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Memories of Simon
*6.28.09 From the time you were a puppy you would give the best kisses as I look into your big brown eyes that would melt anyones heart! Playing soccer, starting when you were just a puppy, was a natural for you as you would kick the ball with your two front "feet" as you walked or ran in our fenced in yard, as we would watch you in amazement. So mellow were you with such a sweet disposition as you were to be trusted with any child even a newborn baby! And yet, let any stranger come close to your domain and you'd let them know they needed to be checked out by you and your sister Leizel, sister Jesse, sister Heidi, and brother Kota. During our many walks, especially in the meadow, you would remind me always to never hurry but to take time to notice the little things and smell the flowers and just the fresh air. Sometimes we'd just stand still and look around at the wonder of nature. Cuddling on the couch was always a favorite of mine as sometimes you'd keep my feet warm or we just sat there keeping each other company. As the years flew by I'd grown to love you more each day and I realized you loved me too! As you greeted me coming home from work, loving me unconditionally, always made my moods better if they were less than desirable and you were always there for me when I didn't feel love coming my way, from anyone else. You've taught me so much about life my sweet baby boy Simon. I will honor you as you wait for me at Rainbow Bridge with Leizel, as I go on without you, although I can not even fathom how I can possibly do that at this point. I will honor you by remembering all the things you taught me and trying my hardest to live my life in those ways that would make you proud! I will love and miss you so much forever and ever my sweet baby Simon, until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge! Remember to look for Grandma, she loves you too and has been waiting for you! When I meet you we can all cross together and live eternally, happy and healthy in heaven! Love you always, Mommy

*6.29.09 I wanted to add bunches of heartfelt thank you's to Simon's doctors: Dr. Dave - for all the honest and compassionate care for Simon since he was just a puppy, Thank you so very much!; Dr K. Sadanaga - for your expertise, honesty, and perfect surgery, Thank you so very much for giving Simon my "best baby boy" to me an additional two years!; Dr. Glass - for your honesty, stubborness :), and expertise, you knew what was best for my boy and you persisted, Thank you so much; Drs. Jeglum and Nelson -for all your wisedom, honesty, and true professionalism, Thank you so much! So sorry to have to end our relatinships with most of you but Simon and I are so very thankful to have had all of you in our lives!

*7.1.09 Well Simon, todays my birthday but you already knew. It's my 1st without you in a long time. I miss you so very much! I cry everyday because of the loneliness I feel without you, although all the very kind furbaby "parents" here all tell me they know exactly how I feel and that it'll be okay. I have to tell you sweet baby, you took a gigantic piece of my heart with you to Rainbow Bridge. You are always on my mind and forever in the small piece of my heart I still have left! I take good care of Heidi like I promised you I would but the walks are still very hard. I can tell she and Kota still miss you as we all do so very much. I'm so very proud of you my sweet baby Simon! I want to put some photos of you here so everyone can see how beautiful you are! Love you bunches and bunches xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy <3 <3 <3

*7.4.09 Hi sweet baby! I pray you're having fun, running and playing with all the other furbabies at Rainbow Bridge. Did you find Liezel and Jessie yet? Tonight we're bound to hear some rumbles of the fireworks. In your later years you tended to be a little nervous about those and I'd give you back rubs and massages to relieve you a little of some of that stress! Now you don't have to worry, you'll probably be too busy playing to notice or maybe even laying down to watch them from afar! I still worry a little about Heidi though, you know how she gets. I'll sit with her inside on the couch and hold her and give her "love rubs" too. Oh yes, I told Dr. Nelson the other morning about you and it made her sad and she said you were such a sweet boy. I thanked her for everything they've done for you. So sweet Simon, please know I think about you all the time. There are many many times I wish you were here with all of us, but I know you are happy and healthy and running free and playing at Rainbow Bridge. Please stop and think of us often, maybe send some "Simon Kisses" down the rainbow to us and we'll know you're ok! Please don't be scared there, I pray you're making lots of brand new friends every day. Love you with all my heart! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy <3 <3 <3

