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Memories of Sienna
You have always been our "girlie" and since you were a puppy, you lit up our hearts and lives. You were always there for us, and always seemed to make your presence known. You quite often got into things you weren't supposed to (cell phones, mail, underwear, horse poop, cat boxes, cat food, etc) regardless of the obstacles in your way. Over the years, you racked up a number of nicknames including "Daddy's little girl", "Girlie", "Sienna Doodles", "Doodles", "Puppy Dog", and more. You were great with all of the animals you had interacted with at our home including cats, a horse, a goat, chickens, and more. You always enjoyed a tractor ride and really enjoyed helping with any outdoor projects. As you got older you required a special diet and medication to help with allergies and eventually thyroid medication to assist your thyroid problems which we were more than happy to help out with. You always enjoyed car rides and we loved taking you to visit relatives and friends in our cars and trucks. Grandma and Grandpa's laundry room door reflects your artistic capabilities when you get bored. You were always such a good girl taking your pills, never had a problem. You often reminded us if we were tardy in feeding you or letting you out. The Schwans guy was your best friend, always giving you doggie treats. You were at our side every night, sleeping in your bed next to our bed, and often sleeping in our bed when dad was out of town. Your favorite game was always tug of war, you were such a strong girl! You were very vocal, always talking to us, especially when you were happy! You were well trained and always listened to commands. You knew your boundary and we never had to worry about you leaving the yard. You protected the entire family, often growling or barking at strange vehicles that pulled into the driveway. You always knew when someone didn't feel good and you would do your best to help them feel better. You were the greatest dog in the world and truly our best friend. Unfortunately you were taken from us too soon because of Lymphoma (nine and a half years). You hold a special place in our hearts and we love you, always and forever.
Until we meet again,
Mom & Dad

December 28, 2012
Sienna, today we found your original AKC birth information, my how the time flies. Seems as though just yesterday you were a little puppy getting into everything. Now I sit here typing thinking about the great times we had together yet wondering if we could have done more together. The living room is bare without you laying at our side. Evenings have been difficult, I find myself glancing to the side of my bed waiting for you to come up for a "good night" rub before going to bed. Aunt Celeste sent a quote today which is very fitting: "The greater the love, the greater the sacrifice". I can attest to this, as it has been difficult without you. We love and miss you, although we know you are in a better place.
With love, Mom & Dad

December 29, 2012
Good morning Sienna! Today is bittersweet, one week ago today you left us to go to a better place and made your way to Rainbows Bridge. We were hugging this morning as we thought of you and we soon noticed you wern't there to try and get between us as we hugged. We are looking into helping other puppys in need which we know you would like us to do. We are looking to share your toys and bed with those less fortunate in your honor. We love you and miss you and know you are watching over us. We send you love, hugs, and kisses. Hope you are having a great time with those you have met at Rainbows Bridge.
Love, Mom & Dad

January 2, 2013
Happy new year Sienna! The holidays are now over and we are getting back to "normal". We sure did miss you although we know you are in a better place. We are still working with RAGOM to see if we can rescue a Golden in need in your honor and we are also considering a new puppy as well. We'll keep you posted on what direction we end up taking. We ordered a beautiful urn which is do in this week. We send you our love, hugs, and kisses and hope you are having a great time with your friends at Rainbows Bridge.
Love, Mom & Dad

January 4, 2013
Hello Sienna, we miss you! Today you urn and ashes came in and we have everything in place, it's a beautful memorial! Your plaque on the urn reads "Our best friend, in our hearts and memories, always and forever". Everyone says hi! Have a great weekend at Rainbows Bridge with all of your new friends. The cats and horse miss you too. Mom misses you laying next to her on the couch. It will be two weeks ago tomorrow, hard to believe you have been gone that long. Miss you girlie.
Love, Mom & Dad

January 12, 2013
Good morning Sienna! We miss you! Three weeks ago today was one of the toughest days we've ever had. Today is a busy day, it's Pappa's 90th birthday party! Each week we find ourselves telling some of our stories together to others and it still is hard to believe you won't be coming through the door anymore. We are working through RAGOM to look for other Golden Retrievers we can help out in your name. We'll keep you posted as we continue down our path of finding another companion.
Love, Mom & Dad

