--- I dont have much to say-- remember that mommy loves you and misses you very much! Be a good boy-- have fun! 0xx0x0x0x

3/26/09-- Hi babyboo! Mommy is now on spring break!! I worked late today to get some work finished so it wont be waiting for me after vacation. I miss you little one!! I know you are so busy making new friends and running all over the sunny meadow, painfree and no longer suffering. May you always feel like this. Your birthday is next week-- you would have been 16 yrs old. I will come see you then. Daddy and I will be out of town but I will find a computer to come see you and bring you balloons-- your favorite. I will come see you before we leave too, ok? Be a good boy, give hugs to all my babies that are there with you. TEll them mommy misses and loves them too. xooxoxox

4/1/09 Happy Birthday Skippy!! Today would have been your 16th birthday. I hope you are having fun playing in the meadow with your new friends. Mommy and Daddy are on vacation right now. We didnt go to Texas like we wanted to. The plane had problems and it was delayed. So we came up to Orlando instead. It has been fun but mommy still thinks of you too. Muffy and Lady are home with Grandma. I miss you alot Skippy-doo. I miss you so much! I hope you had a fun day! Be a good boy and be sure to send me "lovies" ok? I love you!! xoxoxoooxx

4/10/09-- hello baby boo! I know it's been a long time since Ive written anything, but Ive come to see you everyday. Somedays I dont feel like writing. I just want to be near you. Mommy misses you so much. I think about you all the time. Are you doing ok? Im sure you are -- no pain and beautiful sunny days and star-filled nights. I love you little boy-- be good, come see mommy once in awhile ok? xoxoxoxox

4/11/09 Happy Easter Skippy! It was very weird to have Easter baskets out for display without having to worry about you chewing the grass- I know you loved that but shouldnt eat it. Tell me about your new friends. Knowing you, you probably know everyone-- you nosy little boy. Mommy misses you and is very tired today. Daddy had to go to work tonight-- I miss him when he goes to work. PLease use your angel friends to watch over him ok? Summer is coming--- soon I will be home for the summer. I cant wait. I just got to get all my work done. Watch over me while I get it done and help me to focus to get it down. I love you -- miss you so!!! xxooxooxo

4/17/09-- hi baby boo--- mommy is here to see you. I miss you so much little boy. Work is so hard right now-- summer is coming and there is alot to do before the school year is over. Im trying so hard to stay calm and take one day at a time. I just feel so overwhelmed at times. I have no time to finish my work and I hate to bring things home to do. Everytime I have some free time, something happens or someone needs me and before I know it, my free time is gone. Good news, though-- daddy is back working day shift now. His dr wrote a letter saying that his health is being dangered by the work schedule. Im glad, I hate how he had to work at night. He is a good police man and does his job well. Im so very tired right now-- I wanted to come by to see you. I think of you all the time and your picture at work looks at me from your pretty green eyes. Come see mommy soon, Id love to feel your headbumps. xoxoxoxoxxooxo i love you!
4/25/09-- Hi Skippy Doo--- Im sorry I havent been here to see you. Grandma had a heart attack earlier this week and we have been at the hospital with her. I know you were watching over her and sending her lovies. She is home now and feeling better. Im so glad she is better but I was scared. Today is Daddy's bday. We are just going to have a quiet dinner here- we are all tired from this week. He is back to working day shift now---- watch over his while he does his police work ok?? I miss you little one-- I think of you all the time. I love you!! xoxooxoxoxo

05/02/09- Hi baby!! It's a sunny hot day today-- we are doing some much needed cleaning both inside and out. Mommy has a cold. Ive been working very late recently, coming home and not sleeping well-- it all catches up. Only 23 more days of school. I cant wait for summer. Im sorry I havent been here to visit you. I havent been on the computer as much. I miss you and think of you every day. Are you still making some new friends? Muffy has taken your place with meowing early in the AM to wake us up for breakfast. He starts around 430--when Daddy is getting ready for work.
I miss you so little one......... I will come back again soon! xoxoxoxox - send me lovies ok?

