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Memories of Sir Clancey
God brought Sir Clancey to us. He was a stray in desperate need of a home. We took him in and gave him a home. When he came to us, he was approximately 3 years of age. Very malnourished and severley underweight. Jim and I loved him from the very beginning and Sir Clancey loved us right back.
He never gave us any trouble and was a very well trained animal.
Many happy and sweet memories we have of our puppy. Sir Clancey loved to go on walks and to go to the farm. He and Jim spent many many hours at the farmplace where Sir Clancey loved to play and roam. Our baby had 40 acres in which to do just that.
We we were absolutley spoiled rotten by our puppy and we loved to spoil him in return. Everytime we went somewhere, Sir Clancey wanted to go with us for a ride. He did love his rides! We couldn't take him everywhere, but most times he went with us. He even went on vacations with us.
Sir Clancey was very good with our other puppies and was always very protective of them. Everywhere he went, the others would follow. Sir Clancey was very much his daddy's dog and those two were joined at the hip. Both Jim and he would go everywhere together and do things together. Sir Clancey was at his happiest when he was with his daddy.
Sir Clancey was an excellent guard dog; he always let us know when something wasn't right. There were many nights he would wake us up barking at the top of his lungs to let us know about a strange sound he had heard. Most times it was just something minor, but he let us know none the less.
Sir Clancey loved to chase squirrels and cats; that was a passion of his. Every time a squirrel or cat would cross his path, off he went chasing them down. He never caught any of them, just liked to chase them.
Sir Clancey loved to have a bath; he thought that was the greatest. He especially loved the rubbing down part and for Jim to brush his fur. He would arch his back, enjoying the whole scenario. I actually think that if he could have purred, he would have done so.
The fruits and vegetables he loved to eat! His favourites were strawberries, tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. Popcorn was a favourite treat as well.
We are deeply saddend by our loss of Sir Clancey; he meant everything to us and we miss him so very much. He is in our hearts and forever there he will stay. There is a huge void where he used to be. Never will he be forgotten. XOXO ((HUGS))
Mary & Jim Gillett

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My sweet boy Sir Clancey,

Two years ago yesterday God came to you and took you to Heaven to be with Him. You were so ill that God didn't want you to suffer anymore. Daddy and I miss you so very much...as much as we miss you though, Daddy and I know that you are free from pain and you are happy and carefree. God watches over you and takes very good care of you. Daddy and I know that you are watching over us and that you love us. We love you ever so much too and you will never be forgotten love bug. You will stay in our hearts forever and always. We have pictures of you scattered everywhere in the house so we can see you and think about you.
Susie is up in Heaven with you now and I feel both of you are happy to see each other again. Please take care of her for Uncle Rick and for us...Uncle Rick is feeling very sad these days as it hasn't been very long that Susie went up to Heaven. Please hug Susie for Uncle Rick and for us. You know too that mommy misses Thumbellina, Tom Thumb, Minnie Luv and Jackson and how much my heart aches for you and for them. I miss each and every one of you. You all are with me wherever I go and whatever I do. Soon I will be entering them into Rainbows Bridge. I have been wanting to do that for some time now but haven't been able to. I will be able to soon. Daddy and I feel so lost without you and our other babies... including Susie; we are just not the same without all of you in it. Sometimes mommy gets very sad and depressed, but I know you don't want me to feel that way so I will try very hard not to, but instead think of you and the others with happiness and smiles. I sure could use some more pennies from Heaven like all of you send me every now and then. Know that daddy and I will always love you Sir Clancey. XOXOXOXO

Love always,

Mommy & Daddy

Sweet Clancey,

You are in my thoughts today love bug. I'm thinking of you with love in my heart and the sweet memories I have of you. So much I miss you and I'm wishing you here with us. I feel you looking down upon daddy and me giving us hugs and saying hello. Please tell Jackson, Minnie Luv, Thumbellina and Tom Thumb how much we miss them too and Susie.
I will be loving you always Clancey and I know you will be loving us always too. Merry Christmas sweetie!

loving you always,
mommy & daddy

November 17, 2013
11:40 A.M.

My Loving Love Bug,

Time passes too quickly for me. It seems like just yesterday, but it has been 3 years now that you left us. I am sad today yes, and I'm trying hard not to let the tears fall because I know you wouldn't want that. Your memories of happy times with us are ones I will always remember with love of you. Like the walks we used to take and how you loved to chase the squirrels and rabbits just to be chasing them. How you were such a good parent to the little pups and how much you cared about us and the family. You showed your love in so many ways baby boy. You were such a good and gentle dog and loved everyone around you. I know you are continuing to be a parent and taking care of the pups and being a good friend to Susie. I know you miss us and are watching over us too. I can see you right now as I am writing this to you and my heart is smiling. I see you and the pups too sometimes in my sleep and I love visiting with you and them then. I wake up with a smile on my face. I promise to try very hard not to be sad today and think of you. Remembering the times you and I would be outside and I would be sitting on the garden bench with you next to me and we would give each other hugs and kisses. Then you would lay down beside me on the soft grass taking a snooze while I would be reading a book. Happy happy times sweetie! I think of you often with a happy heart and a smile. You know daddy and I will always love you. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving up in Heaven with Jesus and the pups and Susie. Bye just for now....

With our love,
Mommy & Daddy

November 20, 2015
1:10 P.M.

Hi sweetie boy!

Here it is almost Thanksgiving again. Just a few more days and it will be here. During this time, I especially think about my Love Bug. 5 years have passed...hard for me to believe. You are so much in my thoughts these days. Daddy and I have been going through some very rough patches with family and are still trying to recoup from all the drama and hurt that has transpired. So sad and should never have happened, but it did.

