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Memories of Simon
Simon, where to begin. You were such a special kitty and your loss is so new. You fought a valiant fight against a deadly disease. We treasure every extra day we were given with you and hope we spared you some pain at the end. You lived eight months with lymphoma, almost all of them happy times for you and us. You enjoyed your roasted chicken, McDonald's plain hamburgers (sans bun), cat nip, and cat treats. You were always up for a good meal until the very end. I will miss you sleeping in the chair beside me while I am on the computer and I will miss you sleeping beside me at night. I am comforted by the knowledge that you died a peaceful death with the last things you felt and heard were my touch and my voice telling you how much I love you. My hope is that you are now chasing butterflies and leaves in the sunshine that you loved. I hope you have met our other loved pets who have gone before you. I hope you know how loved you were and will be waiting for us when we cross that bridge, too. You will forever be my little "boober boy" and "boy-cat, cat-boy." I love you, Simon!

1/10/2010: Good Morning, Simon. One whole day without you. I can't look at your picture without crying. So many memories of you everywhere. So many people have signed your guestbook and I got flowers from my son in remembrance of you. Life will go on and outwardly, days will come and go as usual. But, it will be awhile before I stop thinking of you and missing you every minute. More memories of the cute things you did keep popping up. Remember the little hat you had (of course, you hated it!) Run and play in the sunshine, Simon, just as a kitty should. Keep those dogs in line, you were always good at that - you were the boss! Thinking of you and loving you always, my little Siameezer!

1/11/2010: Hello, my precious little Siamese guy! We still think of you almost every minute. Being at school today helped, I had to think of other things like students and polynomial functions. However, when I come home, the house seems so empty. It will be more empty tomorrow when Nick returns to college after break. So much of you is everywhere I look: your Christmas toys, your catnip, your medicine. I can't bring myself to put it all away yet, maybe someday in the future. I have an image of you in my mind, all healthy and happy with the other babies there. I hope you are playing nicely, but I know you are. You were such a friendly, loving, sociable cat. Your kitty friend from across the street was here yesterday. I think she was looking for you and wondering where you were. It was such a nice, warm day after all of the sub-zero weather. You would have loved it because you could have been outside in the sun for a little while. Be happy, little Simon, and send warm thoughts our way. Know that we love and miss you all the time, my little "boober boy."

1/12/2010: I had to stop and say "Hi" to you, my little Siamese guy. I don't want you to think we were forgetting because we aren't. Except when I am busy at school, I always have you on my mind. I glance at the chair where you should be but you aren't there. However, I must tell you that your dog bud, Middy, sleeps there more frequently now. A black lab doesn't really resemble you, though! I give Middy her dose of petting and loving and wish I could be sharing that with you, too. I have to believe that you are in a place where you are getting your share of love and cuddles, though. You are quite handsome and hard to resist, you know. We love you, Simon, and are getting more pictures together for your site. Remember how you would lay on the papers I was grading when you thought I'd worked enough and it was time for you? I had to stop and pet you, pick you up, and give you love. You were very adept at getting what you wanted and even had to share Middy's food in the morning. I always had to put 5 small pieces of her kibble on the rug so you could have some, too. You did that right up until the end, also. That was just last week. Hugs and warm cuddles, little Simon, run and play and maybe you will catch that fly this time! I love you and will always miss you.

1/13/2010: Hi, Baby Simon! Couldn't let the day go by without talking to you. Did you see your new pictures? There is one of you as a baby, you were so cute! What a handsome boy you grew into, such soft fur and pretty blue eyes. Have you met our other pets? There's Jade (he's Siamese, like you), and Buster, Jiffy, Misty, White Dog, Gypsy, Duchess, and so many others. We loved them, too. We still think of and miss you all of the time. Some memories do bring a smile to my face, though. Remember when you took a bite of Nick's sugar cookie? I told him you wanted to see what it was and you surprised both of us by chomping off a piece and eating it. That was when I was holding you, too. Who knew cats ate cookies! I don't think you thought of yourself as a cat, though. Stay happy, little guy, and know that much love is always streaming your way and that rainbow should be quite bright now with all of the tears we have shed. We miss you, little Simon!