5/6/09- Hi baby boo! I came to see you and brought you some new toys-- I brought my favorite and yours--- i kow you love balloon bouquets and my favorite is yellow roses. I hope you are doing well. Mommy misses you. Last week was the anniversary when we lost Tiggy- 7 yrs ago. Im sure Tiggy is with you now--- keep him close to you ok? I think about you all the time--- I miss your putt-putt. Grandma is feeling better but still needs to rest.. BE a good boy-- i love you! x0x00x

5/10/09-- It's Mother's little one! I miss you!! I think about you alot. I know I dont come here often but you are on my mind all the time. Sometimes I just come here to be near you and talk to you, but I dont always write. Only 17 more days of school and it's summer. It's been a rough semester Skippy. When daddy's work schedule changed, then we lost your precious life, and Grandma had a heart attack---- it's been hard. There are days I just wanted to crawl away somewhere and not come back.Work has been so rough too. HOw are you doing? Tell me about the friends you have made. Im sure you have met so many-- you were always such a nosy one. WEll, I have to go now-- we ar joining family for breakfast. I love you little boy-- xoxoxox MOmmy misses you too!

5/23/09- Hi Baby boo! Mommy hasnt been here to see you in a while-- Im sorry. I think aobut you every day, but the school year is winding down and mommy has been so busy. I dont want you to think I have forgotten you. That is not true at all. I miss you alot. YOu are on my mind as I go through my day. I still cant believe you are not here with me. I know you are making new friends and spending time romping around in the sunshine. Please come near the bridge to see me and let me know you are there. Send me some lovies ok? Lady and Muffy miss you. Grandma is feeling better-- she has to take lots of medicine since her heart attack. Thank you for standing by her and protecting her. It's been raining alot-- but I know you have endless sunny days and beautiful sapphire skies at night. Be a good boy and always know how much I love you! xoxoxoxo

5/25/09-Hi Skippy- Im asking you to flutter by daddy today and for the days ahead. He collapsed at work and he has a blood clot in both lungs. He is in critical care now. He is very sick and I need you to stand by and protect him. You know how much I love him-- thank you baby boo!! I love you too! xoxoxox

5/31/09- Hi baby boo! Thank you so much for standing by daddy when he was in the hospital. He is home now and has to recover. I pray he will be ok. Ive been reading alot about his diagnosis and it is scary, very scary. He has to take special medicine now. I want him to take his time and get better. I cant live without him Skippy. Please stay near him ok? Lady and Muffy are doing ok and grandma is feeling better. She needs to rest too. I love you little one- and miss you terribly. xoxoxoxo Mommy!
6/7/09-- Hi Skippy doo! Well, mommy finished another school year. I am now home for the summer. We cant go on vacation because daddy is still not well enough to leave. I am so sad. We wanted to get away for a little while. We will miss his brother's wedding too. Daddy is sad about that. I miss you baby-- Muffy wakes grandma up every morning now, just like you used to. We took Lady to the groomers and she got shaved!! She looks so different with short hair. It will grow back. How are you? Im sure you are meeting so many new friends arent you? Mommy misses you alot. I wish you were still here. I love you baby boo==xoxxoxooxx

6-22-09 Hi Baby-- I know I havent been by to see you but I miss you so much. Daddy is feeling better. He can go back to work on light duty for 6 months. He has to work nights from 8pm-5am. I hate that. I miss him so much when he is gone at night. Grandma is doing a little better. I take her to another dr in the morning. She is taking alot of medicine too. Muffy wakes me up every AM starting around 4 or so and meows like you did to make sure everyone knows he is awake. Lady is doing ok too. Are you doing ok in the meadow? Im sure you are still making friends arent you? Mommy misses you so much. I love you! oxooxxoxoxox

7/5/09- Hi sKippy-- Well, July 4th is over. I have about 5 weeks left of my summer vacation. We got good news from daddy's dr. All the blood tests came back negative. That means there is nothing wrong with his blood and he wont have to be on that horrible medicine the rest of his life. thank you for watching over him during all this. I knew you were there. The dr said we can go away for a little bit-- Im happy for that. We need some time alone, together. We will just go away for the weekend. What have you been up to? Mommy misses you still. The house is not the same without you. I can still hear your putty-putts. I think about you all the time-- take care little one. I love you!! xoxxoxoxoxx

7/25/09- Hi Skippy doo! Whats new in your wonderful world? I hope you are still at peace and making new friends daily. If I know you, you have tons of friends. THings are ok here. Mommy thinks about you everyday. Summer is almost over and soon I will go back to work. Another school year will soon be starting. Grandma is feeling better but still tired. Daddy is doing ok too. His blood levels went down a bit last week, but they are fine now-- they increased his medicine. He is still working those crazy night time hours - I hate it. Muffy and Lady are doing ok too. I love you little boy-- be a good boy! I will come see you another time.

