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Memories of Simba
12-20-07 My little angel. I had written so much in the nearly 2 years you've been gone, I ran out of room & have to start over.
It's nearly Christmas again & it will be our 2nd one without you. Sunshine will be here and she's a little sweetheart, however I still cry for you. My dad is with you now and I know that you were happy to see him. Beetle, Natalie & Jim are with you too - I know you all will celebrate this Christmas together & that helps me. Merry Christmas my sweet girl. I love you now and always. Momma

01-19-2008 Today is my birthday, not a happy day. For it was 2 years ago today you got sick & we took our final walk together; 5 days later you were gone. You left this earth, but you'll never leave my heart. I loved you so much, I had to let you go. I promised you so many years ago, that you would never be in pain. Saying that to you was easy; keeping the promise was the hardest thing I ever did. I know you are in God's loving hands & you are right there, playing with Beetle, Natalie, Minnie, Jim and my dad too. I'll be there one day baby girl. I love you. Momma

01-24-2008 2 years ago, can it be that long? To me, it's just like yesterday that I had to let you go. You left this earth, knowing with your final breath, that your fate was in my hands.
I kept my promise, you did not suffer. Your trusting life was gently taken to God's loving hands. I love you little angel,more than anyone will ever understand. Momma

04-02-08 In 1 month it'll be your 13th birthday; I still miss you so much, it's why it's so hard to come here. I think of you all the time & not sure I'll ever get over the pain of losing you. If you could please ask God to help me right now with what is happening, maybe he'd listen to you. Have gone through so much in 8 long years and keep wondering when anything will get better. Maybe it's just always going to be like this - I don't know. Please Simba, please help, I don't know what to do anymore. I love you.

July 4, 2008 It's been awhile since I'm come to your residency site; I go to the Monday night tribute. It's wonderful to come here, but so very sad. So many people feel just like I do, like I've lost my child, my best friend, my soul mate. You are the only one who ever really understood me entirely. I miss you very very much & wish Sunshine & I could be with you. Please watch over us & be with Beetle, Natalie, My Dad & Jim & all the others furbabies who need a friend.
Wish you'd come to me in a dream, if I could just see you again, it would help. I love you Simba, then, now & forever. Momma.

12-3-08 So much has happened, but you know. I love you so much my little baby girl. Sunshine is here with us & I love her & I'll always thank you for sending her to me.
Help me find the open door...Love you, MommaBerry

01-05-09 Tomorrow I start a new adventure; please be with me & give me the strength to do what I need to do. I love you & miss you more than I have yet to know. Momma

01-19-09 Today is my birthday, just another annivesary of the day you got sick. In 5 days it will be 3 years that you left us. You are my heart, my life & my light & some days I don't know what to do without you. I love little Sunshine very much; however you were part of my soul & I'm so empty without you in my life. Nothing seems right anymore. I love you my baby girl.

01-24-2009 Three years ago today you were called home to God's kingdom. You are in the care of the angels now, until momma is with you. On the day we are together again & you jump into my arms, I'll never let you go again. You are missed more every day. I LOVE you Simba. Momma

We love you pooka bear. I went to Mama's house for Christmas and it's not the same without your little face looking out the window and you waiting at the top of the steps holding a toy and wagging your tail. You have always been and will always be very loved baby girl.

7-13-09 Missing you every day, Loving you every minute. Momma

12-24-09 Here it is, another Christmas Eve without you in my arms. Please know you are always in my heart. I miss you & think of you each and every day. My sweet angel, I know you are there tonight looking down on your family from that shining star above.