*7.21.09 Hi my sweet baby boy! It's been a little more than a month since you've been called to Rainbow Bridge. I still miss you so very much, more than you could imagine and I remember the day like it was this morning. I know you're happy and healthy, but that void I feel just will not go away. I suppose it just might be there forever. Back on the first of July Rachel gave me a beautiful crystal "paw print" necklace and put some of your fur in it for me. I wear it all the time except to swim, sleep and bathe. It's beautiful and I can literally keep you close to me all the time! Everybody here is fine but we all miss you so much! I made an appointment for Heide to get a bath and trim and needed to explain to Sue about you, they were all saddened to hear but I told them you're happy now and healthier too at the bridge. Dad had to put a rail over top the fence to keep Kota from climbing over it - he's such a naughty boy :) It's so funny to see dad go to the lengths to keep that funny black lab from taking walks by himself around our neighborhood! I guess he's getting a little bored staying in the yard now, he "talks" more to me to let him inside, Heidi could stay out there all day and watch the birds but she comes in too when Kota does. Please don't feel sad but I'm planning to adopt another puppy in October or November. I know I'll never find another like you so I'm not even gonna try. I contacted two breeders and talked about Westies. I plan to get one but I want to wait a few months until I'm more ready. I will love you forever Simon and you will ALWAYS be right here in my heart. I look at your pictures and I can just feel your spirt here but I really miss your "Simon kisses". Be happy my sweet baby boy and send all the kisses you can down the rainbow to me! Love you with all my heart! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy <3 <3 <3

*8.20.09 Happy Birthday my sweet baby Simon!! You are 10 years old today!! Oh, how I wish you were here so we could have your bone shaped vanilla cake with peanut butter icing together. Opening your toys was always fun but even better was celebrating another year together. Now you're celebrating with all your friends at the bridge and all the family we know that passed on before you. I hope you're celebrating a happy and fun day Simon, you surely deserve it!! I miss you terribly every day as you know, there is and always will be a huge void here. It's been especially hard for me the last week or so thinking about you and your birthday, I still cry when I'm alone as you were always here for me. Maybe time will ease my pain and hurt, but I'm not holding my breath with that. I'm finally able to talk about you with someone without really crying hard but there is always a great big lump in my throat. So, Happy Birthday my big sweet baby boy and many many more!! I will always love you with all my heart sweetheart and you will always hold a very special place in my heart. Remember to send kisses down the rainbow to me. Love you with all my heart!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy <3 <3 <3
*12.18.09 Hi my sweet baby Simon! I really miss you so very much. A lot has happened since I last visited you here. Heidi is doing very well and seems to be just putting up with a new puppy here. General Murphy MacArthur of Scotland Warm and Cozy, is a little Westie. He seems to be in charge so his name is very fitting. It just felt like the right time for me to have another puppy, not to replace you baby, that could never happen. Things here were just at a stand-still and a new puppy seemed to be just what we needed to spark things up a bit since you left to go to the bridge. You would have fun with Murphy, Simon. I know you guys would get along very well, and you would gently put him in his place when needed! He is so very different than you but I believe that's just what I need. For starters, little and white. Not very mellow or laid back like you sweetie, but definately a spark waiting to ignite a lil trouble somewhere, somehow :) He's a good boy though, and gives Kota a run for the milkbones :) Murphy thinks he's a big guy and sure gives me some laughs. He's 4 1/2 months now so still a baby. Christmas is almost here and I find myself thinking about you so much every single day! I believe the tears will always be here, you were and always will be so very special to me, I love you Simon! I just can not really put into words how very much you mean to me. Our tree is up, for the moment, Heidi and Kota find ways to knock off the ornaments and I keep putting them back and Murphy keeps trying to get a better look by stretching up to the table top. The candles are at the windows and Rachel and I are going to bake Christmas cookies tomorrow, but it's just not the same without you here sweetheart. When I hand out samples to the "taste-testers" tomorrow I will again be thinking of you and missing your big brown eyes waiting for a "first-in-line taste." I love you Simon, I really think it's been too long since I visited here and I believe it's because I just didn't know how to tell you we got a puppy :( I believe, you knew exactly what was going on here anyway but I just felt uncomfortable about how to handle it. I'll be back soon Simon, I love you so very much. Have happy days and nights at the bridge till I visit again. Please send me all the "Simon kisses" you can muster and let me know you are happy. I hope you and Liezel found Jacques and are making him feel at home there. It was his time to leave us too and I also miss him. Have some great times together, love you my sweet baby Simon.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy <3 <3 <3 <3