8/29/09-- Hello my little one! I know it's been a long time since Ive been to visit you--the website was not working right. Things are busy -- school started about 3 weeks ago. So far, it's been pretty low keyed-- Im happy for that. I still would love to hear your putt-putt again. Are you having fun playing in the meadow? I brought you some tuna-- I know you love it so. Mommy misses you and thinks about you alot. I had my first birthday without you a few weeks ago--- it was sad not to see your name on my bday cards. But, I know you were here--- I could feel you.
Well, I must go for now--- remember to come see me now and then xxoxoxox-- I love you!

10/02/09-Hi Baby boo! Ive missed you so much-- I know it's been a long time since Ive been here-- but I think about you everyday. People have told me that I think of you it means you are fluttering close to earth to be near me-- I do hope that is true- Muffy and Lady are doing good-- Muffy has taken over your calling out in the AM-- at 5am-- he is howling for someone to get up--
So whats new in the meadow? STill making new friends-- Im sure. Grandma is feeling tired-- she doenst like taking 9 pills a day--- please flutter down to send her some lovies--- ok?
Daddy got good news from all his drs. We hope he can go back to his regular job in Dec... I pray that will happen. I dont like this night shift he is working.
Well, be a good boy--- remmember that mommy loves you! :)
11/14/09 Hi Skippy-- how is my baby boy? I know I havent been here in such a long time-- Im sorry- I may not be here physically but you are always on my mind--- I think about you all the time. The weather is cooling down-- we had the windows open and the back door open to the patio. I remember that you used to like to lay out there in the warm sun. I know it'a always sunny where you ara now. Are you still making friends?? Are you the leader? I bet you are. I just wanted to come by to say hi to you--- mommy loves you! xxoxooxx Come by to visit me too ok?
11/29/09 Hi sweetie-- mommmy misses you. We just finished Thanksgiving. My first Thanksgiving without you. We started decorating for Christmas. It is weird not seeing you crawl in all the boxes of ribbons and tinsel. It's not the same without you baby. I think about you all the time. I still have your picture on my desk at work and look at it throughout the day. Are you still making lots of new friends? I miss you alot--- mommy is sad sometimes Skippy. I just feel like bad somedays. I dont feel like I can do my job sometimes. I try hard, really I do. It's hard to do what I do everyday. There is always some chaos going on or something I have to take care of. I have no meetings on Monday. Let's hope for a quiet day. I hope you flutter by to see mommy soon-- I really need to hear your "putty-putt". Remember mommy loves and misses you alot!! xoxoxxox
12/24/09-- Merry Christmas little one! I am thinking of you alot today. We miss you helping to wrap presents and playing with ribbon. It's our first Christmas without you. I still miss you and cry when I think about losing you. Do you like the way I decorated your home at Rainbow Bridge? It looks alot like our home-- with the two trees by the front door. I know that the Lord is taking care of you,but I miss you. Grandma is not feeling too good. All the meds she takes make her sore and hard to move. Despite all that, we made cookies etc. We are going to church this afternoon. I love you so much Skippy. STop by to see me ok-- let me know you are there--- xoxoxxoxoxoxxoxx

