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i adopted Sissy when she was almost 6 years old after my husband died so I credit her with helping me get on with my life. We immediately bonded and she put her paw prints on my heart right away!! She was loved by all who ever saw her and loved even more when they got to know her. When I moved back to West Palm Beach to live here with Chuck, she immediately stole his heart too, they would sing together every morning.

She was very playful and friendly to everyone. I think she thought that the only reason she was here was to make people happy with her playfulness and sweet demeanor. She specially loved to chase a ball and seemed to be playing soccer with it a lot. Had a stuffed dog that she would suck on the head like a pacifier; her eyes would flicker and she would fall asleep in a very few minutes. I plan to put some of her ashes in the dog and put it on a shelf with my late husband's small memorial I have in my room. He would have absolutely loved her. I certainly did and will miss her so very much. I do hope time will heal some of the ache I have.

I know that everyone feels that their furry friend was special, and they are!! I have had at least one most of my life (and that is a loooong time) but Sissy was the sweetest, most fun and best one I have ever had. She was my Baby Girl and I will always miss her.


Hi Sissy, I certainly do wish I could get some of your sweet little doggie kisses and have you run to greet me when I come in the door!!! Miss you so much. Got your ashes yesterday and now part of you is in your stuffed doggie toy and on the shelf in my room behind me right now. I am so very sorry I did not protect you better and this awful thing happened, Lucy is having a hard time too, looks all over the house for you when we come in after a walk. And the neighbors tell me she really barks a lot when I have left her alone for a couple of hours. Try to send her a message that it will be O.K. I won't ever leave her

alone for very long.
You were the very best furry companion I have ever had by far. I have to believe that you are O.K. and love your home at Rainbow Bridge.


Miss you so much and so does Chuck, Lucy can't sing!! We are trying to teach her but so far not a peep!!Look for a new resident. He is a big black part Lab named Elvis. Was very sick and T.J. made the decision to let him go Mon. night. She is very sad too so take care of him for her. Also there is Mac, Max, Fritzi, and Daisy for you to play with and get to know.
So many neighbors and friends have talked to me about you and want me to know how much they loved you too. And Glen misses seeing your smiling face when he brings just one treat now for Lucy.


Yesterday was a particularly bad "missing you" kind of day. I am trying to put on a good face for Chuck but he is having a hard time too. We both loved you so much and hope you know that. One of a kind!!


Just stopped in to say how much I miss you and how much I love you. And always will. I am still getting messages from the neighborhood about how much they miss you too. Be happy sweet girl.

Still miss you so much. I was working on pictures on my phone yesterday and came across a video of you singing with Chuck. OH MY I was a puddle of tears for a while. Someone left a book entitled Dog Heaven with an inscription to you inside the front door. But, I cannot read the signature to slay a heartfelt thank you to someone. Just shows how you were loved by so many people.

I am going to meet
Willie's Mom for lunch one day. we have a lot to talk about you guys. Make friends with Willie the Cat. Love and miss you. Lucy is doing a little better, still looks all over the house for you. She is sweet and loves to cuddle. Very cute with her new hair cut but I cannot break her from the barking at every little thing. I don't think I told you about her getting attacked by 2 big dogs and had to spend a couple of days with Dr. Porcher. Some lacerations and pretty beat up but nothing too serious. I don't think it taught her a lesson though, she still gets a little snippy with big dogs, thinks she is the Alpha.

Larry and Kristi are here for a short visit. We talked about you last night and they too miss seeing your happy little face and hearing you sing with Chuck. You left paw prints on many hearts. Chuck still misses you so!!!

I know how much you liked going to Arbor Oaks to see Harris. He died on sun. Hope you got to see him when he came into his heaven Greet him with a big wet kiss. He loved you too.

Hi Baby. Just watched some of the videos of you singing with Chuck and I am now a blubbering mess. Oh, How I miss you!!!!!! But I am sure you are happy there with old and new acquaintances!!! Just wish I could see you one more time!!!

Hi Sissy, Think of you almost every day and miss you still!!! Can't help letting the tears fall some because you were such an important part of my life and I mss you so much. Always will.

Certainly miss having you here for Christmas. My eyes get teary when I think of you and that is quite often. Am putting new things in your site. Enjoy!!

Glen's Pomeranian Rusty came to join you yesterday. Take care of him for us. Glen is very sad right now but I told him you would be there to take care of Rusty. I have your baby dog on my counter with your ashes. chuck still misses you so much also. He sits in his chair with a video of you singing a lot.

Oh My!! Tonight is the anniversary of me losing you and I am so sad today!!~ What an awful night and few days looking for you. Love you and miss you so very much!!

3/07/17: Have not addd anything to your wall in a long time --but that does not mean I don't still miss you so much. Think of you so very often and it still hurts .

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