February 10, 2013
Hi Sienna, we love you and miss you! Hard to believe it's been about a month since we provided you an update! We've been pretty busy the past month dealing with pretty cold temperatures, an ice storm, and a snow storm. Yesterday we picked up a new puppy Golden Retriever from a nice breeder in Joliet, IL. The new little girl's name is Maizie and she reminds us a lot of you when you were that age. We drove in Friday night, stayed and Grandma and Grandpa Serafin's house, and left Saturday morning to pick up Maizie and bring her to her new home. All in all, about 600 miles in driving, and she had done well for her first car ride. We are still considering rescuing a Golden eventually once Maizie is established. We have scheduled a trip to Barkwells in June with the family (and Maizie) and Aunt Steph and Uncle John and their family (and dogs). We think about you every day and are happy you are in a better place with plenty of playmates!
Love, Mom & Dad

March 17, 2013
Hi Sienna, Happy St. Patty's Day! We miss you and think of you often. Hard to believe it's been almost 4 months since you left us. Maizie is getting big, she's up to 21 pounds and turned 13 weeks earlier this week. We see a lot of you in her, although she's a much bigger counter surfer. Maizie is getting quite a bit of use from your toys and your old blue leash. We know you're up there watching over us and helping Maizie along the way as she continues to grow. Our trip to Barkwells is still planned, only a few months to go. Mom has changed jobs and now works in town in the evenings allowing her to spend more time with Maizie during the day. Dustin has a few more months of school and then he'll graduate high school. Life has been pretty hectic although we always manage to take the time for our animals. Easter is in a few weeks and spring break is this week, although it doesn't feel much like spring, it continues to be pretty cold.
Love, Mom & Dad

December 27, 2014
Good morning Sienna, we sure missed you during Christmas, hard to believe it's been two years since you left us! We celebrated Christmas with many friends and family, taking Maizie along with us. Dustin is now in the Navy and as a result could not be with us for Christmas. We will be traveling back to Illinois for New Year's next week to visit Papa for his 92nd birthday. Dustin is engaged to be married to a lady named Nikki we met in the Navy. They are expecting their first child (our first grandchild) July 4, 2015. A lot has changed over the past few years. We lost Zenner September 2013 due to complications from kidney disease/failure, she's there with you now (you already knew that). Cuddles is still going strong, he'll be 16 in May! We have a number of other cats who you may remember: Elmer, Buddy, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, and Styx. Harley the horse is doing well, he's the same as you remember. Larrissa is now starting her 2nd semester of her junior year of high school. We all love you and miss you and hope you and Zenner have a fantastic day! We're thinking about both of you each and every day! We're looking forward to winding down 2014 and kicking off 2015 which is sure to be another exciting and adventurous year!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Larrissa, Harley, Cuddles, Buddy, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, and Maizie!

March 30, 2015
Good evening Sienna, hope you are having a great day at Rainbows Bridge! I can see I haven't been very timely with my updates and forgot to notify you that September 13, 2013 (I know that was a long time ago!) we lost our kitty Zenner. I know you already knew that as Zenner is already there! It's with great regret that this morning we lost our very first family pet, and senior member of our family, Cuddles. Cuddles was just shy of his 16th birthday and has given us nearly 16 years of joy! I miss you, Zenner, and Cuddles and wish you were all back with us again! We love you and miss you all, you're always in our hearts, always and forever! Please welcome Cuddles in with open paws! Dustin got married to a girl named Nikki in January and they are expecting our first grandchild (granddaughter), Kaydin, on July 4th.
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Nikki, Larrissa, baby Kaydin, Harley, Buddy, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, and Max (a new stray cat).