*12.28.09 Hi my sweet baby Simon! I love and miss you so much. Christmas has come and gone, it was nice, alright but so very different and lonely too without you. We all talk about you often with such sweet memories. It's almost a new year but I remember back to June just like it was this morning! You left such a profound pawprint in my heart, I just can not put into words exactly how I feel after having lost you. I wear my crystal paw every day just to keep you literally close to my heart as well as you being in my heart forever! I pray you've found peace and happiness with all the Berners at the bridge as well as Liezel, Whiskers, Jacques, Jessie. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, we got our first big snow a lil over a week ago :) You would have absolutely loved it, about a foot, right up to your belly!! I have so many photos of you in the snow and you are absolutely handsome, especially in the snow!! I wish I knew how to post them here so everyone else can see them. Well I better scoot, am cooking lunch for Hayden and Kylie. See you soon sweet baby, all my love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3
*5.15.2010 Hi my sweet baby Simon! It's been too long since I was last here to leave you a message. I think about you every day and miss you more than anyone can imagine. Time for me doesn't make the hurt go away. It's one day shy of 11 months since you left to go to Rainbow Bridge and I miss you more than ever. I wish so much I could look into your big brown eyes again. Your photos I'm so glad to have but they are, to be sure, no substitute for having you here. It just brings tears to my eyes when I long to see you again. Heidi is doing well but had a setback a couple months ago. She was acting like we were having a thunderstorm for a few days straight, nervous and with not much appitite. Well when I visited Dr.Dave, he ran a blood test and an x-ray and to make a longer story shorter, he found she had an infected uterous! Had an emergency historectomy and was good as new in about a week. Talk about a scare, Dr. Dave said had we not been keeping an eye on her or disregarded her behavior it could have her demise. On a brighter note, Murphy is growing up. He can actually reach the table tops now and when he wants a better look, uses the chairs as a way to get on the table! He's almost 10 months now and I wish you were here to keep him in line! Kota tries and I think Heidi just tolerates him. They all get along pretty well and play nicely but Murphy is quite the rebel! :) I think he loves it best when someone is chasing him. Especially Rachel after he steals one of her slippers, which is an almost daily activity. I just sit back and enjoy the fun :) Heidi and Murphy are getting groomed this coming Thursday, I can hardly wait. Heidi will be a little shorter and cooler and I'll tell Sue to give Murphy a Westie cut. Well sweetie, I'm going to go now. Keep playing and having fun with all your buddies at the bridge. Remember to blow Simon kisses my way to let me know you are happy! I will always love you and miss you my sweet baby Simon! See you soon Simon, with all my love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3
*6.11.10 Morning my sweet baby Simon! It's the last day of school today and I'll be taking my bus back to the garage! It'll almost be a year since you went to Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you more than ever. I think about you all the time and the picture of you I had on the bus, I will be puttiing on the fridge over the summer. I still want to find the picture of you "driving" my bus to post here and on the bus come fall. Last year at this time I was still holding out hope you would be with me for some time yet but it was not meant to be. You knew the time was coming I know but I was surely in denial. I know now you are happy and healthy at the bridge playing with all your friends, old and new and I am truly happy for you but miss you terribly. Keep playing, keep being happy and send us all lots of "Simon kisses" so we remember you're happy. Got to go now baby, soon time to get out there and finish out the school year by taking the kids home and turning over the bus. I love you my sweet baby Simon and always will. See you soon, with all my love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3
*6.18.10 Dear sweet baby Simon, It's been a year Wednesday June 16th that you've been at Rainbow Bridge, I miss you so very much! I can honestly say that time doesn't heal all wounds, it just makes missing you that much harder the longer it is. Not much has changed in the past year, only that Murphy, Heidi and Kota are here and still keep me a lil' busy, but at the end of the day it's you I miss and want to cuddle with. Heidi is so sweet and loves the attention and cuddles, Kota will always be onry and Murphy is just a busy lil Westie! Well Simon, just wanted to check in with you and wish you fun times and lots of cool treats! Love you baby and miss you more than ever! See you soon, with all my love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 P.S. Remember to send lots of "Simon kisses" down the rainbow to us to let us know you are happy!
