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Memories of Sissy
My Darling little baby Sissy. You were my little baby from the moment the neighbor brought you here to my house after seeing you thrown from a car, I fell in love with you and you with me at that very moment. I took you in my arms and you kissed me and I kissed you and promised you that you would never be hurt again. I kept that promise and will never know how anyone could have hurt you, you were a precious creation of God, a beautiful little bundle of fur that would never hurt anyone. How my heart ached for you and I wanted you to know true love and care and to know that now you had a mommy that would take care of you no matter what. Daddy rushed you to the vet and you had fleas, ticks, and those dreadful heart worms and had to have surgery for a huge umbilical hernia and the vet said it was obvious you had been left outside and abused. Along with the veterinarian we took care of all that and that evening I picked you up from the vet and put you in my bed where you would sleep from then on along with daddy, Spunky and our then precious Sassy. You are now with Sassy at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven with the Angels and God. Then 4 years ago Sassy left us and mommy's heart was broken as it remains today. Then 3 months later your "Willie B' mommy's oldest son Mark rescued Soffee from a puppy mill and brought her to us. Then Mommy had three again. You, Spunky and Soffee. From that first day I was privileged to have you from about April 10, 1995. You now had a mommy that adored you and you would never ever be hurt again. You would finally know love and care.
And that is where you were from that day on with us. Your pillow between mine and Daddy's on our big bed and with Mommy's other babies in the bed with us, too.
I adored you and felt so blessed that I was chosen to be your mommy and for over ten years God let me have you until that horrendous day that you became so ill and no matter what we tried you were taken from me and I am devastated.
Remember the rides, the treats, the home cooked meals, you on a pillow on my lap on the rides, the cuddling. You Spunky and Soffee (after Sassy left) on the big chair or the couch just holding and loving each other. Oh how I miss holding you on my lap on the pillow while we took long rides in the car all together,you, Spunky, Soffee and Mommy and daddy. Then last November 2006, Daddy had a stroke and from then on it was just you, me, Spunky and Soffee as Sassy left us 4 years ago and how you and Spunky grieved along with me for Sassy. And how I still grieve for her,too. How we all grieved over her leaving us, but I went on for you, Spunky and Soffee and the family. Daddy still can't come home as he needs to have intensive rehabilitation that mommy can't do. But we still went on our rides. But perhaps God be willing someday he can come home to us. I grieve over this, too. Oh dear God it is so hard!
How can I live without you but I know I must For Spunky, Soffee and all the family who adored you as I did and do. Part of me went with you my angel and there it will stay. I feel like I can not bear it. When you became hind legs paralyzed two years ago, I was your legs and we got you a cart and though it hurt my heart for you, I told you I would be your legs and I did not mind at all helping you. You were never really well, you had cardiac problems, cushings disease, but we weathered those well. First you had a hind leg cart and then although you had acupuncture, physical therapy, etc.. your front legs began giving out and we then got you a quad cart. I didn't mind the the care you required, you were my little girl and oh how you loved me and me you.
Then all of a sudden two weeks ago you took a turn for the worse and oh how I tried to save you, me, the family and the vets, but God most have wanted you to be His angel and on Sept. 4 at 4:45 P.M. He split the skies and took you to be with Him and the angels and I was left broken hearted. A piece of my heart left with you and there it stays. I am so broken, so distraught, I want my baby girl Sissy I cried, but you didn't wake up.I am so broken hearted you, Spunky, and Soffee (and Sassy in Heaven) were and are my life. Spunky and Soffee are grieving with me. Thank God I have Spunky and Soffee or I don't think I could go on. I miss you in the morning, I miss you all the time, but the nights and mornings are the worse. When I wake and you are not there on the bed beside me, I cry and wail.
Soffee and Spunky come to me and comfort me. But I need you, too. At night I put my hand on your pillow where you used to lie and I cry and cry for you. Spunky and Soffee come to the pillow to look for you, but you are not there.
The way you used to turn when you could walk and dance when I put your food down for you. Then came the day when mommy had to help
you to eat because you could no longer stand on your own. I would give anything even for those days. I miss you almost without endurance. Without exaggerating you became my life, you Spunky and Soffee.
I am feeling so desperately needing you and Sassy here with me, too.
You loved going for rides and just being near me. When you heard my voice you would lift up your precious little head and gaze so trusting with those beautiful dark eyes into my eyes.
Oh my darling how can I go on without you!
Although you had only known abuse the first two years of your life before God brought you to me, you were so filled with spirit and the desire to go on and to love. At night before you went to sleep after your meds you would love the treats I gave you. You were so brave my little angel, never complaining that you no longer could go anywhere without mommy carrying you to do the things most furbabies do. I didn't mind. I had you and you had me.
How beautiful you were, your face, your fur, your dark eyes that had already seen too much hurt, you were my sincere best friend and your eyes told me you trusted me. Oh my God how do I live without You? I have cried an ocean. I see your face, your body, I hear your voice. It is so hard.
I need you, Sissy, I miss you, I want to hold you, kiss you. and pet your beautiful fur, I want to hold you in my arms. You, too were my soul mate and there will never be another you.
My loss was God's gain and I know you can run and play again. Remember how you used to like to chase the squirrels when you could walk. Run and play with Sassy. Tell her I love and miss her and will forever. I pray you can now walk and run again and play with Sassy and all the other precious furbabies mommy has lost.
I miss your kisses and I miss kissing you.
Please Dear God hold her in your arms, along with the Angels and comfort and love her and give her a kiss for me. You were my protector, best friend, my darling baby girl.
Inside my heart was breaking for you when you could no longer walk, but your kisses told me it was okay, because we still had each other.
Sissy give me a sign that you are still with us. Let the angels hold and love you and always think of mommy. I see you everywhere in the house, outside the house, in the car. I see your beautiful face. I hear your voice, but I can't see you and pick you up, pet you. hold you and kiss you and tell you how much I love you. I long to feel your little body next to mine.
I write this through tears that do not stop. There is so many wonderful things I could write about you, but there are not enough words to express how wonderful you were. I was so lucky to be your mommy.