1-19-10 We still miss you little pooka. You were the best little dog ever, even though you didn't know you were a dog. It's your mommy's birthday and I know she is very sad without you. We all love you very much and always will. Robble bobble :)

01-24-2010 How can it be 4 years? I remember that last day so very clearly, each moment replays in my mind so often. If only, if only. Knowing I cannot change things does not make it easier.
The only thing that gets me through, is knowing you will be there when I leave this earth. That sweet little face, your silky fur, those beautiful brown eyes, so full of love and trust. I ask you now, on this sad anniversary, to continue to watch over us, and guide us on the right path. I love you Simba, more than most people can imagine. All furbabies, all people should know such love, what a beautiful place this world would be. Good night my sweet angel, I love you & miss you. Momma

6-24-2010 Hi my baby girl...I don't come here often anymore, because even after all this time, it so difficult. But you know that, because I talk to you & watch the sky knowing you are there. You have been gone nearly 4 1/2 years and this never gets any easier for me. Knowing you are safe and happy and waiting for me gives me some comfort, but I so long to hold you again. So many other furbabies have joined you over the years, and I know all too well, the pain their moms & dads feel. Watch us baby girl, I know poppy is taking good care of you. Give him a kiss for me, ok? I love you Simba, then, now & forever. Momma

1-24-2011 So hard to be here today. 5 years ago I had to let you go back to God, cause he needed another angel in heaven. Just being here again brings back every minute of that last day, and I was so blessed to be able to spend it with you. Alas, with love comes pain, but I wouldn't give up having loved you for anything in this world. Your love sustained me through good times and bad times. I would not have survived without you. Unconditional love is so rare to find, thank you for being my little girl Simba. I love you & miss you so much. Tell Beetle, Natalie & my dad I said hi, ok? And today when I look @ the sky, I'll think of you all cloud jumping & smile, cause I know you are right there waiting for me. Love, Momma

3/16/2011 Sorry I don't come here very often - you know I think of you every day. Just doesn't get easier, I just become accustomed to you not being here. Sunshine tries to fill the void, I love her so much. Thanks for showing me how to find her. Some days are more difficult than others, but you know that! You know everything now. And you know you will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be in my heart & one day in my arms again. Love you little girl. Momma

1-24-2012 You have been gone 6 long years & I still think of you every single day. The litle box with your ashes & your picture are in our living room, on the shelf where we can see you & I know you see us. Please, please watch over all of us - momma, daddy, Sunshine, Shelby, Jen, Charles, Skittle & Scooter, Rachael & Matt & Bella. Tell my dad I said hi & that I miss him so much. I'm glad he's with you, and Beetle, Natalie & Jim. Keep sending me those sunbeams my baby girl. I will always & forever love you. And one day, we will all be together again & I'll never, ever leave you.

Friday 5/18/2012....Simba, this morning little Sunshine joined you @ the Bridge. I let you know she was coming & I stayed with her till she left this world & got to yours. Please take care of her till I get there, ok? I love you so much my Simbabear. I'll be with you one day soon my babies.

My beloved Simba, why does it not get easier to come here? It has been 7 long years since you are gone & the tears still flow. Losing Sunshine so soon has been so hard; my arms ache for both of you. My sweet girls, my babies, I loved you in life, I love you always. One day, we will all be together again. Momma

02-18-2014 It is so difficult to come here. You have been gone so very long, yet, it seems like just yesterday. Miss you & Sunshine so much. My little girls, my angels. Hugs, BellyRubs & lots of kisses to you both.

01-24-2015 9 years ago you left on your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I still think of you & Sunshine nearly every single day. You were my best friend Simba. I love you & miss you so much. Tell Sunshine & my dad I send them my love. I know in my heart my dad takes good care of you, Sunshine, Beetle, and little Natalie. You are all such sweet angels. I will be there one day Simba, and then you & Sunshine can be in my arms forever. I love you baby girl.

Jan 23, 2016 Here we are, 10 years later. On May 18, 2012, your sister Sunshine joined you & on January 2, 2016, your baby sister Shelby left to join you both. Oh Simba, 3 of you in 10 years. Each of you took part of my heart with you & I am so empty, and I hurt so badly. I don't know why you all had to leave. I fed you all right, took you to the vet for all your shots & check ups, walked you, played with you, was the best mamma I could be. And when it wasn't enough, when you all got sick, I kept my promise to each of you, that you would not suffer. And I left each one of you go back to God. I HAVE to believe that I will see you all again, because if that's not true, then what is left?

I hope you all celebrated little Shelby's birthday on the 19th. She should have been 5 years old, the same day I turned 60. But she left right after the start of the new year. Miss you all so much, and love you all more. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, but that is nothing new; I think of you all every single day and re-live the day you went away. Love, love, love you all. Mommy

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