*9.24.10 Dear sweet baby Simon, I so wish you were here I miss you so very much! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 P.S. Shower us with "Simon kisses" so we know you are happy!
*10.31.10 Dear sweet baby Simon, just want you to know I think about you every day! I love you and miss you more than anyone knows. You've made such an impact on my life and there will never be another Simon! Your loyalty and love for me can never be matched by anyone. Oh they try to come close but never will it be the same! Stay safe, enjoy the fall smells and colors, soon it will be snowy and you'll be having fun romping and digging in the snow with that handsome nose of yours. Be happy, have fun playing with Liezel and one day we'll all be together again. Love you sweet baby Simon. Send those much missed Simon kisses my way and let me know your really happy and having fun. I miss and love you so much! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
*12.7.2010 Hi my sweet baby Simon! It's getting closer to Christmas than I'd like. It's like there's no reason to celebrate what's supposed to be a happy time of year. I miss you so much! Since you're at the bridge and not here with us and since Grandma isn't here with us either it's so sad here for me. I know you are happy, healthy and safe and I'm so happy for you that you are. Please give Leizel kisses for me and keep having great times with your furry buddies at the bridge! :) Things here are still the same, Murphy "talks" all the time and Kota still climbs over the fence to navigate our neighborhood and Heidi tolerates them both. Oh yes, Jager visits a lot, thats Murphy's chocolate lab buddy. Murphy's quite a bit smaller being a Westie and all but they still manage to drive us all crazy with their antics and constant playing. I'll be back soon but until then, be happy and send some of those sweet Simon kisses down the rainbow to us all and let us know you miss us too! I love and miss you so much! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
*12.25.10 Dear sweet baby Simon, Merry Christmas! It's Christmas day and we all miss you so much not being here with us. It's not really very festive here so you're not missing anything. It's only going to be daddy, Rachel, Jeremy, Collin and me for our meal. Anthony, Rachel's boyfriend will come later but not to eat with us. No gifts were flowing like usual so there wasn't anything to make a really true Christmas day here except we are having our turkey, I'll be sure to give Heidi, Murphy and Kota your share! : ) Give Christmas kisses to all our departed furry babies, save the best kisses for Leizel! I love you Simon and miss you more than you can imagine. Have lots of fun this Christmas Day at the bridge with all your furry buddies! I miss and love you so much! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3
*1.1.11 Dear sweet baby Simon, Happy New Year! Here we go again with the start of another new year. Sure hope this one is better. Was just our immediate family again, daddy, me, Rachel and Jeremy. Collin and Anthony were here to help us bring in the new year. Adam and his family ate at their house, wish they were here. Daddy and Anthony and some friends went goose hunting again. Sure miss you Simon, I can hardly wait to see you again. Until then Heidi, Murphy and Kota keep me pretty busy. Christmas day daddy took Murphy, Heidi and Kota to the park. Must have been an interesting outing. He said there were a lot of people at the park walking their fur buddies, but he kept ours off their leashes anyway. Murphy being the lil' boss that he is had to go bark at everyone (big doggies included) and to make a long story shorter dad had to chase him a bit and almost rolled into the creek and almost fell into a tree reaching down to try and catch him. Crazy kids! Any way, you see what life is like here, always interesting! I sure wish you were here Simon, it would make your smile even bigger! I really miss you my baby Simon. So much so it brings tears to my eyes, way more often than not. You know, they say time heals all wounds. It doesn't. It just brings more things to my heart but you're the biggest part of my heart and will always be! Take care, I sure wish I could give you a back rub and a great big bear hug. I miss you baby. Have lots of fun at the bridge with all your furry buddies! Please give Leizel a big Simon kiss for me and tell her I miss her bunches too! I miss and love you so much! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3
