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Memories of Simba
Sweet, sweet Simba:
Mom will write your story at a later date, my beautiful cream-colored, long-haired mackeral tabby who won "BEST IN SHOW" at the 1996 Household Pet Cat Show, held in Vincennes, Indiana. There is SO MUCH MORE to mention about our darling Simba.....Mom's heart is just still hurting very badly right now; but I WILL share your beautiful story with those who would like to know more about you real soon, honey. Remember, that Mom and Dad will always love you, and we will always remember the never-ending love you showed us and every living creature on this earth, both human and otherwise. Stay safe sweetheart, for I know that you are now well, and your right leg which was amputated in September, 2005, due to chondrosarcoma, is now back on your entirely healed little body, baby. Talk with you again real soon, my sweet Simba. So for right now, honey......you just rest and play in the sun and enjoy being with your brothers and sisters who crossed the bridge before you !! Hugs and kisses to all of you ! Love eternally, Mom and Dad.

JANUARY 27, 2018

Dearest beloved Simba:
We cannot believe that you have been gone for SIX YEARS !! Simba, honey, surely you KNOW how Dad and I talk about you practically on a daily basis...........we try to remember the GOOD, HAPPY and FUNNY times we all spent together, but at the same time sweetheart, I still am so sorry that the evil chondrosarcoma caused you to have to lose your right front leg, for the last six years of your life. The saddest part of each day for me is when I go to bed, and quietly watch the TV in the bedroom, while Dad attempts to sleep through the noie and light from the TV.......I remember how you would hop up onto the bed, then come and sit on my hest, eventually lying completely down on my chest and stomach area, and just stare at me with those beautiful green eyes of yours........as if we were communicating through our mutual eye contact. Then, you would take your left front paw and "gently" place your little fingertips right over my two lips, as if to say: "Shhh..........DO NOT SAY A WORD"......and then I would just begin stroking your long mackeral tabby colored fur...........that luxurious fur you have Simba......how I loved to brush your long, beautiful fur.........I think you have visited us on numerous occasions; many times I see flashes of cats jumping up or down from objects, or run through the hallway......be sure to tell your brothers and sisters and of course IT IS ABSOLUTELY ALRIGHT FOR ALL OF THEM TO VISIT US, DAY OR NIGHT !! Please give lovins' to Tarkus, Cristabelle, Moses, Rum Tum Tugger, Priscilla, Molly and Jasper.......I think about ALL OF YOU DAILY......and every day another part of my heart dies and just falls off........OH HAPPY DAY when I am finally reunited with all of you. Poor almost 12 year old Barney has just been diagnosed with a severe heart murmur, and our husky-mix 13 year old dog, Paco, was just diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. Miss Ali McNally has to take orange liquid meds twice a day to help her stay regular on pooping, and Daddy is extremely loyal and loving to make sure Ali gets her meds each day. We are SO WORRIED that as you know, we have the 12 cats that Momma Cat had that are all turning either 12 or 13 this year of 2018.......terrified that they ALL will begin to get illnesses............oh well, one day at a time, right Simba ?? Must go to bed, honey......it is almost 1:00AM and Mom has been up since before 7A today. Rest in peace, my beautiful show car, SIMBA.........rest, play and run in the sunshine, play with all your siblings and new friends, enjoy every sunrise and sunset, and get in that comfortable kitty bed and curl up every night and have nothing but SWEET DREAMS, my gorgeous and sweet Simba............WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH !!! SEE YOU SOON !! Love always, Mom and Dad. P.S. --- Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone on October 15, 2017 during game #6 at the Minnesota Vikings stadium.....Anthonu Barr gave a vicious hit to Aaron and he was out for the rest of the year. Packers ended up at 9-7 ---no playoffs for us in 2018. Dom Capers and Ted Thompson were both fired. Edgar Bennett also got his walking papers. Entirely new coaching staff. Looking forward to a much better season starting in September, 2018 after we hopefully have a successful draft as well. You know what we say, Simba: GO !! PACK !! GO !!! This year's Super Bowl #52 (LII), is in Minneapolis.........Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots.........GO EAGLES !! FLY EAGLES..FLY !! Game is February 4, 2018. Jerry Kramer is a finalist for the NFL Hall of Fame.....we will find out on Saturday night, February 3, 2018 if this man FINALLY GETS WHAT HE DESERVES !! PRAY FOR #64, 82 year old guard, JERRY KRAMER, Simba........WAY OVERDUE !!! Write more again soon, darling little guy cake. GOT to go to bed now honey...............LOVE, MOM XOXOXO

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