1/14/2010: Came to say "Good-night" to my best little Siamese Boy. I bet you're tired from all of the running and playing in the sunny meadows with your friends. I hope you are happy and pain free, Simon. We still miss you all of the time. When I came home from work, you were always there when the door opened and wanted outside. I find myself looking for you every time I enter the house. When I look at your pictures, I can see your spirit shining through. You had so much personality and actually had different facial expressions that mirrored your feelings. We love you, Simon, and are trying to concentrate on all of the good memories we have with you. As time passes, it will get easier. We'll never stop missing you, though.

1/15/2010: This is a difficult entry to write, Simon. Last Friday night, a week ago, was the last night you were here. The last night that you slept next to me. It was the night I discovered you had a growth on the side of your neck and I knew then that there would be no rallying this time. You wouldn't start eating again or ever feel well again. I'm not sorry I made the decision I did because I believe you would have just started getting worse and worse. I hope you understand that I did it because I love you and it would have been selfish to keep you here until you got really bad. I believe you are healthy and happy and enjoying the sunny outdoors that you loved so much. I could always find you lying in the swing on the porch when you were outside. Be happy, little guy, I'd rather know you are pain free where you are now than still here and miserable. I still miss you every day but know you are better off where you are now. Good night, baby boy!

1/16/2010: Oh, Simon, you've been gone for a week now. I look at your pictures and some of them have captured the essence of you so perfectly that I feel like I could reach through the computer and pet you again. I miss you and probably always will. I will visit you at least once a month, probably on the anniversary of your crossing. It won't be because I love you less or miss you less. Life must go on but you will always be in my thoughts. What I wouldn't give to have you napping in the chair next to me and be able to pet you any time I wanted! As always, be happy, my little "boober boy" and keep loving that sunshine and catnip! I love you to the moon and back, my best little Simon of the "Meezers"!

1/21/2010: Oh, little Simon, you are home to stay. I got your ashes on Tuesday from the veterinarian. It was a bittersweet time. Now, the journey is over and I will always know where you are. We still miss you and I look at your site and your pictures every night. Sometimes, I feel like this is a dream and I will wake up and it will be over. You will be here, doing what you always do and life will go on as usual. But, that isn't going to happen. Stay happy, little guy, and know that we love you and always will!

1/30/2010: Well, little Simon, it has been three weeks exactly since you left us. No, you aren't forgotten and never will be. I still miss you and think of you often. I like to look at your pictures but they do bring tears to my eyes. Stay happy and healthy, little guy, and know that we think of you often and always with love!

2/9/2010: One month, Simon, since you've been gone. I miss you as much now as I did the day you left. If it wouldn't have been for the cancer, you would still be here. As cats go, you should have had at least five more years of life. But, nothing can change what happened. You were such a good, loving cat. You didn't deserve such an awful illness. At least, I feel like we gave you the best life we could. You never lacked for love and attention! There are still many reminders of you around here, starting with the insulation you clawed off the garage wall! Oh well, I guess you considered it your big scratching post. I hope you have everything to make you happy where you are and that someone is loving you and enjoying your feline company. We still miss you alot, little Simon, and probably always will. I hope you know how much we loved you and still do! Be happy, littlest Simon of the "Meezers," you'll always have your place here, in our hearts!

3/9/2010: It's hard to believe you've been gone two months, Simon. I still miss you everyday. When I come home from school and open the door to the house, I always look down, expecting you to come running out and start rolling on the driveway. After you were finished rolling around, you always came over and wanted me to pet you and pick you up. How I wish things would have been different and you were still here, healthy and happy. Sometimes, I think I see you out of the corner of my eye and then remember that you are gone. We are adjusting to life without you because we have to, certainly not because we ever wanted to. The only good thing is that you are now free of that horrible lymphoma and can play all of your little cat games again. We also have such good memories of you and those can never be taken away, they will last forever. We will always love you, my best little Siamese boy! Keep enjoying that sunshine and catnip, you deserve the best, my littlest Simon of the "Meezers," best little Boober boy ever!!