*2.14.11 Dear sweet baby Simon, Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! Someone new has signed your guestbook! I know when people see your picture and read about you here they fall in love with you just like I did when I saw you for the first time at Marty's! I think about you every day and miss you and your big brown eyes more than ever, I can't wait to cuddle with you again. Life here without you is just not the same at all! Some people will just never understand how much a furry baby can change someones life for the better and how very much they're missing by not having a furry baby to love. Heidi, Murphy and Kota keep me busy some and I sure love them to pieces too you understand and I'd do anything to keep them happy and healthy, but we're just missing you not being here. Celebrate Valentine's Day at the bridge and be happy with all your furry buddies. Did you find Spooky yet? I love you Simon with all my heart and you will forever have that special place right here with me! I can almost feel your Simon kisses and your cuddle on the couch with me. I love you Simon and miss you so very much. Please give Leizel a big Simon kiss for me, I miss her so very much too! Happy Valentine's Day Simon and Leizel, I love you kids!! Love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3
*4.24.11 Dear sweet baby Simon, Happy Easter Sweetie! Today was just another day. Cooked an Easter dinner though..ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls and butter, chocolate cake and jello dessert. I'll give Heidi your share of the goodies for her dinner, we ate a little early. Finally have a chance to relax here and sit and talk to you. I miss you so much, no one can imagine. I think about you every day, especially today. Daddy took a picture of Heidi at the park one day and at the angle he took it she looks almost just like you except for her white blaze! I almost couldn't stop looking at it and even commented to Rachel. She said at first she thought it was you. I know it is your way of telling us you're still here in spirit but we all miss you terribly! After two years I still have your toys saved on the shelf with everything else of yours. Sometimes I just there sit there and think of you, in no rush to go anywhere. Things here are like always, Kota, Heidi and Murphy just "talking" to everyone who passes by the house, no worry here about protection! :) It's a warm day here and cloudy now too, looks like at least rain coming. If it's gonna be a storm I'll sit with Heidi, she gets so nervous during storms still. I want to get a new spray to help her relax a bit, maybe it will help her some. She never did like a storm or a camera flash. Well I'm gonna git and read the newspaper I guess. Hope you're having lots of fun chasing bunnies, be on the look out for the Easter bunny though, he'll have special treats for you. Please give Leizel lots of kisses for me and tell her I love and miss her lots too! Thank you bunches for letting us know you are doing well and having lots of fun at the bridge Simon! Happy Easter babies, I miss you and love you more than ever!!Love you Simon, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3
*6.15.11 Dear sweet baby Simon, I love you and miss you terribly today and always! Two years ago today you left us to go to Rainbow Bridge.....we both knew it was your time but it was so very hard to say "see you later." What eases the pain a little is, I know you're very happy and feeling healthy as ever running and playing with your sister Liezel and all of your furry buddies at the bridge! It seems so long ago but I remember it like it was just yesterday. :( I think about your big brown eyes and your very missed Simon kisses every day. This morning I made an appointment for Heidi and Murphy to get baths and trims at Drakes Pet Place. You've never been there but it's very close to us and the best part is they're helping to raise money to help fight animal cancer by collecting aluminum cans!! I thought of you right away and vowed to help as much as I can! The people there have German Shepards and lost at least one to cancer, maybe you've seen him, his name is Drake! Anyway I can hardly wait to get Heidi and Murphy their summer do's! I know they'll have lots of fun there :) School is finished for now until August so I'm home almost all the time! Time to relax a bit, Hayden will be here this summer, he misses you too! Like always we'll go to the pool when it's nice and have a few special things planned to do over the summer. Well baby, better scoot, keep having fun at the bridge and think of us from time to time. Happy Summer Simon, (although you love winter better) I love you and miss you so much! Love you Simon, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3
