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Memories of Simone
Even when I wanted to be alone, I never was because Simone was always there. Simone was born in front of me and that was it, it was meant to be. I would carry her around in my hoodie pocket when she was little and stroke her while she napped. Her mother Mackenzie would put all the kittens in bed with me and then they would jump up on their own when they were big enough. Simone was always the most vocal kitten, her meow carried. I named her Simone because it means loud, to be heard. It just fit. I also chose an S name because I read it would bring her luck and it did, we were inseparable. She purred so loudly and I can still hear it now. Thirteen years together, with countless ups and downs. People came and went but the unconditional love we shared is timeless. From Simone's kisses to tail-tag, using her tail as a mustache and blowing on the tip to make a flower, it was just love. She was so smart and she always got her way, a true princess. I'll forever miss her big round eyes staring up at me waiting for me to make room for her to climb into my lap, just to be with me and purr as I ran my fingers through her fur. I love the way she would look up at me as I stroked under her chin. She gave me those same eyes when her food dish had a small hole in the middle. To her it was empty and I would fill the hole just to make her happy. My bed will always be empty without her. Simone is my best friend. My heart aches as I'm typing this. Letting her go was the hardest decision I've ever made. I know she will always be by my side and I by hers. I am better for loving her and she loved me fiercely. I miss and love you Simone, my Momo baby, my pretty kitty.

9/21-22/16 - Simone and Selene, it's been too long since I heard your meows and purrs. I'm glad you have each other now. I miss you both very much and think of you all the time. I woke up yesterday with a scratch on my hand and have no idea how it got there but I thought of you both of course. Just another reminder that you're always with me.

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