3/29/2010: It is getting close to Easter, little Simon, so I added an Easter basket for you. It is almost three months since I lost you but I miss you more than ever. I miss your soft fur and loud purrs when you wanted cuddling and "uppey-uppey." Remember? You only allowed cuddling and fawning at certain times and on your terms! I've thought about getting a Siamese kitten but I know I am just not ready yet. Every day, I think of you and wish fervently that you were still here. I still expect you to run out the door and try to get in the car when I get home from work. It's always a reality check to realize, once again, that will never happen any more and you are gone. I like to think of you looking down on us, seeing how much we love you and miss you, but still running and cavorting in a warm, sunny meadow. Be happy, my little Siamese boy, know that you will never be forgotten and always be loved and missed!

5/31/2010: Almost six months since you've been gone, little Sime. Don't ever think I've stopped missing you because I haven't. I still think of you every day and wish things would have been different. I changed your background to summer and left you a birthday cake. I know your birthday was in May but didn't want you to miss out! You would have been eleven years old, not that old for a kitty. School is out for the summer so I plan on visiting you more often. I wish you were here now that it is warm out. You always loved to be outside, basking in the sunshine. I hope you get to do that every day now. There shouldn't be any winter where you are. I love you, Simon, your memory will be with me always. I hope to see you again someday, along with all of the other pets I loved and have passed on, too. Maybe you have all met up and are friends now? All of our dogs were very used to cats, so none should try to chase you. Actually, the kitties were the bosses and kept the dogs in their rightful places! A well-timed swat on the nose did work wonders with those canines. You and Jade need to remember that I love you both. Say "Hi" to Buster for me, too. I did love that big lab, he has a special place in my heart, too. Be good, little Simon, and have fun where you are. When you look down at us, remember how much you are loved and missed! Bye for now, my littlest Simon of the Meezers! I love you always!

7/6/2010: Now it is getting close to seven months without you, my littlest Siamese boy. Rest assured, you have never left my thoughts and I still miss you. I am sure we will always miss you and never forget you. It is summer and we have had some warm days but it is rather chilly and rainy here today. Not your kind of day at all! You would have been cuddled up in a nice warm chair if you were here. Almost a year ago that you had the surgery to biopsy your lymph node and give us the final diagnosis. Yes, it was lymphoma and no, there wasn't going to be a cure. In retrospect, we were most fortunate to have you until January and you were your normal self until the last week. You were even such a good and cooperative boy as I gave you the prednisone twice a day. What a miracle drug for you - kept you alive and happy far longer than most cats live with this disease. Of course, the months were not enough. We wanted you to be alive and healthy much longer but such was not to be. I like to think of you running and playing with our other pets and waiting for the day we join you. Stay happy and run free through the sunshine, little guy! We love you, little Simon of the "Meezers".

12/03/2010: My sweet little Simon, how we still miss you!! I think of you everyday and wish that you were still here. I want to pick you up, cuddle you, buy you a McDonald's hamburger and your favorite roast chicken. Although winter is upon us, I am leaving your fall background. I know how you hate the snow and cold. The few times you were outside during the winter, I remember the exaggerated detours you would take to avoid stepping in the snow. I put up a Christmas tree for you and left you a present. Your Christmas stocking from last year is still here. Maybe, someday, another kitty will enjoy playing with the toys and sniffing the catnip, but not yet. Although it has been almost a year since we lost you, I still miss you! You were the best kitty and had such a unique personality. I'm not sure you even knew you were a cat! I hope you are happy, little guy, wherever you are. I hope all of your days are filled with sunshine and playfulness! When you look down on us, know that we still love you and miss you always. Merry Christmas, my best little boy cat!!

12/31/2010: This is such a sad time, Simon. One year ago, you were happy and appeared quite healthy. You were eating, playing, and just being a cat! Little did I know, you had less than 10 days to live! I guess I am glad your suffering was short-lived. We still miss you and love you. Hope you are happy and ready for a new year of days filled with sunshine, playing, and catnip! Love you, little Simon!

1/08/2011: Well, it's been a year, little guy. I remember that Saturday morning like it was only yesterday. I know I did the right thing, there was no chance of you ever getting better or being pain-free again. I just wish it wouldn't have been necessary and that you were still here, still a part of our family, still meeting me at the door every day. Just know that you are not and will never be forgotten! We love you, little Simon of the Meezers! Be happy, play with your friends, and run free through that sunshine!