*12.24.11 Dear sweet baby Simon, It's been too long since I've been here and I miss you so very much! Sitting here on Christmas Eve and looking at your photo of you, Heidi and Santa! What a big brave boy you were, not afraid of that big red and white guy :) You were a very good boy to sit and wear that silly Santa hat, even though the look on your face says "c'mon already and take the picture", you were a good boy Simon and very patient too! I have almost everything done and I have a little time to sit and reflect.....I remember the fun times we had and your gentleness the most! I miss those big brown eyes too and your wanting to "shake" our hands a lot :) Everything here is still the same except we're all a little older and except we don't have you here with us :( I know you're happy and healthy though and that's the most important thing. I miss you so very much but I know that when I get to the bridge we can cross together and I'll be happy again! Oh, like I said I love Murphy, Heidi and Kota to pieces and they keep me pretty busy but I miss not having you here sweet baby! Ok, gonna scoot and watch "White Christmas" soon. Merry Christmas sweet baby Simon! I love and miss you very much! Love you Simon, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3<3<3<3<3
*6.16.12 Dear sweet baby Simon, it's been three incredibly, very long years today since you left us :( I remember the day like it was only yesterday. Time doesn't really heal all wounds. I miss you so much, as much as the day you left. I will always remember your warm sweet, big brown eyes and your snuggling. I have your photos everywhere and I keep your collar and goose by your urn in their special place. I still miss and love you so much. Take care of that huge piece of my heart you took with you to the bridge. Heidi, Kota and Murphy are doing fine and Murphy is still the "boss" lol Everything here is status quo, mostly the same! It's summer weather now, not your favorite time of year, too hot! Kids are out of school, Hayden and Karly come about three days a week, you would like that :) Heidi likes the a/c on, keeps her comfortable! Murphy and Kota don't care, they're comfortable anywhere except right in the hot sun! So, I better scoot, wanted to check in with you and wish you fun times and lots of cool treats! Love you baby and miss you more than ever! See you soon, with all my love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 P.S. Remember to send lots of "Simon kisses" down the rainbow to us to let us know you are happy!
*12.10.12 Dear sweet baby Simon, it's been too long since I was here to visit you :( I'm so sad. Things are not like they used to be here. I feel like gradually it's getting sadder and sadder. There's no one to really talk to. Christmas is coming soon and you're in a better place than I am. Heidi, Murphy and Kota are who makes me happiest!! They are funny and naughty all wrapped into 3 interesting packages :) I wish humans were as loyal, kind and understanding as our furbabies! Anyway our weather is warmish and wet, not at all like you love it. We had a little snow already but nothing like the big one I hope for. Everyone here at our house is doing fine, We have the tree up but no lights and decorations yet, saving that for tonight. Our house is decorated inside and out but not too much like before. You're such a good boy Simon. The other week I bought a pulled pork sandwich out and brought it home to eat. That was my first mistake! I unwrapped it and laid it on a plate on the counter while I threw away the paper. (that was my second mistake) You guessed it, Kota never even waited for me to leave the room like he usually does. He grabbed it before I had my back turned right. Now, I KNOW you didn't teach him that ......... did you? :) I remember how you loved to take loaves of bread off the counter but not my sandwiches. I swear I feed Heidi, Murphy and Kota regularly and twice a day too! That boy ....... Anyway, I'm pondering getting stuffed toys for your siblings for Christmas, what do you think? Kota likes to "search" for the squeakers and Murphy watches him and joins right in too! Heidi still loves a good big bone to keep her busy! Maybe a little of each for their stockings :) Well baby, I'm going to leave for now but I'll be back soon, promise! You have fun romping and playing with all your furry buddies at the bridge. Always remember. I LOVE you and miss you terribly! Big hugs and lots of kisses for my biggest, bestest boy!! All my love, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 P.S. Send us Simon kisses down the "Rainbow" so I know you're happy!