December 22, 2015
Good morning Sienna, we love you and miss you! It's hard to believe you left us three years ago today. That was one of the toughest days I ever had. I wish you, along with Zenner and Cuddles and all of our beloved pets that have passed before us, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at the Rainbow Bridge! Maizie celebrated her 3rd birthday December 12th and our other animals are doing well. Dustin, Nikki, and baby Kaydin are visiting us for Christmas here in Iowa which will be our first Christmas here since 2010. Larrissa graduates high school early this year (January 15, 2016) and has ben accepted and will be starting at Iowa State in the fall of 2016. Dustin will be leaving for sea duty sometime next summer for about 9 months. Mom, Larrissa, and I just got back from spending a week in St. Maarten which we enjoyed very much. I hope that you and all the others have a great day and I'll try to remember to stop back here to chat a little more frequently in 2016!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Nikki, Larrissa, baby Kaydin, Harley, Buddy, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, and Maizie.

December 22, 2016
Hello Sienna, we love and miss you girlie! Today marks 4 years since you left us and not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts and prayers. Everyone is doing great, just getting older. Harley developed some breathing issues but he is ok and we picked up a new little kitty earlier this year, a stray found in one of our trees. Rissy named her Dixie. Let me tell you, she is crazy! She fits in good with everyone (not so much with Styx) and she really loves Maizie! Dustin, Nikki, and Kaydin are doing pretty good. Dusty finishes up his military duty November 2017 and I believe they will head towards Iowa. Rissy finished her first semester at Iowa State and did pretty good. Nikki Gudall is still battling ovarian cancer but she is doing pretty good and the boys are growing like weeds (as is Kaydin). Rissy found some old pictures of you last night when you were about 18 months old, wow were you beautiful! We are heading to Sycamore, Illinois for Christmas to stay with Grandma & Grandpa (they moved earlier this year) tomorrow and will be coming back on Monday as mom has to work Wednesday. Please give Cuddles and Zenner pets, hugs, and licks from all of us, we love them and miss them too! I'll try to stop by more in 2017 for better updates ;-)
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Nikki, Larrissa, baby Kaydin, Harley, Buddy, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, and the new kitty Dixie.

December 22, 2017
Hello Sienna, we love you and miss you little girlie! It's hard to believe it's been 5 years ago since we lost you. We think about you all the time and know you're in good hands at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sorry we didn't stop by in 2017 until today. This year has been crazy with Nikki and Kaydin moving in with us for a few months and then we ended up buying a house which needed work, just like our IL house. We just finished most of the house and moved in a week ago tomorrow. So far Elmer and Styx moved with us and the rest of the animals are at the old house (Dustin and Nikki moved into that house). Everyone is doing pretty well right now, we had a few medical scares earlier this year with my Dad and Arlene both experiencing health issues. We're getting ready for Christmas but still have a lot of unpacking to do. Rissy finished her second semester of college and Dustin finished his tour in the Navy and moved back to Iowa. We lost Buddy earlier this year and since last year, we had a new stray take up residence, his name is Ghost and he's a pretty cool cat. Hopefully we can stop by more in 2018!!!

Tell all of our fur babies we say hi, we love you and miss all of you!!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Nikki, Larrissa, baby Kaydin, Harley, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, and Dixie.

December 17, 2018
Hello Sienna, love you and miss you sweetie! It's hard to believe that we are coming up on 6 years since you left us! We think about you and our other fur babies that have left us that are at the Rainbow Bridge. Today is a sad day as we lost Harley this morning (RIP Harley!!!). We had to put him down as he collapsed and couldn't get up. It's also a sad time as Aunt Nikki is nearing the end as she is very ill (may not make another week). For the most part, everyone else has been pretty healthy this year. We spent much of this past year getting adjusted to the new house and starting to work on things around the house. Rissy has completed her first semester of her junior year of college so she only has 3 semesters left! Dustin is working at AWE and Kaydin is a hand full! Larrissa got another cat this year, Daisy. Daisy is a cutie! She is a 3-legged, crazy kitty! Larrissa also got a rabbit named Clover who is also a cutie and a handful.

Tell all of our fur babies we say hi, we love you and miss all of you!!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Nikki, Larrissa, baby Kaydin, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, Daisy, Clover, and Dixie.

