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Memories of Simon
My darling Simon found me. They say you find each other and we did. I lost a cat (Gracie) and after a few months wanted to rescue another baby kitty. I looked at rescue sites on line and saw a kitten I wanted to go see. The rescue place was wall to wall cages of kitties, stacked 3 high all around the room. They led me to the kitten I wanted to see and took it out. NOT! We did not connect and both of us knew it. So I walked around and around the room looking at hundreds cats.

Something caught my eye in the middle section. Up at the top was an orange tabby watching me walk around the room. I asked about him; they thought he was about 4 months and was thought to have been hit by a car but was fine now. They gave me a ladder to climb up to the orange tabby in the top crate. Let's put it this way-we both knew we were meant for each other because when I opened the crate and leaned in on both my arms, this gorgeous, funny kitty immediately put his head down on one of my arms with the other reaching toward me. I cry all the time thinking about that. His little face starring up at me. That was that. I named him Simon and took him home. I've had many cats but have never been so attached to them as I was with Simon. Though I have two other wonderful cats, even as a kitten, Simon took over and became the alpha cat. So independent, spirited, curious and fearless. He was the one who would walk across the top of my kitchen cabinets while the other two sat and watched him. I lived in a loft with a patio on the top level. It was enclosed by a 12 foot high wall. As usual he figured out how to get over the wall and go into the loft next door! I had no way to access the next door patio and panicked that he would go from patio to patio and then take off. I called and called him and was in tears. All of a sudden I see his adorable face up at the top of the enclosure looking at me and casually jumped down to the patio like it was no big deal.

Simon was sick, but manageable, the last 3 years of his life and obviously it got worse. I could never leave him. I had to medicate him 3 times a day and try to get him to eat. Sometimes there were 10 bowls of food on the floor. They say it started as IBD and then lymphoma but the truth is I never got straight answer. Thousands of dollars (though I would have paid anything to make him better) of vet bills, test, drugs, chemo but he kept getting worse. Violent diahrrea, vomiting, weakness. Though I think my vet is very good, I know vets will keep doing tests and giving drugs to keep pets alive so they can do more tests and drugs.

The last weeks were terrible. He got thinner and thinner, weaker and weaker but I couldn't let him go. He still slept next to me but was on and off the bed because he was never comfortable and must have been in pain. What made me finally decide to let him go was the vet telling me to bring him in (a 30 minute drive, one way,on a good day)for a blood test re: the chemo. I thought of forcing Simon into a crate, a long ride going to a place he didn't want to go to, and then pain from a needle and knew I just couldn't do that to him anymore. Three days later a wonderful, kind vet came to my house and helped him pass on to the rainbow bridge. It was brutal and he was so good. I don't think I've ever cried so much for anything. I must have talked to him all day because once he was gone it was incredibly quiet at home.

I miss his spirit, his "attitude", his beauty, his loving personality. Each cat has it's own personality, though non-cat people would laugh at that. He was funny and precious and I will miss him forever. I like to think he's playing (or bossing) Lucy, Gracie, Mikey and Squeak on a beautiful grassy field at the rainbow bridge. I miss him so and weep as I write this. Thank you for reading this far.

Please also visit Gracie ("Miss") and Lucy "Loolee" Belle.

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