6.16.13 Dear sweet baby Simon, it seems like yesterday you were here, I remember so well everything about you. You big brown almond-shaped eyes, the way you looked back at me while I scratched your back and neck, kicking your soccer ball, taking our loaves of bread off the counter for a mid-day snack :) Yet it seems so long ago that I cuddled and received your kisses. I miss you so much! Heidi is doing so well, still the fussy girl she always was :) Kota is still ornery as ever and Murphy still barks at anything outside, alerting Kota and Heidi to do the same. I love them more than anyone tho and I couldn't imagine life without them. Sadly I am realizing life without you and I don't like it at all :( Heidi fills your "paws" very well tho and she keeps me going like no one else can! :) Today is Father's Day too, Simon. I know you never sired puppies but Happy Father's Day to you too, have fun at the "Bridge" just like the rest of the dads there! Run and play and have lots of treats! Nothing much planned for today, just dinner with Josh and Rachel. I want to visit my daddy's grave-site and take some flowers, maybe clean out downstairs a little. I love you Simon, more than ever. You have fun at Rainbow Bridge, I hope I get to see you soon. I miss you so much. Big hugs and kisses for you. ALL MY LOVE, Simon, Mommy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo PS. Send us kisses down the "Rainbow" so I know you're happy! <3
6.11.2015 Dear sweet baby Simon, it's been way to long since I've been here. So much has happened. Last spring I had heart issues and needed an operation. It was a very hard time but it's over now. I just need to do better eating the right way! This past January daddy, Rachel and I found out Kota has conjestive heart failure and he doesn't have very long, just a few months the doctor said :*( That was a VERY hard day, we love him to pieces too! About five weeks ago we found out Heidi has cancer, a very aggressive kind. She stopped eating pretty much and seemed very tired so I took her to see her doctor. They took an xray of her abdominal area and found masses in one of her lungs and in her liver. It was an exetremely sad day, the doctor said go straight to VRC where I took you Simon. They're so great there and so professional! They have a cancer center there now and Heidi had Dr. Hamilton, very nice doctor and sympathetic too. She got chemo the first time and seemed better but went downhill rather quickly after about two weeks :( Yesterday Rachel, Sam and I took her to see what was to be her last visit with Dr. Hamilton. They gave her a B-12, fluids and a medication and she seemed better again but her doctor said it would only last a day. The only other alternative was to treat her with another type of chemo but he said he has lower expectations with that and Heidi would have to be an inpatient two or three days. I wasn't about to desert her there after hearing it may not help her at all so we came home to let her come to Rainbow Bridge to be with you and Liezel. I hope you found each other by now. Simon, please keep Heidi with you and Liezel for always and forever. I love her so very much and miss her so much too. I cry with the little things like filling the dishes with food and water, letting Kota and Murphy outside, waking up to not see her here and most of all our walks in the meadow and at the park which I haven't tried yet, maybe tomorrow. This is too much to take in for me. It's just like losing you six years ago. I can barely function. I know she is happy and safe now with no more pain. I wish I was there with you kids so much so we could cross together now! Hopefully one day soon. Simon I love and miss you too like you left yesterday. I will ALWAYS remember your soccer, your cuddles, your doggie kisses, our visits to Grandma's and most of all our walks where you taught me so darn much and so many things in between. Please be happy and know that I will make it somehow till we can be together again. My love and kisses and hugs forever my sweet baby Simon. Love and miss you so much big boy, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo P.S. Maybe you kids could slide kisses down the rainbow to let me know you're happy!