Please wait for me and know I am so thankful to God that He brought you to me, and always know that I will love and miss you forever and ever. I will write agin my darling. My eyes are blind with tears.

Your heartbroken mommy

Sissy my darling precious baby, today is a year that you left me. I have been crying all day and I so long to hold you again and watch you sleep beside me. I see you every where I go. I can not express how much I miss you my precious little darling. Oh how I wish I could have saved you.
What am I going to do without you here with me! I hit the walls as it is so hard to bear. I miss your "sister" Sassy the same way. Why I ask why!!!
I need you. I see your big eyes looking at me the day you left me and I feel like screaming at the world. Why Dear God Why? Dear God hold her for me you and the Angels and tell her how much I miss and Love her. Cuddle her as I would and kiss her for me and tell her it is my kiss you are giving to her. Oh My Darling I can't go on writing it is too hard to see through the tears I am shedding. I want you to always remember I will love and miss you forever. Spunky and Soffee misses you, too. I have rescued two more Sarrie and Shainee, not to replace you for I never could. But to give them a home filled with love and caring, too. I tell them about you and Sassy and at times I think they know for when I cry they run to me and lick my tears away. Oh precious darling rest well my angel and know that a day never goes by that I don't kiss your pictures and tell you and Sassy Good Morning and Good Night and how much I miss and love you.

I will miss and love you forever, Your heart broken Mommy
Sept.4, 2011
Today is 4 years since I held and kissed you my darling. I am so heart broken. My eyes ache to see you and my arms to hold you. I miss you so much I can not put it into words. Oh my darling I can not believe you are gone from me. I need you so much! No one could ever take your place. God sent you to me and now you are with Him and the angels. How lucky they are. I miss your sister Sassy and all my beloved fur babies at the bridge. I sit here with tears streaming down, I feel like I can not bear it. Oh my darling little girl, why oh why must you be gone my darling from my sight. I will always hold you in my heart forever and ever. I will never ever forget you my precious baby. Rest well in God's arms and the Angels arms and please know that I kiss you in my heart and I will love you forever and ever. My little darling. Until we meet again, your heartbroken Mommy.

Sept. 4, 2012
My darling I sit here crying for you. To hold you in my arms. I feel like I can not bear not seeing you, kissing you, holding you. I see you pictures everyday and I still cry for you and always will. I will love you forever and ever and miss you forever and ever until we meet again. God sent you to me and I am so grateful. You are always my little girl. Run my darling, play and think of mommy, too. Play with Sassy and all the other precious ones I have lost to the Rainbow Bridge. My arms ache for you. Rest well in the Angel's arms and please know I kiss you in my heart and words can not express how I love you my little darling. Your heartbroken mommy

Sept4, 2013My precious little darling. The tears still have not stopped. I since have lost your "brother" brother Spunky and a little girl named Shainee. My G-d how do I bear this. I feel like I can not. Please darling know that I miss you and think about you everyday. I will never ever stop loving you and missing you. I feel as if my heart is so broken and my eyes are weary from the tears.
I miss you so and need you so. Rest well my little one and play with Sassy, Spunky Shainee and all the rest and tell them I love and miss them and need them too.

My little one please let the Angels hold you for me and rest well and play and run and jump.
I have your pictures all of you and I tell you all good morning and good night and I kiss your pictures, but oh how I wish I could hold and kiss you my darling. I love you more than words could ever tell and mis you beyond words.
I shall always remain heartbroken. Think of me often too my darling and oh how I long to hold you and kiss you and smooth your beautiful fur. YOur heartbroken mommy

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