1/1/2010- Happy New Year sweetie! I miss you-- I go back to work on Monday- had 2 weeks off. I needed the vacation but wish you were here with me. I sure hope this year is better than last year. It started when we lost you. It will be a year the end of Feb. Wow, time flies by so quickly. I love you!! xoxoxo-- stop by to visit me and let me know you are there.........
2/1/10- It's February little one. It's almost been a year since you left us. I still miss you so much. I think about you all the time. I hope you are frolickingi in the meadow and still making many new friends. Please flutter by and see me. I will know you are there. I love you! oxoxoxxox
2/14/10- Happy Valentines Day sweet pea! Muffy is not well today. It will be a year on Feb25 that you left me and walked over Rainbow Bridge. I think the time is nearing the Muffy will come with you. He is very weak and not walking very steady. I hate to see him go-- it will break my heart just like it broke when you left. I cant stand this. PLease guide Muffy over -- you know how scared he gets. STay with him and introduce him to all your friends. MOst of all, let him sleep on God's lap for a few nights until he gets used to be there. I want to keep him here, please let him stay just a little longer, ok? Mommy misses and loves you! xoxoxoxox
2/15/10- Hi Skippy- Muffy joined you today. Mommy is so sad. I miss him alot-- I knew it was his time to go. He went to sleep just like you did, with the help of Dr. Drummond. Please watch over him and keep him safe while he finds his way around up there. He gets scared very easily. I will make a place just like this for him too. I love you both-- hugs from mommy!
3/2/10- Hi Skippy, thank you so much for bringing Muffy to me in my dream. It was a great dream-- you and Muffy came by to see me. I got to pet you both. You looked so healthy with shiny coats and bright eyes. Then, in a few seconds, you both scampered off into a beam of sunshine. I know that was your way of letting me know that Muffy made it ok. Thank you thank you thank you. Mommy has been very busy at work and we have Uncle Matt's wedding on Saturday. We have lots of company coming in so I may not be able to visit you very often the next few days. I think of you all the time, but may not be here. Ok? Mommy loves you xoxoxoxxxx
3/9/10 Hi Skippy boy! How are you-- Mommy misses you. Are you playing with new friends? I know you found Muffy. Is Tiggy with you too? Grandma is doing ok-- she really danced up a storm at Uncle Matt's wedding on Saturday. She is 83. It's so quiet around here with you and Muffy. Remember to come see me in my dreams. STop by and give me a headbump now and then ok?? I love you! ooxoxxox MOmmy misses you.
Hello Little one-- are you having a good day? Mommy is missing you, Muffy and Tiggy alot lately. I had a very rough week at work. Im so very tired. I wake up in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep. I cry when I think about you...... I know you and Muffy are doing well. Keep him close because he still may be a little scared....... I love you xooxxoxoxox
Hi sweetie pie-- mommy is thinking about you today. I went to visit Muffy today too. I miss you all so much. Im thinking about you alot. I know you have made so many friends in the meadow . Please continue to watch over Muffy too, ok? I wish you were all with me still. I love you--- Come see me in my dreams ok?
Hi Skippy doo! Mommy is going on vacation tomorrow. We are goig to Texas. This is the first trip we have taken in a long time. I miss you. Are you and Muffy and Tiggy having fun in the meadow with other new friends? I love you= mommy is very tired --- I need to rest and clear my head. There is alot going on at work but it's spring break. I have a week off. I promised daddy that I would try not to think about work during this week. Please come see me and let me know you are nearby ok? I love you= I will come see you when I get back.
Hi there sweetie, we made it back from vacation. It was fun-- I thought of you alot. Im hoping you have met a new friend named Mia. It's a little dog belonging to Aunt Karen's daughter, Amanda.He got hit by a car today...... make friends with him and teach him some things you have learned. Please be sure to come visit me soon-- Muffy came by a few weeks ago, but he was alone-- please try to come together ok? I love you!! xooxoxoox Happy Birthday baby boo!

Hi Skippybub! Im thinking of you and Muffy today-- I miss you guys so much. Did you find Tiggy yet? He has not been to see me in my dreams. I wish he would visit me. He has been in the meadow much longer than you and Muffy. I just want to know that he is ok too. I hope to get one of these residences for him too very soon. Are you doing ok? I saw a little kitty on Friday that looked alot like you. He was so cute. I wanted to scoop him up and bring him home. He was living in a really bad part of town. He needs to be in a safer place and be cared for. He was so cute. He sat and watched me turn my car around-- so sweet. Are you doing ok? I love you! xoxxoxoxx
Hi baby-- it's Friday. I got a nice email from a lady who came to visit you here at RB. It made me cry but I know it's where you are and you are lving with God now........ he gets to have you on his lap and hold your head like we used. Ive added some new things here for you. I hope you like them. Please come see me-- I need to hear your putt-putt. xoxoxox

Hi Skippy-- It's mother's day and I miss you alot- I wish you were here with me. I miss hearing your "putt-putt"-- I know you are having fun. I have to know if you found Tiggy yet? Tiggy has been over the bridge for 8 yrs now. He hasnt come to see me in my dreams like you and Muffy do. Please try to find him and let me know. Tell him to come visit me so I knw he is ok. I brought you some of my favorite smelling flowers- lilacs. I miss not having them in FL. I also brought you a new balloon bouquet. I know you love balloons! I love you-- I will come see you again. xoxoxoxox.