Daddy says to tell his baby boy hello and he misses you ever so much. He also gives his love to Jackson, Minnie Luv, Thumbellina, and Tom Thumb. You are all our fur babies and will always be in our hearts. We are gladdened with the thought of someday being able to see you and them, being reunited forever. What a glorious day that will be. I know you all will be welcoming us into Heaven and giving us so much love and many kisses. XOXO ((HUGS)) from Daddy and me to everyone of our babies. Please give our love to your cousin Susie and let her know she is very much loved by us as well.

Daddy still eats his strawberries...it was hard for him to do so after you first passed and he would cry; but he continued doing so because he knew you loved them and they were one of your favourite treats. Awhile back, I came across an antique tin serving tray with strawberries on them and bought it with you in mind. I still have it and it is sitting on our little hutch surrounded by a picture of you that is so sweet and adorable along with your angel figurine and 2 tiny figurines of you. Never will I get rid of them...they are my treasures; my remembrances of you. I am looking also for a stuffed furry pet to keep also.

I keep thinking it is going to snow any day now; but so far it hasn't. In fact, the weather has been nice and sunny even though cool; you would love going for walks in Wagon Wheel, chasing the squirrels and cats. Going with Daddy to romp around and play at the farm. I think fondly of you my sweet pet whenever I am at our place there or at the farm. The house you all grew up holds many happy memories for me; once that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.

Please stop by every now and again to say hello. I see a little bit of you every day honey. You would have loved it here at our new home; so much more space to play in. Although it is in the city rather than the country; I like it. But, our other home is where my heart truly lies. I am counting the days until we are together again...love you more and more all the time...

Mommy and Daddy
Kisses and Hugs

December 3, 2017
11:45 A.M.

Good morning sweetie!

Here it is almost Christmas once more. This year flew by fast. So much left for me to do yet to get ready.
I did get the packages mailed and most of the Christmas cards. Some I still have to mail though because I didn't have the addresses for them. Still have to get a few more addresses.
Uncle Rick is coming this year to celebrate with us. We are excited because we haven't seen him for a few years. Uncle Rick has been busy building himself a new home for when he retires in Tin Killer, Oklahoma. When he is not working and has spare time, he keeps busy on his place. This year however, Uncle Rick decided he would come here. I think he will be here about 5 days or so. So, be sure to tell Susie.
This year has not been too great love bug. Your daddy suffered a heart attack this past June and had to have quadruple bypass surgery. He was in the hospital close to 10 days. It has been a long road to his recovery. His cardiologist tells us that, most likely it will be a year or so before daddy really feels more like himself. He lost a lot of weight; down to 147 and has stayed that weight since leaving the hospital. He tires easily and takes many naps. Even so, Daddy says he feels better than he has for a long time. It was a life changing experience Clancey and really scared us. Now daddy is down with a bad cold. He's had it for almost a week now; hope he gets over it soon cause I am starting to get somewhat worried. I pray our next new year will be so much better for us.
We just returned from Hawaii recently. What a beautiful Country! Just love it! Daddy and I were there 3 years ago as well, but didn't get to spend as much then as we did this time. We had a really fun time and enjoyed ourselves. So much there was to see and do. I would like to return again someday.
You and our other babies are always on my mind and forever in my heart. I miss the 5 of you so very much. And Susie too. I still cry sometimes but not like before. So many fond memories I have of all of my babies.
With Christmas coming and the New Year too, I am wishing you all were here celebrating with daddy and me. But, I know you all will be in spirit. I can't even envision what Christmas is like in Heaven.
Daddy will be 75 years old this Thursday. That is lots of years. I pray he lives many more.
I love having him around.
Here are some hugs and kisses for you and the pups and Susie. XOXOXOXO. Stay happy and tell the little ones that mommy and daddy says hello and that we love them. I will write again soon.

Merry Christmas,
Mommy and Daddy
Happy New Year

January 1, 2018
11:26 A.M.

Happy New Year love bug! Daddy and I stayed up until midnight to see the New Year in. We are praying this year will be a much better one for us, all of our family and friends. Daddy is feeling much better these days. He is 75 years young now. For his birthday on the 7th of December, I baked him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. We went out to eat for breakfast and spent the day together doing fun stuff. It was a good day. I am 66 years now as of December 28th. Daddy bought me some beautiful flowers, took me out for breakfast and to a movie. It was a good day as well.
Uncle Rick came for Christmas and spent a few days with us. We were happy to see him. We celebrated the holiday on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. Aunt Linda had family coming in that day is why. Uncle Jesse spent a few days here along with Uncle Rick.
The temperatures have been very cold here lately. Only in the low teens. Daddy and I woke up up to 0 degrees this morning. It hasn't warmed up much since then either; only 3 degrees now. We haven't gotten any snow though yet this Winter. The Eastern United States has gotten more than their fair share.
It has been quiet here around the house since Uncle Rick and Uncle Jesse went back home. We are keeping the Christmas tree up one more day until tomorrow, then we have to take it down. The Christmas lights on the houses are very beautiful. I love Christmas and why we celebrate.
I think about you all everyday wishing I could see you again. Miss you all very much. But, sometimes I see you and the little ones in my dreams. I get to hold you and love up on you. That makes me very happy. The dreams feel real to me. And, I know I will get to see you all again one day.
Be happy my baby boy and give my love to the little ones and to Suzie. I will write again very soon.

Mommy and Daddy

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