6.16.15 Dear sweet baby boy Simon, six years have gone by since you left for Rainbow Bridge. I miss you even more now than ever. My heart hurts so bad. Just one week ago Heidi left to join you and Liezel. I pray you kids are having lots of fun and getting lots of treats and making lots of friends. I feel so alone here but thankfully Murphy and Kota are here to help keep me busy. I do think back and remember our snuggles and your big brown eyes....I feel so blessed to have had you in my life sweetie! Daddy and I just went to the park for a "doggie walk" this morning with Kota and Murphy and I was remembering walking with you across the street in the meadow. How you would just sniff everything and we would just take our time walking, in no hurry and enjoy being outside. When you passed, Heidi would still look for you over there. Now Kota and Murphy look back to see where Heidi is. They are used to having her on our walks but I tell them she's with you. You're her big brother Simon, take good care of her and show her around the meadows at the bridge. I love and miss you so much now more than ever. Time going by only makes your absence a tiny bit easier to bear. I look at your pictures and remember how blessed I was to have had such a handsome and loving boy in my life. I will always remember everything you've ever meant to me and how lucky I was to be your mommy. I love you sweet baby boy, I always will. Love, Mommy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
7.12.2015 Hi baby boy, just checking in and hope all is well and you and your friends are running and playing and having a great time. I know you and Heidi and Liezel are happy together again. It's lonely here. Murphy and Kota keep me great company but it's not the same. Everything here it pretty usual, nothing new happening. I added a couple more pictures to your page so visitors can see how handsome you are. Quite a few people have visited your residence. They're so nice, I find a lot of comfort here and yes after so long I still have tears. I have happy memories from when I had you hear but the tears are because I miss you so much! I long for the day I can hug you again and play ball. Be happy and be wild sweetheart! You're the oldest so take good care of your sisters Heidi and Liezel, okay? I best be headed over to visit Heidi. You take care sweetheart, have fun in the meadow. I love you Simon, always will. I sure miss you too. Love always, Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo P,S,A little kiss sliding down the rainbow is a good sign ❤
6.15.2016 My dear sweet Simon, I miss you so much. A lot has changed since you left. Heidi left for the bridge, Kota left for the bridge about two months after Heidi did and Murphy was so lonely. I felt so bad for him. I gave him extra attention and I was hoping for the best but he was just so lonely. Eventually, after a little while I found a little black terrier mix who was living at Safe Haven rescue. I asked about her and we took Murphy along to meet her and we sat around and we met for about an hour to make sure they were going to get along okay. They did and so we brought her home with us and we named her Lily. They get along great together and they go everywhere together, even the doctor's office. Shelby's Tess passed away and went to the bridge too, I hope you guys found her and can show her around and have a good time there at the bridge. Adam and Sam got a new furbaby, a German Shorthair, they named her Zenzi. Lily really doesn't like her too much because she's growing bigger. When we first adopted Lily the people at the rescue did tell me she doesn't like bigger dogs, they were right! 😊 When Lily first met her she was a puppy and about the same size. Zenzi is lively and wirey. I know that Lily would love you, Simon, you're so easygoing and so mellow. Well, I hope all my babies are doing good and having fun in the meadow by the bridge. One day I will see you again. Until I do could you send kisses down the rainbow to remind me you'really doing okay? I love and miss you so much Simon! My love, Mommy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
6.14.17 Hi baby boy❣I hope you are having fun, running and playing in the meadow by the bridge! I miss you so much. Murphy and Lily are doing fine. They play and play every day and go everywhere together. They're funny too, lil stinkers! Everything here is pretty much the same except our vet, I take the "kids" to Conestoga now, such a nice doctor. One of the best parts is we get to stop for ice cream cones on the way home 😋 Yoy would LOVE it. I think about you and Heidi every day and miss you more than you can imagine. You be a good boy, okay? Love, Mommy ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
6.19.18 hi baby boy❣ I know you're running and jumping and playing and having a great time at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much and I think about you everyday. We still have Murphy and Lily and all the cats. They play and have a good time too. The weather is great, you would love it not too hot yet and it's so pretty outside. I took those little munchkins out for a walk the other day, it was really nice. Pretty soon, next month we have a veterinarian appointment and we're going to have to get started with all the flea and tick treatments. Sometimes I don't trust it too much but we must use it. Tomorrow is Father's day and everybody will gather here. Aunt Sam and Uncle Adam are going to bring Zenzi you don't know her but she's cute, a little wild because she's so young. Murphy loves to play with her but Lily's a little bit stand-offish. We'll put all the cats in mommy's bedroom because I think they really get to Zenzi. She can't really enjoy herself and play, she's sniffing all over the place for cats and she never forgets about them. ☺ Well I better go Simon you take care of yourself and have fun at the Bridge until I can get there. I miss your big brown eyes. It's been 9 long years since you left to go to Rainbow Bridge but I remember you like it was yesterday. I love you Simon, I know you're being a good boy at Rainbow Bridge, give Heidi a kiss for me and all the other babies that are there. Mommy

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