December 21, 2019
Good morning Sienna! We love you and miss you! Hard to believe it's been 7 years already! This year we got a new golden retriever puppy and named her Autumn. Maizie just turned 7 last week so we have a 7 year old and soon to be 1 year old (Autumn was born January 29, 2019). This year Larrissa adopted a dog named Miles and Dustin still has sever cats, dogs, goats, and horses. Styx and Elmer are doing well. Kaydin is growing like a weed and will turn 5 in 2020! Mom lost her job but is confident that she will find something else. Mom will be traveling to Florida to help Grandma out as she has cancer. Nikki did pass away a day after I wrote our last entry last year. We have been busy taking care of Aunt Celeste's estate for much of this year and we had a bad storm damage quite a bit back in September. Hopefully in early spring we will be ready to start rebuilding. Christmas is around the corner so we are getting ready for that (traveling to IL for Christmas). I'm ready for life to slow down a bit!

Tell all of our fur babies we say hi, we love you and miss all of you!!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Larrissa, Kaydin, Gruffy, Emma, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, Autumn, Daisy, Clover, and Dixie.

December 09, 2020
Good morning Sienna! We love you and miss you! Hard to believe it's been 8 years! Maizie turns 8 in a few days and Autumn will be 2 next month! Styx and Elmer are doing well. Kaydin is growing like a weed and is 5 already (time flies). Mom got a new job this year working for St. Edwards Catholic Church. I went through a job change but still with Deere. This year has been crazy because of the COVID pandemic (I've been working from hom since mid-March). Maizie is getting older and we started giving her shots to help her with some limping. We are still working on Aunt Celeste's estate and we had a new shop built and redid our windows, doors, and siding. I go in for surgery December 17th for my knee and because of that we will not be traveling for Christmas this year. We lost Emma this year due to an accident but I believe the other barn cats are doing well. It is amazing how fat time flies. It seems like yesterday you would follow me around the house and always be at my side. I wish you had a chance to meet Maizie as she is an awesome dog. Autumn is pretty good to but Maizie reminds me a lot of you. Very loyal and always at my side. Dustin and Nikki got divorced this year and Dustin has been dating Alecia forever. They are expecting their first child together (our 2nd grandchild) in May 2021.

Tell all of our fur babies we say hi, we love you and miss all of you!!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Larrissa, Kaydin, Gruffy, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, Autumn, Daisy, Clover, and Dixie.

January 04, 2022
Good morning Sienna! We love you and miss you and hope you are having a great day at the Rainbow Bridge! Maizie turned 9 a few weeks ago and Autumn turns 3 in a few weeks. Styx and Elmer are doing well. We lost Clover last week so she should be joining you if she isn't already there. Dixie disappeared several months ago so we assume she passed so she may be up there with you too. Grandpa Greg passed away October 8th after a long battle with several illnesses. We been trying to take care of Grandma Nancy as much as we can since she now lives alone. Mom and I are fine and still working at the same places in the same positions. We been staying busy and had a crazy busy summer with a lot of camping and travel. Mom and I both got sick after Thanksgiving and it took a few weeks to get back to normal. Additional work on the farm and house in 2021 as the grading and gravel were completed and still working on updating part of the house. Hopefully in 2022 we can work on more landscaping. Our second grandchild, Emberlynn, was born May 10, 2021 and she is a doll. She is my lil chunky monkey. Kaydin lives in Texas now but does come back on holidays (she was in Iowa for a few weeks over Christmas and New Years). Larrissa is doing well and got a promotion at her job (she is in Minnesota). Dustin is doing well and started his own business and now lives across the street from us with the baby and Alicia. Keep inching my way closer to retirement (still 16+ years to go) but do enjoy what I am doing. COVID is still a concern for some. I still work from home and plan on working for home going forward. I miss you and hope you have a great day. Love you sweetie always and forever! Hopefully I get to see you when I make it to heaven. Would be great to have all of you with me.

Tell all of our fur babies we say hi, we love you and miss all of you!!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Dustin, Larrissa, Kaydin, Emberlynn, Gruffy, Apollo, Styx, Elmer, Maizie, Autumn, Daisy, and Miles.

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