Hi Little one- mommy is sad today-Ive been thinking of all of you babies and how much I miss you. I know you are having fun and enjoying the sunny meadow over the bridge. I miss hearing your "putt-putt"- I wish you were here with me today. I love you---Have you found Tiggy? Please tell him to come see me in my dreams like you and Muffy do. Tell him I will build a place for him soon, I promise. I have only 10 days left of school and then Im home for the summer---I hope I can make it! I love you so much.... xoxxooxx

Hi Skippy doo-- mommy came to see you today. I miss you all so much. Im on summer vacation now- school is out! Im still very tired. I didnt go for my walk this morning. I will go on THursday. I miss you and love you! I know you have made many friends in the meadow. I hope you have found Tiggy. I miss him too. Daddy and I are going on vacation next week. Im excited about going but I will miss Grandma and Lady. I knwo they will be fine but I worry about them while we are away. I am sad today too. Be a good boy and come see me soon ok-- bring Muffy and Tiggy with you. I love you!! xooxxox

Hi Skippy boo boo~ how are you today? Mommmy misses you so much. It's almost July 4th. The summer is going by so quickly. I miss you so much. I love you. Please come visit me in my dreams. It makes me feel so much better when you do that. PLease try to find Muffy and Tiggy and bring them with you. I told Muffy to do the same. I yearn to see Tiggy so that I know he is there and safe. Are you still making new friends? I bet you are, becuase you like to meet people. Mommy has been so sad lately. We went away on vacation but it wasnt the same. Nothing is the same anymore. Be a good boy and I will be back to see you again soon. I love you! xoxoxooxxo

Hi Skippy boo-- I just visited Muffy. I told him that I took his leftover food and water to Safe Harbor. This is the place we got Lady. I knew the kitties there could use it. They were happy to get it. Please talk with Muffy and do a favor for me? Muffy will tell you all about it. Mommy and Daddy really need God's blessings on us right now. Please whisper to people daddy works with and tell them he deserves to stay working in his job. I cant imagine what will happen if he doesnt. How are you? Are you happy ? I know you are making so many new friends-- Mommy misses you so very much. My birthday is next week and it will be hard to celebrate without you and Muffy. I need you to talk to God ok Skippy? Thank you! I brought you some balloons- your favorite. I love you! oxoxoxoxo

Hi Skippy doo doo! Mommy misses you so much-- Im sorry I havent been to see you but mommy thinks about you all the time. I know you are doing well-- mommy feels in her heart that you are playing in the meadow and meeting new friends daily. Are you watching out for Muffy? I worry about Muffy- he was always so timid and Im worried that he is not enjoying his time in the meadow. I told him it was safe place to be and that no animal will hurt him. Daddy went for his test yesterday to make sure he can keep his job. People said he did great and his boss told him before he left not to worry. I hope that is true... Lady is doing ok- we bought her a new supplement for her legs to help with pain. Grandma is doing good too- I know she misses you following her everywhere in the house. She started taking her one of her meds that she hasnt taken for awhile. I hope that makes her feel better. Take care little Skippy- know that mommy loves and misses you with all her heart. xoxxoxox

Hi Baby boo! How are you? I stopped by to see you today. I changed all your decorations. It may be Fall season but it's still near 90 here. We have been lucky not to get any storms yet and I hope it stays that way. It's too hot. I think about you all the time. I hope you are still making friends in the meadow. I know you have lots of them. Mommy thinks about you all the time- not a day goes by that you arent in my thoughts at some time during the day. I miss you. Daddy is back to work now. Im so happy for that. He is working this weekend.


Please also visit Muffy.

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