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Memories of ShyAnn - Our Laundry Basket Cat
Today my wife and I cried tears again, this time for ShyAnn (Our laundry basket cat). We adopted her in August of 2016 from PetsMart. When we brought her home, she was angry, terrified of everything, and hissed a lot. In 3-4 months, she was a totally different cat. I could cradle her in my arms like a baby and rub her belly. She was constantly giving head butts and little nibbles on your body to let you know she was near. She loved to play with our other two cats, and especially loved to play with her big 15 lb. brother who would put up with her abuse, and just lick her ears. She loved to sit in front of the door and wait on her squirrel friend to show up. She wanted so badly to get out and play with him/her, and would stand all the way up on her hind legs on the glass door. Her life was cut short after only 6 months with us. We took her to the Vet because she seemed a little lethargic, and was nibbling on cat litter (Google said this could be a bad sign). We found out she had the worst kind of Feline Leukemia (affects 1 percent of cats) and that it would be all downhill for her. We were devastated. To keep her alive for a few months would have put her through pure torture. WE loved her too much to put her through all that, and had her euthanized. Her last moments were spent with her dad. While he rubbed her head, she gave him constant gentle head bumps, almost like she was trying to say thank you for everything and I'll miss you both so much. We have spent the rest of our day disinfecting our house through our tears, and tomorrow we'll have our other two cats tested.
God, our hearts are broken, but thank you for ShyAnn. We are thankful we could share your love with her before she passed. We are grateful for the joy she brought to us, and the love she showed to us. The incredible bond we shared with her in only 6 short months was amazing. I am so thankful that you led us to her, and that she left this world knowing what it felt like to have two people to care for her, and to give her so much love. We are heart broken beyond belief, but know that everything happens for a reason. Enjoy your new home ShyAnn until we meet again on that glorious day. You will always be in our hearts and in our prayers. We'll miss you here on Earth.

Love your Daddy and Mommy.

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