12/17/2011: Well, little guy, it's been almost a year since I've written to you! Don't think for a moment that you are forgotten. I still think of you every day and I still miss you. I haven't gotten a new kitten yet, I just can't. You are still so real to me. It's been a busy year at school and will continue to be. You were so much more than a cat, Simon, you were a presence and had such a personality. I especially miss you when I get home and you aren't at the door and at night when I go to sleep. You always slept by me and I had my arm around you. Do you remember? I know you are healthy now and I hope you are happy in perpetual sunshine and catnip. When you look down upon us, look into our hearts and you will know how much we still love and miss you. Bye for now, my best little boy-cat! Love you forever little Simon! (By the way, I left you a present and Christmas tree but NO SNOW! I know you hated it!)

4/9/2012: Happy Spring, little Simon! I changed your scenery today and put your toys back. It is getting warmer and more sun every day now. You would have like this winter, though. We had very little snow and quite warm temperatures, hardly any winter at all. You would have been able to be outside a little bit more and would have loved every minute of it! I still miss you, little guy, and think of you often. Hope your days are filled with everything that makes you happy, lots of sunshine and fluttery things to chase! Rest easy, my little boy cat, and know that you are never forgotten and always loved!

8/25/2012: Hello, my best little Siamese boy!! Although I haven't visited in a while, I still think of you very often. Not a week goes by that something doesn't remind me of you or I still think that I see you out of the corner of my eye. Although it is still quite warm (your kind of weather), fall is coming. I changed your scenery to autumn but I promise you, no winter scene! I know how you feel about that cold, white stuff. It was always so cute how you would go so far out of your way to avoid stepping in it. If that wasn't possible, you waded through but took as few steps as possible! You were usually in the house, though. I like to think of you as healthy and happy, joyfully running through the grass after leaves in the wind or the errant butterfly. Hope you have become good friends with all of our other pets!! Stay happy, little Simon, and know that everyone here loves you and will never forget. I believe we will see you again someday! Love you, my little Simon!!

7/13/2014: Oh Simon, I'm sorry it's been so long. Although I haven't written, that doesn't mean that I don't think of you anymore or miss you. Seldom does a day go by that something doesn't remind me of your little Siamese presence. I don't think there will ever be another cat quite like you. I still miss you so much!! Summer is here again and it's the kind of weather that you loved so much. Nice warm days to bask in the sun and so many interesting things for you to do outside! Simon, I have a request. Your big sister, Middy, got lymphoma just like you did. The medication that gave us five extra months with you just didn't work for her. She left us this morning for the Rainbow Bridge. Please help her get adjusted and welcome her. We love her just as much as we love you and miss her, too. It has been a very sad day here with lots of crying. Eventually, we will be able to smile at all of our memories of Middy just as we do with you. But, not yet. I will make her a page, too. We love you, little Siamese boy. Run with Middy and show her the ropes and all of the good spots. Someday, I hope I will be with both of you again!!

7/16/2014 (Nick): Simon - I haven't written you yet but I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Middy as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You were a great cat with great personality, and I know you will take great care of Middy as she learns the ropes. May you both frolic in the sunshine until Mom and I return. We miss you just as much as you miss us.

9/24/14 (Nick): Simon - know that you will always hold a special place in my heart. Your memory will live on with me as it is in Mom and Angela. Your life was cut tragically short - unfairly short for such a great cat. I know your next life is filled with happiness and joy. We will all join you soon enough. Watch over Middy for me, as I know you will. You and her spent much of your lives together so I know you share a special bond. I still remember the morning Middy came running downstairs, and you looked completely annoyed and ran at her, taking a big swipe and thus a big chunk of fur out of her side. She just looked perplexed. One of the cutest memories I have of you. Of course, you wanting to see some of my cookie and then taking a big chomp out of it will also stick with me. Cats like you are rare, and I am glad I was able to enjoy some of my life with you Simon. Love you, and look forward to seeing you again, Nick.

1/9/2022 (Mom): Oh Simon, twelve years that you've been gone and visiting your site still brings tears to my eyes. To see your beautiful blue eyes again is wonderful but so heartbreaking that I can only see them in pictures now. There will never be another boy-cat, cat-boy like you. I will forever remember and miss you. I wish I could hold you and we could look for "spideys" just one more time. I hope you are enjoying all the McDonald's burgers and chicken that you can eat! I will forever love you and treasure every memory.

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